Mafiosa Princess by Liza Malloy – Spotlight and Giveaway

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Two men love her. But only one truly knows her.

College Junior Giada Conti wants nothing more than to pursue a normal life fueled by her own choices. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize her father’s business isn’t completely lawful, or how that fact will completely dictate her future.

Pre-law student Adrian Patras is certain Giada is the perfect woman for him, until he meets her family and grasps the extent of his girlfriend’s naivete.

As Adrian finds himself unwillingly pulled into the family business, Giada grows frustrated with his insinuations about her father. Meanwhile, Giada’s ex, the notorious Luca Marino, pops back into her life with his own criminal agenda that includes winning her back.

Mafiosa Princess is the captivating first book in the steamy mafia romance series that you won’t want to put down.

Enjoy an Excerpt

Luca opened his mouth to speak, but I shook my head and jogged back to the chairs.

“Giada, wait.”

I ignored him and started towards the villa.

He reached for my wrist as he caught me. “Giada Francesca, I said wait!”

I gazed up to face him. “Well, maybe I don’t do everything you say!”

From the look in his eyes, I nearly thought he might hit me, but instead, he just laughed.

I sighed. “Great, glad I’m so amusing to you.”

“Giada, come on, baby. You are amusing to me. You are everything to me. How do you not see that?”

Something about his tone made me pause.

“I didn’t mean I’m not interested in you, only that I was trying to be respectful and give you time to get over Adrian.”

“By kissing me?”

“I couldn’t help it, Giada. You are so beautiful. I could look at your eyes for days and when they’re filled with sadness…”

Luca traced my lips with his finger. “Your lips are my most favorite thing about you. Quite possibly my favorite place in the world.”

“My lips aren’t even a place,” I said, wondering if he’d been in Italy so long that he was starting to forget his English translations.

“They are. I would spend all day in them if you’d let me.” He winked, filling my head with all sorts of dirty connotations.

I sighed and broke the stare. “I just can’t tell with you.”


“Do you just want to get me in bed? You want me to admit I like you so you can cross me off your list of conquests?”

Luca cocked his head to the side. “Yes, to both of those things. But then I want to spend every day loving you until you’re old and no longer more attractive than me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Giada, look at me. I know you’re still mad about how things ended years ago, and you’re right to be. I screwed up, and I’m sorry. But I’m not a kid anymore, and I still want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything else in my life. You can’t deny we make sense together. You won’t have to change a thing to be with me. We fit.”

I swore under my breath before complying and looking up at him. “You’re too much, Luca.”

“Without you, amore mio, I’ll never be enough.”

About the Author:

Liza Malloy writes contemporary romance, women’s fiction, new adult romance, and fantasy. She’s a sucker for alpha males, bad boys, dimples, and muscles, and she can’t resist a man in uniform. Liza loves creating worlds where her heroine discovers her own strength and finds her Happily Ever After. When Liza isn’t reading or writing torrid love stories, she’s a practicing attorney. Her other passions include gummy bears, jelly beans, and the occasional marathon. She lives in the Midwest with her four daughters and her own Prince Charming. Her books are available in both paperback and ebook, and can be found on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and more!

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