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Christmas Prep, Crunch Time, Holiday Movies

I was determined to get ready super early for the holidays. For too many years, I felt crunched and crazy. I knew “staying ahead” would help me enjoy my time and not feel like “I have to do that.” This year, I hosted four small parties in ten days and took a trip with girlfriends. So, instead of stitching or reading, Icooked and did other preparations.

I addressed my Christmas cards. I made cheese logs. I dipped the fruitcake in chocolate for a dessert tray. And because I didn’t host Thanksgiving this year, I even decorated early, too.

Since I bought gifts throughout the year, I had a huge pile to sort. Once done, I commenced wrap-a-thon—lots of gift wrap, bags, ribbons, and gift cards.

And finito!

Oh, some last-minute stuff will pop up; however, I won’t be all “I have to get that done” and could spontaneously do other fun things when they popped up. I had parked in the back of my mind, I would have to help Handsome as he epitomized Mr. Last Minute.

Which meant I had time to relax over holiday movies. For example:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

The Holiday

Home Alone

Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas in Connecticut

Love Actually

Every Christmas Eve, I watch “White Christmas.” As a youngster, “White Christmas” aired on Christmas Eve. What a thrill to be able to stay up late and see the movie and sing the songs–“Sisters” anyone?—with my three sisters.

When my boys came along, I pleaded and bribed to get them to watch with me, learn the songs, and sing them. Perhaps, what I wanted was too girly or maybe too shmaltzy as they weren’t interested. So, I did all the above by myself.

Seriously, who doesn’t love a good feel-good movie?

What is your favorite Holiday move (I’m not sure “Die Hard” qualifies)?

I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Great job. What man? And murder. Newly employed at Wedding Wonderland, Hattie Cooks is learning the industry from a woman she greatly admires. When her former brother-in-law is found dead in his luxury SUV, all fingers point to Hattie’s sister, who is planning her own I Dos.

Detective Allan Wellborn is caught between a rock and a hard place—Hattie’s family and investigating the murder of a well-connected Sommerville resident, the same loser who was once married to Hattie’s sister. Determining who’s the bad guy—or gal—isn’t going to be easy and sure to piss off someone.

Can Hattie beat the clock to find out who murdered Tracey’s ex before she is charged with the crime and her wedding is ruined?

Funny, sweet, and quirky, Vicki Batman’s stories are full of her hallmark humor, romance, and will delight all readers. She has sold many award-winning and bestselling romantic comedy works to magazines and most recently, three humorous romantic mysteries. An avid Jazzerciser. Handbag lover. Mahjong player. Yoga practitioner. Movie fan. Book devourer. Cat fancier. Best Mom ever. And adores Handsome Hubby.

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  1. Debra Guyette says

    We enjoy Home Alone 1, 2 and The Christmas Card.

    • Vicki Batman says

      I love the Home Alone movies, too! Especially the spider scene in the first one. I’ve not watched The Christmas Card, but shall check it out. Thanks for stopping by. vb

  2. fun holiday movies

    • vicki batman says

      Hi Bn! So nice to see you today. I recommend Star in the Night to everyone and Millions. Add them to your must see list. Merry Christmas!

  3. Charlie Brown Christmas is my favorite!

    • Vicki Lea Batman says

      And I missed it! I could find on Netflix etc, but I grew up watching it on TV and checking the schedule, planning. I even remember the breaks for the cupcake treats. lol

  4. Marie Marlene says

    I love doing puzzles and drinking hot chocolate while I watch Christmas movies. Best relaxing afternoons ever!

  5. Mary Tatarian says

    I love “it’s A Wonderful Life.” It’s my holiday tradition. I usually watch it with my dog. He enjoys a biscuit while I have a homemade cookie.

    • Vicki Batman says

      Hi, Mary! I love It’s a Wonderful Life. The other day, Handsome and I watched A Christmas Carol and realized there are similarities. Lordy, never knew that. VB

  6. Vicki Batman says

    And my winner is bn100!!!

    Thank you all for sharing with me. I wish you a very Happy New Year! VB

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