I Shall Love the Earl by Laura A. Barnes

I Shall Love the Earl by Laura A. Barnes
Tricking the Scoundrels Book 3
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (164 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

How many times must a gentleman ruin a lady before he offers for her hand….

She waited for the temptation held in his gaze. He refused to give into his desire to court her. Can a ruination of a lady lead toward a love to last a lifetime?

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Roderick Beckwith watched the Scottish beauty from afar. He lost his heart the moment he set eyes upon her. Throughout the season every gentleman offered her a dance, but him. With his financial affairs on the brink of disaster, he couldn’t provide her with the life she deserved. When his mother introduces his sworn enemy to his heart’s desire, he must set aside his pride. However, his courtship is less than ideal. At every opportunity he brings scandal to her name. Can Rory redeem himself and prove to Dallis that he is a gentleman worth loving?

With every glance, Dallis pulls Rory in deeper. His stolen kisses forces him to make her an offer of marriage. As they prepare for their wedding, he acts as the perfect gentleman. However, the proper gentleman was not who Dallis desired. Will her scoundrel show himself before they say I do?

I was really anticipating reading Rory’s love story after the other “Tricking the Scoundrels” books because I really admired him in the previous two stories. I have read all of Laura A. Barnes’ books and consider myself a huge fan.

Often in a series, each book can be read as a standalone read; other times it would be better if all the books were read in sequence because each story builds on the one before. The Tricking the Scoundrel series falls into the second category. I’ve used this analogy once before in a review and it applies to this one as well. I Shall Love the Earl is like the hamburger patty in a Burger King Whopper. Sure, if you had to eat it alone, it would be tasty. But, it’s going to taste a whole lot better with the bun and fixings.

Why do I use that analogy? It’s because I loved Rory in the first two books. If I hadn’t read the two previous books, there’s a good chance that I would not have enjoyed this book. Unfortunately, I found him annoying in this book and I was disappointed in him. Considering he was the leading character in I Shall Love the Earl, this character flaw was a big issue for me. Laura A. Barnes’ writing style has never been repetitious but I got irritated with Rory for being so prideful. It was a bit of a head banger to keep reading over and over how he didn’t feel like he deserved Dallis because he was broke. Rory’s story was a thin hamburger patty at best because there wasn’t much thickness or substance to the plot. It kills me to write these negative comments because I love the series. I just feel there could have been more substance in Rory’ love story. There is a fourth book still to come and the heroine is going to be Rory’s sister, Kathleen. I am definitely going to read it. The hero, Lord Holdenburg, is already intriguing. I’m going to assume their story is going to be the condiments on my Whopper.

The heroine, Dallis also didn’t win any points in my eyes. How many times was she going to let Rory scandalize her? I guess it doesn’t really matter because I’m happy that Rory found his happily ever after. I enjoyed the guest appearances of Sophia, Sidney, Wilde, Sheffield, and Belle – all characters from the previous books in the Tricking the Scoundrel series. I’m curious if Belle is going to have her own love story. She’s a unique and interesting character.

In conclusion, I liked this story but overall, I love the series more and I can’t wait for the next one to be released later this year, 2020. My recommendation is to read this book after you’ve read the first two. It has enough good stuff in it to make it worth a reader’s time.

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