Love at First Bight by Tymber Dalton

Love at First Bight (Deep Space Mission Corps 1) by Tymber Dalton
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Futuristic
Length: Full (278 pgs)
Other: M/M/M/F, M/F, M/M, M/M/F, M/M/M, M/F/M/M, Menage, Voyuerism
Rating: Best Book
Review by Lilac

Dr. Emilia Hypatia is recently-graduated and looking for adventure. She’s an Alpha-ranked healer, has a degree in psychology, and empath training. Fresh out of a bad relationship with a cheating ex, her five-year assignment to the Deep Space Mission Corps vessel, Tamora Bight, seems ideal. Especially when she meets the three handsome crewmen she’ll spend her time caring for–in more ways than one.

First Officer Caphis Bates is playful and rowdy. Mate Ford Caliban is her intellectual and emotional partner. But it’s Captain Aaron Lucio who is an enigma; passionate, with a deeply wounded and carefully guarded soul.

While sharing their communal bed is a scorchingly sensual experience, Emi soon learns the three men suffer a shared grief, their “crew story.” She patiently works to unlock their secret past, but space exploration is cold–and cruel. Will time run out for all of them before she can heal their hearts?

Futuristic Menage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F with various combination of M/M, M/F, M/M/F, M/M/M, monogamous polyamory

Full of passion, wonder, and emotion, Love at First Bight is a fascinating story that took me on a journey that I never wanted to end.

This is an entertaining story about a group of people finding love and acceptance and most of all a family with one another in a very unconventional relationship. In this futuristic story, Dr. Emilia Hypatia, takes a job on board the Tamora Bight and finds more than she expected when she meets her crewmates, Caphis Bates, Ford Caliban and the Captain Aaron Lucio. The story exudes sensuality as the four come together in some very passionate scenes as they bond with and get to know Emi better. In addition to the passion, the group also bond outside of the bedroom as they learn more about each other and work together on board their ship.

Caphis, Ford, and Aaron already have a strong bond from being comrades and from their shared experiences over the years and the author demonstrates this through their concern and protectiveness of one another. Caphis and Ford are so close that they have been nicknamed “the twins” because they often say the same thing at the same time, which added some humor to this story. These men are very private individuals and are reluctant to share more with people who aren’t part of their crew. After several rejections, they find it hard to believe that Emi would accept their unusual lifestyle and it is evident in their words and demeanor. Aaron is especially protective of his crew as he doesn’t wish them to be hurt. This causes him to come across as rude and cold at first, but once his reasons are revealed his behavior is understandable.

While the four come together to form a whole thanks to their chemistry and obvious attraction to one another, each character also has a distinct personality and the author did a wonderful job of using Emi to point out these differences in the men. Kamagra is a kind of hard and soft pills introduced to beat a snag of male impotence; one should not practice cialis prices in india the pills for any other purpose. Sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in cheap cialis Going Here pill comes in several delicious flavors such as caramel, pineapple, strawberry, mint, orange, vanilla, banana, cherry, and blackcurrant. Many will demand your assiduity as well as hypogonadism, along with in these cases cialis uk will not be powerful. Usally pelt will be a good choice that will big workers, Should generico cialis on line not solely for the little many families. As Emi gets to know the men she sees that Ford is the caretaker and romantic of the group. He also stimulates Emi intellectually as well as physically and I enjoyed their moments together. Caphis is more emotionally fragile yet playful. He is the self-appointed protector of the group and the worrier. Meanwhile, Emi sees Aaron as serious and brooding. He is also protective, but he has been deeply wounded by past events that have affected him as well as his men a great deal. These events, once revealed, really pull at the heartstrings and make it easier to understand these three men and their touching relationship. It has helped to shape who they are making them fiercely loyal to whoever they let into their inner circle.

As for Emi, she completes the men in a way they never thought they’d experience again. And what I really enjoyed is that while she bonds with the group as a whole, the author also shows how she forms a deep relationship with each man individually. Having lost her parents at a young age, Emi has longed for a family and with the crew of the Tamora Bight, she finds it. However, there are times where she felt a bit left out and I could really sense and feel her anguish as she too feared rejection by these men. The story is told from Emi’s point of view and at first I was a bit confused as to why we only get to see her side of things, but as the story progresses and a huge twist is revealed, it all becomes apparent and I applaud the author’s choice.

As for this unexpected and interesting twist, I won’t spoil it, but it definitely surprised me as I never saw it coming. Yet as I thought about it, I realized that the author dropped subtle little hints throughout the story and I never realized what they were all leading up to. I thought the author did a beautiful job of doing this and it really made the story stand out to me as everything fell into place.

Overall the story is a very emotional one, more so than I initially thought it would be as I read the description. While it does have scorching hot and touching love scenes between all of the main characters, it also has heart as the four bond and form an unconventional relationship. The group becomes so close and emotionally linked that I ached for them toward the end during one of the most emotional and pivotal scenes of the story, however, I don’t want to say too much for fear of spoiling it. I will say that the author did a fabulous job of making me care about these characters and allowing me to experience and feel their pain and emotion with her words. I was drawn into this fascinating world and relationship and loved every minute of it.

Love at First Bight has more than earned a spot among my keepers and I look forward to reading more of what this talented author has to offer.

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