Carnal Sacrifice by Angelika Helsing

Carnal Sacrifice by Angelika Helsing
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Historical
Length: Short Story (126 Pages)
Other: M/M/M/F, Multiple Partners, Menage
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

To lift a curse, she must survive an orgy of pleasure.

Delaney Jones dedicates her life to the Peace Corps—up at dawn, work past dusk. On a mountain overlooking the Sacred Valley in Peru, she’s thousands of miles away from the real reason she fled her home. Her stepbrother, rock god Jaden Seavers.

But half a world isn’t far enough to outrun the strange, erotic visions of him that disturb her dreams. When she unexpectedly encounters Jaden on a desolate Peruvian road, their mutual hunger is stronger than ever.
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In the uncontrollable rush of desire, Jaden can no longer hide the truth. He is a vampire—and he’s not alone. Many of his kind have come to Peru to take part in a ritual that will make them mortal.

All they need is a vessel strong enough to withstand the power of five vampires gone wild with an unholy craving. And when the eruption of lust is over, survive to fill the emptiness of the one man who loves her more than life itself…

Delaney has always had something for her stepbrother. She felt that there was no way it could work between her and Jaden. To move on with her life and away from what couldn’t have, she joined the Peace Corps and moved to the opposite side of the earth. But did it work?

No, it did not. Her dreams were filled with him.

Carnal Sacrifice is an erotic story that revolves around an ancient ritual, a sacrifice.

The story, plot was not what I thought it would be. On the surface, this story was all about sex and pleasure. I was pleasantly surprised to see that that she did have chemistry with all of the other men. But there is a love story in this. In spite of what she agrees to do and with whom, it seemed that not only her heart but also her body seemed to prefer Jaden over everyone else. I think the love story just enhanced and made this one better.

An action packed erotic story with a climactic ending. This book is about how far someone would go for love. What they are willing to go through, to be with their one and only.

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