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Nancy Drew

When I was eight years old, my grandparents sent me an intriguing Christmas gift. They lived in another state and always sent our presents early. This time, the box, while the same size as clothing, actually had something heavy in it that slid from one end to the other when you shook it. Trust me, I shook all the presents. 

So, of course, I slowly picked loose the tape on the wrapping paper a little at a time until finally, after a few days I managed to open one end of the package. Careful not to let anyone see me, I took the gift box out of that wrapping without ripping any of the paper. Inside, I found Nancy Drew’s The Secret of the Old Clock! So excited, it took all my willpower to put the book back in the box and rewrap the present.

The next night, after everyone had gone to bed, I went back down to the living room where we had our tree and got the book out of the box and read a few pages by flashlight. It took me the entire pre-Christmas time, about ten days, but I read that whole book by Christmas Eve. Then when I had to open it on Christmas morning, I acted so excited that I had a “new” story to read.

That night, my mom was sitting by me on the couch, and I was playing with some toy I’d gotten. She leaned over and said, “You opened that book before Christmas, didn’t you?”

Surprised she knew, I nodded. “How did you know?” I asked.

“Because if you hadn’t, your nose would be stuck in it and you’d be reading instead of sitting here not reading.” Then she whispered in my ear, “Was it worth spoiling your Christmas to look in the gift?”

She really didn’t want an answer. It was a learning experience. That was the last time I looked for or opened a gift before Christmas. I also learned that I loved mysteries and probably why I write Romantic Suspense.
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Who reports a homeless person missing? They’re already missing.

Three years ago, Brianna Matthews became a victim at the hand of powerful men and barely escaped with her life because her friend cared enough to search for her. From that moment on, she lived her life trying to pay the favor forward by working in a women’s shelter for abuse victims. When her coworker and a former resident in the shelter doesn’t show up for work, Brianna must find her. Enlisting the help of Homicide Detective Aaron Jeffers to go with her to check in on her friend, little does she know they would end up walking in the underworld of Cleveland’s homeless community.

They make the perfect target.

In finding Brianna’s coworker seriously ill, they promise to find her friend, a homeless man, only to discover his body in an abandoned building. Aaron, accustomed to seeing the dead, suspects this may be more than the natural passing of one Vietnam Vet living on the street.

The corpse is drained of blood.

Another body is found in a more public setting, this time with an attachment to the women’s shelter. Fearing Brianna might be in danger, Aaron keeps her with him as the investigation, along with their relationship, deepen. As the new Edgars Security and Investigations Group lends a hand, one of their own goes missing.
Can Aaron and Brianna find their friend before the killer claims another victim?

USA Today bestselling author, Suzanne Ferrell discovered romance novels in her aunt’s hidden stash one summer as a teenager. From that moment on she knew two things: she loved romance stories and someday she’d be writing her own. Her love for romances has only grown over the years. It took her a number of years and a secondary career as a nurse to finally start writing her own stories. Suzanne’s sexy stories, whether they are her on the edge of your seat romantic suspense or the heartwarming small-town stories or historical suspense books, will keep you thinking about her characters long after their Happy Ever After is achieved.

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  1. Aww, I loved this story. What an observant mother you had. Did you ever open a Christmas gift early again?

  2. Suzanne Ferrell says

    Hi, Astilbe! She was a very observant mother and a great reader role model. And no, I never opened or tried to find hidden presents agin.

  3. Suzanne Ferrell says

    Hi, Astilbe! She was a very observant mother and a great reader role model. And no, I never opened or tried to find hidden presents agin.

  4. fun memory

  5. What a great mother to be able to use that as a learning tool instead of getting angry. And, for the record, I love that book… I had just about the entire set.

  6. Have you learned to be sneakier? 😀

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