Destiny’s Path by Kimberly Hunter

Destiny’s Path by Kimberly Hunter
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (181 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Moonflower

…meets the big, bad wolf. A nightmare or a fairy tale?

In one night, Sasha Edwards’ life forever changes when a rogue Lupus viciously attacks her and infects her with the Lupus virus. The Pack doctor and Beta wolf, Flynn LeGuer, is the only man who can save her. But his professional and personal boundaries are tested when he discovers Sasha is the woman he’s been waiting for his entire life—his True Mate.

Sasha must dig deep to find the courage she never knew she possessed when Flynn tells her the truth of her new life: she’s not only a wolf but his mate as well. Can they trust each other enough to reclaim a long-denied passion? And can they stop the ancient evil pursuing them before it destroys their life together yet again?

What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, a motto that Sasha will soon learn to appreciate.

Sasha Edwards’ life is about to change. Attacked after a night out with friends, she is thrust into the secret world of werewolves. She was an average woman with an average life. To the pack surrounding her she is anything but average. She has astonishingly survived the attack, the first woman ever. She never expected much out of life and handles the shock of her new existence rather well. Unknown to her or the pack, she is the catalyst to a prophecy. The outcome will either kill her or save the packs from extinction.

A True Mate is a rare gift, one Flynn never expected to experience. A True Mate is the perfect person, made just for you. Lives, souls and hearts are bound into a perfect assembly of love, never to be broken. Now that Flynn has found his True Mate he will never let her go. The only problem is she has no idea about werewolves and he is unsure if she will accept him.

Destiny’s Path takes place in a short amount of time. From the moment Sasha wakes from her attack her life changes fast and furiously. Unknown to her she is now an Alpha and in the middle of an ancient prophecy that has repeated itself over and over during the centuries. Excess Drinking May Lead To Penis cheap cialis prices Shrinking And Other Sexual organs, thus leading to ED in men. But people are finding out that there is easier, more discreet and cheaper way they can obtain their medication through an online buy cialis pharmacy. buy viagra Relaxing and reducing stress is obviously helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. The nerve on line levitra Clicking Here is vulnerable to compression at the elbow because it travels through a narrow space with very little soft tissue to protect it. Now all the pieces are in place and another showdown between good and evil is set to begin.

The real story to me is Sasha’s new life. She now feels whole, like she finally belongs. She is welcomed into her new family with open arms, something she never experienced with her birth family. She has a new life and love, and she will protect what is hers to her dying breath.

Destiny’s Path is a good story with moments of heart pounding suspense. The plot was nicely built up to allow for the appreciation of Sasha’s development. I did enjoy the new take on the prophecy. It was a surprising little twist that seemed perfect. I was able to follow the story quite easily and found it very satisfying. I did have a sense that there are more stories to come. At least I hope so.

As Ms. Hunter built her world, I was drawn in. I felt like I was home; all comfy and warm. Her writing was soothing and not rushed. The story was well paced and an easy read. This is not a shockingly pulsating story. Though there is action, I was more drawn to the characters and the welcoming arms of the pack. This is a nice change of pace for cold winter months. Curl up and enjoy this heartwarming tale.


  1. Oh! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed DESTINY’S PATH. You really made my day! And yes, there will be other stories. This world is just too interesting to let go of. LOL!

    Kimberly Hunter

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