Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2024

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I’m going to be repeating a few of my goals from last year and then adding in some new ones.

1. Whittle down my TBR list. Sometimes I swear they grow by themselves overnight!

2. Visit nearby physical branches of my local library more often. I’ve read that being a librarian can be a stressful job at times, so I’d like to give them some friendly in-person experiences if I can. Also, not every book is available in digital form, so borrowing some of those paper books would help with my TBR list for sure.

3. Play more literary or bookish games on my phone.

4. Read short stories regularly. I need a break from the long (but good) novels I read last autumn and at the beginning of this winter.

5. Read more cozy mysteries. I tend go in spurts with this genre, and it’s been a while since I last visited it.

6. Take reading breaks. I am not always good at this, but it’s refreshing to step away for a little while and do something else. Maybe the spring will be a good time to do it if there aren’t too many forest fires and the weather is decent then?

7. Take a break from the fantasy genre. I’m a longtime fan of it, but I think I need to read other genres for a while. I’m finding it too repetitive, but I think it’s because I’m so well-versed in what typically happens in this genre.

8. Visit indie bookstores. I miss them so much.

9. Find cool people on Bookstagram who talk about science fiction, ghost stories, psychological horror, or other similar things.

10. Run away and go live in the woods. Or at least that’s what I’ve been threatening to do in order to have more quiet reading time. 😀 Fellow introverts, how do you carve out time to read?

Suggestions for how to accomplish any or all of these goals are quite welcomed!



  1. What “literary or bookish games” are there to play on our phones?

    I honestly did not know these exsisted!

  2. I hear ya about repeating goals. I did the same for my list, but also removed some that I did better with and added a couple. Here’s hoping we all meet our goals! Hope you’re able to make progress on your TBR (I get this!) and best of luck with all of your goals! Thanks so much for visiting my website today, too!

  3. I want to run away into the woods too. Hopefully I will get a good doing just that.
    Good luck on you reading goals.
    My TTT:

  4. Bookish games?? Do tell. I like the sound of this. Yes to breaks, too. That’s on my list as well. Sounds like a great set of goals for the year. 🙂 Thanks for sharing them.

  5. I’m also intrigued by bookish games on the phone. Please share!

  6. Haha, I love ‘Run away and go live in the woods’ – sometimes it feels like the only way to get some reading time in for sure 😀

  7. These are some great goals!! I can attest to the Library job being stressful. Yikes, it was rough at times. So many people would come in tell us that they pay our wages and we need to do what they want. Uhhh, it doesn’t work that way! haha. There are also a lot of lovely people but going in and being a friendly face would be so welcome! Good luck with all of these!

  8. Great goals. To vary my reading I set a genre goal each month.

    I’m terrible for reading breaks – the opposite problem to you. My mind is always wandering and I end up scrolling 😶

    Have a great week!

  9. Running away to go live in the woods sounds good to me!

  10. “Run away and live in the woods” is a persistent fantasy of mine. My search history is filled with things like “mountain cottages” and “lakeside cabins.” I read at meals except at supper when that would be rude to my partner.

  11. Sometimes I think the elves sneak books on to the TBR lol. I like a good cozy mystery too, and like you I haven’t read one in ages!

  12. I like the idea of visiting local libraries and indie bookstores. The goal of reading short stories is a nice one, I so rarely read them. Always good to explore something new, and short stories can be a nice break as well.

  13. Good luck on your goals! I really love visiting my local libraries – I pick up a lot of requests but I love a good browse too.

  14. Sound like great goals for 2024. I am interested in the literary games. I would love to know which ones you play or have heard of.

  15. Ha love your last one. You might have to think of places that would provide you with that quiet time. Like your idea to visit the library too.

  16. I read when I eat, especially if I am the only one around. Then I read about an hour or so before bed…it all adds up. Good luck with all your goals.

  17. Best of luck with your goals! I’m pretty sure my goal is always whittle down my TBR, and somehow it ends up bigger at the end of the year than when the year started. xD Not sure how that happens!

    As a librarian, I can attest that it can be a stressful job, but I love the idea of you spreading joy to other libraries. Can confirm that a positive, happy patron can make all the difference during a crappy day. 🙂

    (Also . . . if you manage to run off to live in the woods . . . take me with you?! I’ll bring lots of books, and I’m willing to share!)

    • Thank you.

      I have no idea how TBR lists manage to do that.

      I’m glad that librarians appreciate happy patrons. 🙂

      And absolutely! Haha.

  18. Love your goals! Especially those about visiting more bookstores, I hope you can fulfill them 🙂

  19. Can I come with you to live in the woods? Cozy mysteries is always a genre I mean to explore more. I hope you are able to find some great reads in this genre this year.

  20. I love going to my local library and indie bookstore. They both have such a bookish feel (of course that might be because of all the books 😂)

  21. TBR lists do seem to grow overnight! I keep chipping away at mine but I never seem to make any progress on shrinking it. And I love your goal to run away and go live in the woods to have more quiet reading time…though I’d run away to a beach somewhere. 😀 Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier.

  22. All great goals. Luckily, except for the first two months of the year when a friend stays with me in Florida, I live alone and can read whenever I want, so don’t need to run away to be able to read whenever I want to. I am lucky that I am an eclectic reader, so enjoy lots of genres. Of course, that also means my TBR is huge. Good luck with all these goals.

  23. I hadn’t ever thought of playing bookish games on my phone!

  24. My TBR list seems to grow overnight too, so I understand wanting to whittle it down! That’s also one of my goals for the year.

    And I approve of running off to live in the woods… XD

  25. I miss Indie book stores, too. I once had a fantasy that I’d organize a trip to remaining Indie book stores for my friends. Maybe in 2024?

  26. I used to be really critical of cozy mysteries, but I’ve learned to appreciate them in recent years. Sometimes you just need a fun, easy read that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’ve found that cozies are perfect palette cleansers between heavier reads. Good luck finding some good ones this year!

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


  27. There are literary phone games?? How have I never taken advantage of this?! I also want to run away and live in the woods, but only if the public library comes with me!

  28. Running away to live in the woods sounds ideal, especially with tons of books to read! These are all great goals — good luck!

  29. Great goals. Have fun achieving them!

  30. I hope to be able to use my library a bit more this year as well. I’ve been using them for audiobooks through Libby but not so much for physical books. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  31. These are great goals! I always threaten to rent a cabin in the woods for a week and take my dogs to get my reading done without interruption, so it’s funny that you said what you said about running away. Also, I’m curious about bookish or literary games on your phone – please tell me more about these! Good luck completing your goals in 2024!

    • Thanks, Leah.

      Monument Valley and Hungry Hearts are two I’ve found so far. The first one is a puzzle game, and the second one is a cooking game. They both have beautiful plot and character development.

      I’m hoping there are a lot more like them out there!

  32. I love all your goals… especially the last one!

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