Her Timeless Obsession by Brita Addams

Her Timeless Obsession by Brita Addams
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Paranormal, Time-travel, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (287 pages)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

A love that transcends time.

Ever the explorer, Honey Danby discovers a treasure trove in her dusty 1910 London attic. Old trunks filled with clothes, journals, and love letters written between two lovers in 1810 entertain her and leave her longing for a time and a man long past. Dressed in an irresistible gown from one of the trunks, Honey discovers a heart-wrenching love story. When she learns that all was cruelly torn asunder, the handsome soldier’s loving words written to his H. catapult Honey into an adventure that defies logic.

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Her Timeless Obsession is an exciting romance with the thrill of the ticking clock threatening to ruin something wonderful for a very likable couple. A mystery is set up early on, and intriguing questions arise to draw a reader in. Honoria “Honey” is from the early twentieth century, and she discovers papers and items from a man who lived a century earlier. Her interest piqued, Honey decides to find out more, and she does research at the library. Reading the man’s journal is enlightening as well. She must know more.

When Honey goes back in time and meets Lord Galmore, she finds he’s all she thought he was. They hit it off. The problem is her dangerous, erratic brother. He’s dead-set against the match. Honey knows from reading history that the brother will murder Galmore in a duel by cheating.

The burgeoning relationship between Honey and the injured Galmore is touching. When then spend their first night together, he risks himself by allowing her to see his hideous war injury. Readers will feel his emotional agony. Honey’s reaction to his courage is loving and amazing. The scene of this night is memorable. The chemistry is hot, yet the feelings are tender and real.

There is much sensuality between the two, and some surprises, which add layers of complexity to the story. Honey’s being from a different time comes out in interesting, unpredictable ways. The antagonist, Honey’s disturbed brother, intends to destroy Honey and her love at all costs. Honey and Galmore are up against a formidable enemy. How is she supposed to save her dear one’s life when a man of that era is honor-bound to accept the challenge of a duel? Honey is pushed into unexpected action.

The writing of this story is well-done so that readers will be truly worried for the couple. Emotions will be high as one turns those pages, driven with suspense, and caring about the characters.

This is a great story for those who love true romance, the Regency era in England, and time-travels.

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