Festive Persuasion by Charlene Roberts

Festive Persuasion by Charlene Roberts
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical, Holiday
Length: Short Story (75 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

A false rumor about Lord Trevor’s tenuous connection to a murder circulates within the ton. He and his family have successfully defeated the lie, but at a cost. He has made the painful decision to relinquish any hope of pursuing Lady Sophia Weston, as Lord Trevor is afraid the lady will never look upon him favorably again.

Lady Sophia tolerates persistent visits from Lord Walter, yet she knows her heart belongs to Lord Trevor, despite his stubborn honor and determination to stay away.

During the Christmas season, Lady Sophia must show Lord Trevor—through gentle persuasion—that her feelings for him have not changed, and fight off Lord Walter, who will do anything to win her affections.

Will unfounded gossip steal Sophia’s chance for happiness?

Sophia is a sweet young woman who is devoted to her parents, but has a strong spirit and a mind of her own. I admire her ability to bend the rules of society without completely breaking them. Sophia’s heart belongs to Trevor, and she had every reason to hope they would be engaged by Christmas; however, a vicious rumor put a halt to those plans. Sophia is determined to let Trevor know how she feels, but the rules of society severely limit her options. Sophia must take advantage of every opportunity with Trevor, or risk losing him forever.

I must admit to being frustrated with Trevor from the start. After being the subject of a false rumor, Trevor abruptly pulls away from Sophia. Instead of talking to them directly, he automatically assumes that Sophia and her family will want nothing more to do with him. I know that Trevor is trying to behave according to the rules of polite society, but his family had been friends with Sophia’s for years. I would have thought that would have earned him the right to explain his side of the story without fear.

I will say that Trevor’s decision to pull away from Sophia gave them both time to evaluate their feelings for each other. When they realized their future together wasn’t guaranteed, they were forced to imagine what their lives would be like without each other. Neither of them was happy with the prospect of a future apart. I enjoyed cheering Sophia and Trevor on to a speedy reconciliation.

Festive Persuasion is a sweet and simple story of love and the Christmas season that can easily be enjoyed in a single sitting. I recommend fans of historical romance curl up under a warm blanket with Festive Persuasion today.

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