One Night of Surrender by Evie North

One Night of Surrender by Evie North
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (121 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Bluet

It’s his last night on earth…and his final wish will be her command.

The Brothers Mortmain, Book 1

Like his two brothers, Sir Gervais Hawley, son of the Earl of Mortmain, is reckless and wild. But now his days are numbered. Given up to the Bow Street Runners for robbing a coach, he has been sent to Newgate to hang.

Every man on death row is granted a final wish—if he has the money. Gervais has more money than most, and his final wish is for a taste of something sweeter than mere food. He wants Katherine, a woman falsely imprisoned. For one night in her arms, he will pay the debts that will set her free.

From the moment she saw Gervais in the corridors of Newgate, Katherine felt the spark of attraction. In exchange for her freedom, she agrees to his terms: one night in his bed, obey his every command.

Their passionate encounter is more than Katherine ever expected. And as the cock crow draws near, her body and heart crave more. But Gervais is headed for the gallows…unless fate intervenes.

What would you do if it were your last night on earth? If you are Gervais Hawley, the wealthy son of an earl, and can pay the price, you may have a last wish. And Gervais wishes to have Katherine, who was falsely imprisoned, share his last night. If she agrees, Katherine will have her debt paid, and will be free.

Katherine has no means of ever paying off the debt on her own, so she agrees to spend the night with Gervais. Despite his approaching demise, Gervais expertly seduces Katherine, and they have an amazing night together, even falling a little in love with each other. At dawn, Katherine leaves. Fate, with a helping hand, gives them a chance to see if it was merely a sense of urgency induced chemistry or was there something more, real and potentially lasting between them.

I very much enjoyed the first part of this book, it was unique and touching. I was disappointed to find out the reasons why Gervais committed the acts he did that caused him to be arrested and condemned. They were foolish and immature. Also, it seemed far fetched to me that Katherine could have been jailed for the reason she was. When the couple reunites, reality sets in and they have to decide if they should try to recapture the magic they felt, or go their separate ways. This part of the book dragged a bit for me because both Gervais and Katherine seemed determined to hide their feelings. I wanted them to admit to the connection they had when they thought Gervais was headed for the gallows and I kept reading to see how they would reconcile the love that was between them.

Overall, I enjoyed this short story, and recommend it for the very unique plot line. I like that our hero does some growing up, and is determined to change the way he lives his life.

Readers who love the intrigue and intricacies of a Regency historical with a healthy dose of spice should give this one a try.

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