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Christmas Traditions

Holidays are all about family, aren’t they? Showing the people you love how much you care for them, and spending precious time together. 

In our family, traditions carried through generations make the season extra special. I decorate the entire house so everyone will feel the good cheer of the holidays. 

I’ve collected ornaments since the year I married, and hanging those on the tree brings back wonderful memories. Maybe that’s why our tree fills half the room! For each of my three children, I collected a new ornament every year for them to hang on their own Christmas trees when they grew up.

Even though they’re now adults with kids of their own, the ornaments they crafted for me still go on my tree every year – the glue-and-glitter snowflake, the slightly crooked ceramic house, the cinnamon dough star that somehow hasn’t crumbled. I hope they’ll continue the tradition for my grandchildren so the youngest generation will grow up to hear the stories connected with every ornament.

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In Secret Spirit Guardians of Santa Fe, Marissa is my favorite kind of heroine – smart, feisty, brave (maybe to a fault), and a little flawed. She lost her brother at a tender age, and is distrustful of love, and even a little distrustful of family. All her life, she knew they’ve kept secrets from her, but when she finds out the real reason, she puts her personal life aside to do what’s necessary for everyone’s good. The experience brings her family closer than she thought possible.

That’s what make the holidays so special. From our family to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday filled with precious memories.

After Marissa Tahy returns home to Santa Fe, she is haunted by visions and glimpses of danger no one else sees: Old Man Gloom in his true form. For over a century, people have burned their troubles in the spirit’s effigy at the Zozobra festival, making the spirit angrier and more powerful. This year, Old Man Gloom demands his due. The vengeful spirit targets those Marissa loves.

Even when Marissa discovers the secret history binding her family to Zozobra, joining their forces may not be enough to prevent the furious spirit from burying Santa Fe beneath an avalanche of misery.

Award-winning author C.A. Masterson loves stories of any genre. Multi-published in contemporary to historical, fantasy/dark fantasy to paranormal/speculative, she sometimes mashes genres.

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  1. Your tree sounds just like our tree, full of ornaments with special significance and those made my beloved hands. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is such a neat tradition.

  3. nice ornaments

  4. I love your Christmas tradition. Ornaments are very important in ours, too. I made most of mine over the years, and though the kids are grown, they still love looking and remember the ornaments. And now the grandchildren, too.

  5. I have collected Christmas ornaments since I was a young girl. Each ornament is special and and brings back memories.

  6. Mariah Lynne says

    Ornaments tell our family holiday history whether handmade or store bought. Friends and family know this and find a special one for me to put on our tree each year. Marissa putting her own life on hold to take care of her family is as special as that ornament that brings the family together.

  7. We did the same re: Christmas ornaments for our kids to take with them. They were responsible for hanging up and taking down “their” ornaments and they each had a box. I’m so excited that they are continuing the tradition with our grandkids.

  8. Same here! As a child, I made some ornaments, but as I got older, Mom bought us each one every year and I’ve continued that with my kid. Our tree isn’t necessarily the prettiest one, but it’s certainly the one holding the most memories.

  9. Thanks to everyone who took time over the busy holidays to stop by.

    The winner of the Amazon GC is…. *drum roll*….. Mariah Lynne!

    Mariah, I will contact LASR for your email address. Or, if you see this post, you can email me.

    I hope everyone’s 2021 is full of good stories. Stay well.

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