*Hollyland by Patricia Leavy

*Hollyland by Patricia Leavy
Publisher: She Writes Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Women’s fiction
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

What happens when a seemingly ordinary woman with a passion for the arts falls in love with a Hollywood star known for his bachelor status and quick temper with the paparazzi? Something extraordinary.

Dee Schwartz is a writer and arts researcher. Ryder Field is a famous actor descended from Hollywood royalty. On the night they meet outside a bar, their connection is palpable. Ryder’s mother—legendary actress Rebecca Field, half of Hollywood’s golden couple when she died—was kidnapped and murdered by a crazed fan in a shocking event that forever tarnished Tinseltown. Dee’s mother, too, died when she was young. Bonded by this loss, the two embark on a love story that explores their search for magic—or “gold dust”—in their lives. Everything changes, however, when Dee mysteriously disappears after an awards ceremony. Is history repeating itself? Can there truly be a happily ever after in Hollywood?

Set against the backdrop of contemporary Los Angeles, Hollyland is a poignant novel that moves fluidly between romance, humor, suspense, and joy.

Hollyland is a Hollywood romance story about Ryder and Dee. Ryder and Dee meet and instantly fall for each other, even though they come from completely different worlds. Dee is an academic who lives her life quietly and in her head. Ryder is a famous actor who comes from Hollywood royalty and he lives his life on the pages of newspapers and magazines.

I love romance stories about Hollywood and was excited to read this one. Although the dialogue was a little cheesy at times, I still enjoyed Ryder and Dee’s story. I loved the way Ryder treated Dee and their story stole my heart.


Shelter Us by Laura Nicole Diamond

Shelter Us by Laura Nicole Diamond
Publisher: She Writes Press
Genre: Women’s fiction, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (253 pgs)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Stephanotis

Since the death of her newborn baby, lawyer-turned-stay-at-home mom Sarah Shaw has been struggling to keep it together for her law professor husband and two young sons. With her husband burying himself in his career and her friendships all having withered, she is lost in a private world of grief. Then one day, walking in LA, Sarah s heart catches at the sight of a young homeless woman pushing a baby in a stroller and saving them becomes her mission. An unlikely bond grows between Sarah and the mother, Josie, whose pride and strained relationship with her own mother prevent her from going home to Oakland. Through her friendship with Josie, Sarah slowly learns that those we love are never far, even in death and that sometimes it is the people we set out to save who save us.

One of the joys of getting lost in a book is recognizing things that have happened to you. That’s exactly how I felt as I began to read Shelter Us. While I’ve never experienced the loss of a child, I could relate to how the main character Sarah feels when someone special is taken from her, how you come to terms with it, and how uncomfortable people start to feel around you when they just don’t know what to say.
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Shelter Us is a moving story told in first person from Sarah’s perspective. I think Ms. Diamond made a great choice using her voice as the narrator. It’s a book that makes me think about many things in my own life and society in general.

When Sarah first sees the young homeless woman with her baby, it makes you think that maybe, despite our own problems, we all have something to be grateful for, as does Sarah in this story.

Finding the young mother almost becomes an obsession for her and it keeps you reading to find out if she’ll be able to track her down and what the women’s story is, and how she ended up on the streets.

As the blurb on the back of the book says, sometimes it is the people we set out to save who save us. I think it sums up Shelter Us beautifully.

For me a good book is one that leaves you feeling an emotional tug and that’s exactly what this story did. If you like women’s fiction then I recommend this one to you.

Shanghai Love by Layne Wong

Shanghai Love by Layne Wong
Publisher: She Writes Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical
Length: Full Length (321 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Shanghai Love is a gripping novel about the unlikely love story that develops between a Chinese herbalist and a Jewish refugee in Shanghai during World War II. Peilin is betrothed to Kwan Yao, the only son of a wealthy pearl farmer. However, months before their wedding, Yao is killed by the Japanese in the Nanjing Massacre. The Kwans insist on proceeding with the wedding and beautiful Peilin is married to a ghost husband. When an uncle passes away, Peilin is sent to Shanghai to manage the Kwan family herbal shop. Meanwhile, in Berlin, Henri graduates from medical school just as Hitler rises to power and unleashes prejudice and violence against the Jewish population. He flees to Shanghai where he’s befriended by Ping, a young disfigured rickshaw driver. Ping introduces Henri to his sister Peilin. Through her kindness, Henri becomes fascinated with Chinese herbs as well as the exotic culture surrounding him. Shanghai Love is a classic story of love’s triumph over adversity.

This story caught my attention because one of the main characters was married to a ghost. Her marriage was arranged years ago and by her wedding day, her potential mate had been killed in the war. I knew about arranged marriages, but not about ghost weddings. Can you imagine being wed, living in his parent’s home and serving his mother with no hope of a real wedding and life? I can’t!

Ms. Wong sets her story back in the 40’s when the Nazi’s were persecuting Jews. She peppers her story with weak people who become strong due to circumstances. That’s a very realistic way to look at life. Her words flow well and I felt like I was back in a simpler time when all that mattered was having enough to eat and a place to live.
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She makes her characters human. Each has suffered great sorrow, each is moving on because there is no other choice. Henri is Jewish and just barely escapes Germany with his life. He uses the single ticket available to go to Shanghai because his Uncle insists. Peilin has lost her family in a fire and sent to Shanghai to take over an herb shop and help people use herbal remedies for their problems. She’s also searching for her brother. He’s her last relative and she wants to reunite with him.

This romance is very sweet. He’s white and Jewish; she’s Chinese. Their own traditions keep them apart. They enjoy their time together but feel there is no hope for more. I really enjoyed how the author handled this part of the story. She shares Chinese traditions and makes them seem real. They were foreign to me, but I can see the beauty of their traditions.

Another thing that I learned from reading this story was that there were quite a few Chinese and Jewish refugees in Shanghai. I like reading books I learn from. I also really liked this romance. The author did a lovely job of teaching you some facts and making you love her characters. I was impressed enough with this story that the book is going in my personal library as a keeper.

Why don’t you give it a read and see what you think? I bet the author steals your heart, too, with this story.