Rising Tide by Susan Roebuck

Rising Tide by Susan Roebuck
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (228 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Time, and most of Portugal, has almost forgotten Luminosa, a small fishing community on the Alentejo coast. A cluster of white and blue cottages huddle under the cliffs overshadowed by the great manor of Herdade Albatroz whose family has ruled the village since the days of Napoleon. Far off the tourist route, nobody visits Luminosa by chance.
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When a ruthless American racketeer turns up, the peaceful village’s way of life could be ruined forever. But will other visitors–Piper Pines, seeking news of her long dead Portuguese mother, and Leo Shine, bereft of a father and brother accused of terrible crimes–help or hinder his objective to drag Luminosa into the twenty-first century?

Leo and Piper are two special people. One lives in Alaska, the other in Norfolk, England. Leo had been born with a cowl covering his body and he attributed this to his ability to sense storms at sea. Piper could see colours in the sea which defined what lurked beneath the waves, good or evil, food or danger.

Curiosity concerning their missing mothers draw them to a small village of Luminosa in Portugal. Leo is mistaken for an investor in a building proposal but Piper has suspicions he is not as he seems.

Leo and Piper are strong characters and their suspicions of one another can be amusing. Their abilities help the people of Luminosa in their quest to stop the ruination of their village. I felt empathy with all the characters (except for the baddies) and found it a warm and intriguing book which I enjoyed reading. It had highs and lows which kept me engaged with the story and mystery which meant my curiosity as to the outcome was kept alive at all times.

Although only a sweet romance, the tension between Leo and Piper was definitely the main draw of the story and I eagerly continued reading to see what the outcome would be. I would definitely read another book by this author.

Of Quests and Kings by Robert Adams

Of Quests and Kings by Robert Adams
Castaways in Time #3
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (184 pgs)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

It all began with a small group of people who were trapped in Bass Foster’s twentieth-century American home during a terrible storm. Somehow, they were carried back through time and space to an alternate seventeenth-century England, a realm at war and ruled by the legendary King Arthur Tudor III. Bass, Krystal, and the rest had either adapted to their strange new home–or died in the attempt.

And now, Bass, a Duke of the Realm, and one of the king’s most valued commanders, has been given a seemingly impossible mission: to unite the warring kingdoms of Ireland under Arthur’s own loyal ally King Brian.

But in Ireland waited both treacherous friends and bloodthirsty enemies. And mobilizing for actions as well aware the well-trained forces of the Holy Roman Empire and a foe who could destroy them all–the mysterious lords of the Time Projector!

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First of all, anyone wanting to enjoy this book must read the first two books in the series. Mr. Adams does provide some information about key events from the previous tales, but certainly not enough to allow this book to stand alone.

Bass has certainly come a long way since he was first transported into the past of a parallel Earth. He becomes more and more important all the time, but still finds himself utterly under the control of King Arthur III. I can’t believe how much luck Bass has. Everything he attempts is a huge success. Even situations that seem bad end up working out unbelievably well for Bass. I won’t spill the details, but a particularly sticky situation in Ireland could have proven very costly for Bass. Instead, it ends up winning him even more respect and yet another powerful ally.

I must say that I am very displeased with the way Bass’ relationship with Krystal has gone. Their relationship has never been easy, but I thought they would find happiness together. In The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland, Bass and Krystal were having some serious problems. I had high hopes that they were work things out, but at this point, I think their relationship might have deteriorated behind all repair.

I truly feel sorry for Krystal. When she first arrived in this strange time, she tried to be more useful. However, she was repeatedly told that she needed to be content to act like a lady of her station for the time period. When Krystal’s behavior became unexplainably erratic, suddenly Bass and others were suggesting that she do something useful. I can certainly understand Krystal’s loneliness and frustration. As if that weren’t enough, the one thing in life that she cares about is taken away from her. While I understand that Bass doesn’t have a lot of options to try and help Krystal, he doesn’t do anything at all even though he is a modern man with more understanding of mental health then the people of this past, parallel Earth. Bass shows more care and devotion to strangers than his own wife and son. I wonder if Bass will even recognize his son the next time he sees him.

I am pleased to note that Mr. Adams provides a bit more insight into the wielders of the advanced time projectors. No names have been provided, but it seems that at least one is hidden among Bass’ men. I have a feeling that there is some grand scheme at work that has yet to be revealed. Some of the people using time projectors generally stay out of the way of the people of the current time. However, they allude to others who have not been so careful. I can’t help but wonder how much the parallel Earth has been changed by time travelers.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Of Quests and Kings. Mr. Adams has created a detailed world filled with interesting, interconnected events. I’m looking forward to seeing where Bass’ adventures take him next.

The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland by Robert Adams

The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland by Robert Adams
Castaways in Time #2
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (205 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

TIME TRAP! Drawn through a hole in time and space, twentieth-century American Bass Foster finds himself hailed as a noble warrior and chosen to command–first on land and then at sea–the armies fighting to preserve King Arthur III and his realm against the Church-led forces determined to place Arthur’s nephew on the throne of England. But Bass is not the only traveler in time. And though the mysterious force which has exiled him to this land of knights in shining armor has brought other unexpected comrades-in-arms, it has also opened a gateway to a far future time and place. And suddenly Bass, Arthur and their allies must face the menace of an unknown but deadly enemy seeking not only to overthrow Arthur’s kingdom but to conquer and enslave their whole world.

Bass is now a powerful and wealthy noble, but can he shoulder the responsibility that comes with it?

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First of all, anyone wanting to enjoy this book absolutely must read the first book in the series, Castaways in Time. Mr. Adams packs his stories with detailed descriptions of people, places, and events that are all connected in some way. This story is no exception. In fact, in order to keep everything clear in my mind, I began reading The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland as soon as I finished the previous book.

I grew to like Bass very much in the first book, so I was excited to see what he was up to in this tale. I am pleased to note that Mr. Adams provides much more insight into Bass’ personal thoughts and feelings in this book then in the previous. In the first book, Bass didn’t seem quite human at times because he adapted so quickly to the new world. However, I can now see that the endless battles are taking a toll on him. The violence of the culture Bass is now immersed in his starting to trouble him, but there doesn’t seem to be a way out. Bass and Krystal always seem to get into a fight on the rare occasions that they see each other. Also, because Bass has spent so much time away, his own son barely knows him. I sympathized with Bass as he tried to figure out a way to make everyone happy, but when he answers directly to a king, he doesn’t have many options. Bass and Krystal are one of the few things that really grounds Mr. Adams’ stories, so I truly hope they are able to work things out.

As with the first book, I must again note that this is not a book to race through. Mr. Adams frequently goes into lengthy descriptions of people, places and events that, at the time, don’t seem to be important. However, rest assured that Mr. Adams manages to tie it all together very nicely eventually.

Mr. Adams also drops a few more hints about the power behind time travel. Some loose ends from the previous story were tied up, but Bass and the people of this world are definitely not safe from whoever is wielding time projectors. One of the things I found most interesting was the reappearance of a nefarious time traveler I had thought was gone for good. I don’t think that many people consider this man a threat, but I have a feeling it would be very dangerous to underestimate him.

I enjoyed reading The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland. Mr. Adams expertly concluded this installment of the series in a satisfying way yet managed to raise more questions that will have me picking up the next book immediately.

Castaways in Time by Robert Adams

Castaways in Time by Robert Adams
Castaways in Time #1
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Length: Full length (215 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia


It was a storm to end all storms, and when it was over Sebastian Foster and his five unexpected house guests–all refugees from the fury of the wind and rain–should have been happy just to be alive. But when the clouds finally cleared, the world outside Bass’s home was no longer the twentieth-century America they all knew.

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Thrust into this barbaric world of bloody combat, the time travelers were quick to realize that their modern weapons and knowledge could change the whole course of this England’s future–and maybe help them find their way home again–if the warring factions didn’t destroy them before they even had a chance to get started…

Does Bass have what it takes to survive hundreds of years in the past?

I’ve always thought the idea of traveling into the past was an interesting premise. The possibility of time travel always stirs up a multitude of questions in my mind. Would modern men and women be able to survive the harsh realities of the past? If so, what impact would modern knowledge of medicine and technology have on the past? Would time travelers advance civilization more quickly? What would be the cost of such actions? With these thoughts buzzing around in my mind, I eagerly dove into Castaways in Time curious of how my questions would be answered in this tale.

Bass is a very humble and honorable man, and I liked him almost immediately. His military training and experience with weapons make him a perfect, if accidental time traveler. His ability to keep his wits about him in a crisis definitely saves him and allows him to not only survive, but thrive in a time so different from his own. I am amazed at how quickly Bass, Krystal and some of the others acclimate to living in such a foreign environment. I would have expected them to miss the comforts of modern life more or to make a concentrated effort to return to their own world. However, Bass immediately throws himself into the thick of things in this parallel Earth and hardly gives another thought to his own past.

I do wish the relationships in this story would have been a bit more developed. It is clear that Bass cares deeply for Krystal and the men he fights alongside, but very little of the book is spent cultivating those bonds. The bulk of the book is devoted to describing the many long battles Bass finds himself in, and there are several lengthy passages that explain the history of this world and some of the ways it differs from our own. This slowed the pace of the story quite a bit, but since I enjoy history, this was not a big issue for me. However, the pace was also slowed by the language contained in the story. I found the dialects of the various groups hard to follow. I had to read very slowly to be sure I understood what they were saying. It was also hard for me to keep all the names and ranks of the nobility and various family lines straight. This is definitely not a book to race through. Time and patience are required to enjoy this tale.

Despite this issue, I enjoyed reading Castaways in Time. I particularly liked the ending. It was satisfying but it also raised more questions in my mind about the how Bass ended up in a parallel world in the first place. My curiosity is piqued and I’ll be starting the next book in this series very soon

The Clan of the Cats by Robert Adams

The Clan of the Cats by Robert Adams
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (152 pgs)
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Battle to the Death!

When Milo Morai, the Undying High Lord, and his Horseclans warriors found the tower ruins, they welcomed it as the perfect citadel from which to hold off the packs of ravenous wolves eager for their blood.

But the ancient building hid a secret far more dangerous than either wolves or any human foe, for in its depths waited The Hunter–the penultimate product of genetic experimentation gone wild, one of the few descendants of a powerful breed that had long outlasted its human creators.
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The Hunter–who, with fang, claw, and blood-chilling speed–would challenge the Undying Lord himself to a battle to the death.

She’s injured but she has cubs and must find them food. She’s not at all pleased when she finds her prey and is ready for the kill and hunters take them down. All she can do now is steal one…

Robert Adams has written a huge series of books called The Horseclans Series. There are eighteen books in the series. This is the second one I’ve reviewed.

The world as we know it no longer exists. Bombs, guns, diseases and starvation have eliminated much of the population. Now small settlements exist here and there. Many of them steal from each other: food, horses, and women. After all, you can’t have too much inbreeding or that will make their group die out, too. Another danger is the animals. Scientists were experimenting with breeding trying to bring back the animals that had gone extinct. They were better able to survive in this world. They didn’t like people, though, because the prey animals were few and they both liked to eat them.

Mr. Adams sets up a believable world in a desolated place. He adds a man who doesn’t die (he heals all his own wounds with no help) to help lead these people into the new future and stay alive. When the cat kills him to get the deer, he comes back to life. He also wants to find the cat, but not to kill it. To study it and see how many there are. Getting caught in the forest by wolves wasn’t on the list.

This volume was more about the scientists of the past and their plans than it was about the animals and the people in the present. I find the imaginary world much more fascinating than the folks in the past. The big cat, resembling a sabre tooth tiger, has to let the man help her heal. Eventually she begins to trust him because he can mind speak with the cats. When other cats locate them, she and her son are willing to die to protect him. There should be more to this story; the cats deserve their own book.

If you want a peek at what your future could be like if it turns dystopian, Mr. Adams is the man for you. Each book can stand alone and together they show you a wide look at a future world. Let your imagination go wild!

The Reluctant Knight by Don Callander


The Reluctant Knight by Don Callander
Mancer Series Book Six
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (232 Pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Talking animals, Wizards, marauding Knights, adventure and magic…

In the aftermath of a battle against The Darkness brought on by the wicked Ice King, Wizards’ High receives a mysterious visitor—a Knight who, after being hit by lightning, cannot remember his name, and neither can his trusty War-horse.
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It’s up to Flarman Flowerstalk the Pyromancer, Myrn Manstar Brightglade the Lady Aquamancer, and her husband Douglas Brightglade the younger Master Pyromancer of Wizards’ High, to help the lost Knight.

In their quest to help the Knight, the Wizards travel to the distant land of Sulleña where they uncover a surprising discovery—the answer to an old, unsolved mystery.

Welcome to a magical world where Blue Teakettle prepares excellent food with the help of the other magical household items within Pyromancer Flarman Flowerstalk’s home, which is also home to the Lady Aquamancer, Myrn Manstar Brightglade, and her husband, Douglas Brightglade, also a Pyromancer, and their two, soon to be three, children. They all reside at Wizard’s High, a perfectly charming home where the unusual is the norm, and solving mysteries is a daily occurrence.

The Reluctant Knight is a charming adventure filled with delightful characters. I really enjoyed all the imaginative touches which the author has woven into this tale, and I really wish Blue Teakettle would come visit me. When her wizards go wandering, searching for clues concerning the identity of a lost knight and his faithful steed, Blue Teakettle sends meals magically from the kitchen at Wizard’s High no matter where they are and no matter how many friends they pick up along the way. She may only be a supporting character, but what a wonderful character she is, helpful and capable, with the occasional flashes of temper, disappointed not to go along on the adventure, but fully capable of keeping Wizard’s High perking along even in the absence of her wizards.

The other characters in the novel, whether major or minor, are equally well defined and most enjoyable. The settings are as unique as the characters themselves and one of my favorite scenes was sailing in a boat across the desert, with waves of sand tossing the boat just as if it were on a watery ocean.

The plot is intricate and riveting. Flarman, along with Myrn, Douglas, the Bronze Owl and an otter named Marbleheart, get caught up in several mysteries at once. The unraveling of them will finally reveal the answers they need. There are twists and turns at every corner, but Flarman will not be unraveled. The story is well-paced, fast and exciting.

This is the sixth novel in the Mancer Series, but it also works just fine as a stand alone. Personally, I would recommend the entire series to fantasy lovers in search of extraordinary magic.

Hard Water: An Oliver Redcastle Historical Mystery by Louise Titchener

Hard Water: An Oliver Redcastle Historical Mystery by Louise Titchener
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (166 Pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Oliver Redcastle is an ex-Pinkerton, former Union Army sharpshooter who has opened a detecting agency in Baltimore. In Hard Water Oliver (set in 1884) takes a side trip after attending Alan Pinkerton’s funeral in Chicago. He stops at the idylic Lake Erie island of Put-in-Bay. His assignment is to catch an acrobatic train robber, but complications soon arise and Oliver must deal with an old murder and a new murderer. Like former Redcastle novels Oliver meets many interesting historical characters in the course of his investigation. He also runs into his maddening and beautiful ex-lover, Marietta Dumont.

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It was great fun to travel back in history and the time period is captured in vivid details, bringing it alive and making me feel as if I was being bitten by mosquitos and sweltering in the humidity, as I tried to help Redcastle solve the mysteries that kept popping up.

The action is fast and continuous as Redcastle gets caught in one intrigue after another. He has to locate a preacher’s daughter inside a cult, work with a less than congenial assistant, keep his former mistress at arm’s length, all the time, trying to recover the stolen money and apprehend the train robber.

The characters were very real. The action takes place in a short period of time, so there wasn’t a lot of character development, but they were all believable and interesting. I especially liked one of the minor characters, a young lad named Billy Stojack. His mother does the laundry for day-trippers and others, definitely not an easy job given the hardness of the water which leaves reddish stains around the wash basin. Billy brings in some extra cash acting as a guide, running errands and so forth. He is a very nice addition to the story, making it seem even more real and human.

If you want to feel what it was like to be a Pinkerton detective, rub shoulders with famous historical figures, all the time trying to solve an interesting murder, then Hard Water may be just what you are looking for.

Horses of the North by Robert Adams

Horses of the North by Robert Adams
The Horseclan Series
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (184 pages)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid


In the evil time after civilization fell apart, the Undying High Lord Milo Morai gathered together as many children as he could save and set about teaching them the laws of survival.

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Yet now, clans Linsee and Skaht were on the brink of a bloodfeud that could spread like prairie fire throughout the Horseclans. Could even Milo smother the sparks of hatred before they blazed up to destroy all of the Horseclans?

This book is set after the human race is sent back to the beginning due to a nuclear war. The story starts well with a party from the Horseclan tribes on a hunt. The group consists of telepaths with their animal companions–also telepaths–hunters and Uncle Milo Morai. The latter is of unknown age but is rumoured to have lived for centuries.

After a fight between two young members of different clans, Milo strives to calm everyone down with a story of the past.

Until this point I read the story with interest, even the following part of how the Linsee (or Lindsay in olden tongue) tribe joined the Kindred, but then the story jumped back in time to when Milo drew together the first families of the Kindred. It then continued to jump back and forth. I had to keep returning to the previous part to set myself back in the story.

The individual parts were captivating and very interesting, but I got very confused by the timeline and would have preferred the story to begin with Milo and carry on through the years to the joining of the Linsees to the clans.

The book is well written, the story intriguing. A little moving around of things and I would class this a winner. I would really like to read more about Milo and no doubt he appears in other Horseclan books. I shall have to go and look.

Teddybear, Teddybear by Don Callander

Teddybear, Teddybear by Don Callander
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (192 pages)
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

After years of development, David Wellesley, PhD, a scientist with the Johnson Space Flight Center in Dallas, created a prototype of a revolutionary new Artificial Intelligence Brain, designed to drive the planned Mars Explorer for NASA.

As he is finishing up the project, he receives a visit from Erich, a heavy set man with an even heavier German accent, whom he met briefly at Harvard the year before. Erich begins to grill David for information about the AI Brain, then hotly demands that it be turned over to him for a private sector project named Gamma. When David refuses the demand as he had promised it to NASA, Erich leaves in an angry mood.

Suspicious of Erich’s intentions, David decides to hide the AI Brain in his granddaughter’s teddybear–one of the latest Talk-and-Toddle teddybears, that can walk and learn to respond to basic spoken phrases. David had purchased the bear for his granddaughter as a Christmas present, and it was left in his care when his daughter’s family took a trip to California.
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That night, something amazing happens as the teddybear sporting the new AI Brain achieves true consciousness. He realizes he can think, he can plan, and it is a good thing, too, because the next day David is kidnapped. By searching police and other databases via telephone, Teddy manages to alert the police. Soon Teddy is obligated to reveal his new status to the Wellesley family and Sergeant Joe Verdigo, as they all race to save David.

Thus begins the unlikely career of a two-foot tall, furry Private Eye.

Good detectives not only need to know all of the rules, they need to know when and how to break them.

What could be better than a crime-solving stuffed animal? Teddy’s intelligent – if sometimes slightly awkward – attempts to figure out human society were nearly as interesting as his quest to help David. Sometimes he reminded me of how small children imitate the adults around them without fully understanding what the grownups are doing or why they’re doing it. In other scenes I was surprised by how intuitively Teddy’s new brain processes all of the clues about what’s going on. He’s a surprisingly complex and fascinating character, and I found myself staying up late to finish just one more chapter in his adventures due to how eager I was to know what happens next.

The pacing of each case itself was solid, but sometimes the transitions between them were abrupt. At times I wondered if they were originally a series of short stories that had been rewritten into a full-length novel. I don’t know if this is how it actually happened, but it is how they came across at certain points.

With that being said, the cases themselves captured my attention. Some of them bring out Teddy’s most enduring flaws. Seeing how he attempts to compensate for them over time made me like him and the various people he works with even more. It must be jarring to be interviewed by a walking, talking children’s toy, and the scenes that address this were some of my favourite ones in the entire book.

Teddybear, Teddybear kept me on my toes. This is a great example of how the science fiction and mystery genres can blend together seamlessly, and I’d recommend it to anyone who is a big fan of either one.

A Woman of the Horseclans by Robert Adams

A Woman of the Horseclans by Robert Adams
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (179 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Condemned by her people, she found a new destiny among the folk of the undying high lord, Milo Morai…

She rode into legend…

Shunned by her own folk as a creature of Evil, Bettylou Hanson found an instant welcome among the people of the Horseclans. Young, healthy, intelligent, and gifted with powerful mindspeak potential, she was everything Milo Morai’s people looked for in a clan member.
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But even Milo himself couldn’t have foreseen the powerful role Bettylou was to play in the future of the Krooguh clan. For the frightened girl whom Tim Krooguh had rescued from certain death was destined to become a living legend among the Kindred, a fighter whose courage would rouse the clans against a foul and dangerous foe…

This story is set in a time after the great disasters in cities. Most folks are back to traveling the prairies just like the Indians did years before. Many of the communities have strange religious beliefs and enforce them with iron fists. Bettylou Hanson lives in one of those communities.

Mundania Press is reissuing the Horseclans series (I’m glad!) that was written in the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s. I noticed two things reading this book: The stories reminded me of the Clan of the Cave Bears series; and, the sexual harassment in the communities reminded me of the cases we’re seeing now in the armed services. As much as things change, they really don’t.

I have one thing I’d have suggested to Mr. Adams. Bettylou is just not a name I’d expect to see in this time period. All the men have unusual names; why not do that for his strong female character? It doesn’t affect the story telling, just seemed incongruous to me.

The Elder in the community Bettylou grew up in had the ultimate right to sleep with all the young women as they came of age. If they had the misfortune to get pregnant, they were beaten, made to do the worst jobs and had their hair cut off and their heads are died a brilliant color. They live there until the baby arrives, then the sex of the baby determines if it is added to the community (male) or thrown out (female) with its mother. Nice folks, aren’t they?

In her case, another tribe attacks them and takes her as a hostage. She’s treated with suspicion until they learn about her story and then she’s accepted into the group. I enjoyed watching her grow up and become the warrior woman she turned into. She was married, had more children, watched her husband and children die, and just kept fighting.

The story is fascinating and interesting. Mr. Adams knew how to grab your attention and keep it. I also liked his ending. It’s a bit magical and just the right touch for dear Bettylou.  Reading about strong women characters always makes me happy. I’d suggest you give this series a try.