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I have a list of my top 5 Need to Have in order to write books.

1. My earbuds and Music

I have to have my earbuds. The hilarious part is sometimes they’re not even playing anything. I just need to feel them in place. Don’t judge. LOL This keeps people from talking to me when I’m in the middle of a scene that’s flowing. Especially when I’m out in public.

You would think my face of complete concentration and my fingers flying across the keys would stop all interruptions and unwanted conversations, but no. Total strangers will come and ask all about what I’m writing.

I promise you one day I’m going to let them read for themselves right when I’m writing a stream scene. (Laughs maniacally.)

I also need my ear buds for when I need some music to help set a pace or to get me out of my own head.

Oh, and because I’m married to a music producer and when he needs to mix down a track he listens to his music out loud and sometimes it turns into the clash of the titans in here. LOL So my earbuds cancel out the extra sound when he’s working.

2. Post Cards

I have post cards everywhere. If you ever want to gift me something, I’d be so freaking in love with you for giving me 4×6 post cards. ROTF. Yup, it’s that serious. I use them to work timelines, facts I know I need to get into the book, my guides for the characters themselves. I even have a stack of them in need to write order. So all the books I have in my head to write next are on post cards in order for what’s up next.

No judging, remember.

3. Notebooks

You would think my post cards are enough. They’re not. I have notebooks as well. Because I like to hook, weave, and intertwine my books and series, I keep facts and notes in the notebooks pre-series. I can just grab the notebook I need and find the details I want. I buy them by the bunch from Michael’s. You know the cute 120 pages ones with the quotes on the front.

For example, the My Brother’s Keeper Series has its own notebook. Last names, eye colors, professions, and names of their love interests are just some of the things in there.

I had to start doing this once I got to over 30 books and over 15 series. Not to mention, 2 pen names.

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If you haven’t figured out that I’m weird, I’ll confirmation that for you with this on. Soooo I like for the TV to play in the background. It’s something about the movement on the screen and sometimes the sound of the TV that keeps me in the zone.

Before I changed cable companies I used to be up in the wee hours of the morning with GI Joe, the Smurfs, Alvin and The Chipmunks, and Transformers, playing while I wrote. I was in heaven. Totally need to go back to my old cable company. LOL

5. Willing Characters

My characters have to show up. I will not fight to force something I hate. If the characters aren’t ready and don’t want to bloom that’s a problem. I have to give them room and figure them out then we can go at it. I love when they come in hot and ready. LOL When they reveal who they are and what their goals are. It’s the best.

Although, we fight the entry time and they always get their way. Sigh, I like to think I run things. They laugh at me. It’s okay.

Some scars are on the body, while others exist only on the heart. But together, two scarred souls can find healing, love, and family.

Professional basketball player Kyle Tyson is suffocating beneath the weight of his responsibilities and his past. Childhood abuse left its mark, as did Kyle’s guilt over his sister’s death. Now, he’s trying to raise his young nephew, pursue his career, and dodge a narcissistic and manipulative ex who wants to out Kyle before he’s ready.

Schoolteacher Andy Connor found a shield in food as a boy, but that shield nearly took his life. He now bears the marks of a botched skin-tightening surgery following the dramatic weight loss that saved his life. Unfortunately, Andy’s scars have left him insecure about his body, causing him to find a shield in his shyness. Andy can scarcely believe someone like Kyle could be interested in him. But as they get to know each other, Andy starts to see himself through new eyes. Now if he can just help Kyle learn to love himself as much as Andy is growing to love him.

About the Author: The color blue is known for trust and healing, as are the words of author Royal Blue. Blue started writing books to heal herself after losing her mother to breast cancer in 2007, followed by a miscarriage only eight months later. Books and words were one of the things that held her together.

As a young girl, Blue’s mother introduced her to the world of love and music through movies like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Bye Bye Birdie, and Neptune’s Daughter. Once she got her hands on books that sucked her into the magic that pages bring, an authoress was born. A story here, a few songs there, but she actually didn’t complete a manuscript until 2009.

However, books were piling up and collecting dust as fear clung and whispered evil thoughts. Yet, fear was silenced in 2015. Needing to write in order to breathe and wanting to share, Blue Saffire, Royal’s alter ego, rose from the ashes and entered the world.

The self-proclaimed hermit was born in Far Rockaway, NY, but is now a Long Island resident with her loving and supportive husband. The two work round the clock creating music and characters. There is no shortage of laughter or creativity in their home.

Never in a million years did she think the passion that saved her sanity would allow her to walk around with blue hair and spend her days dreaming of hot men to put on paper. After all, an MBA in Marketing and Project Management, as well as a MED in Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology, tell a very different story. Although, it’s safe to say Royal would rather be doing something Blue with her time.

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