A Bit About Me by MJ Markovski – Guest Blog and Giveaway

Long and Short Reviews welcomes MJ Markovski who is visiting with us today. Leave a comment or ask the author a question for a chance to win a $25 Visa gift card.

I, MJ Markovski, am excited to be a guest on your site and I like to give a thank you in advance to you and all your followers. I am also excited to give to giveaway to the lucky winner a twenty-five dollars Visa gift card. This way you can do with the funds as you please.

So a little bit about me: I am a mother of two children, one boy who will be twenty-four the middle of last month and one girl who just turned sixteen the previous month. And we will try to get out of this heat in Southwest Arizona and head up into the mountains of Sedona for a week. That was our plan anyway.

And it was one episode of MS that caused my disability to be in an electric wheelchair. But I don’t let it hold me back from my goals in writing. There is a great software that I use called Dragon speech to text to dictate my works and writings. My debut novel of The Take Series, Whatever It Takes, is a suspense romance thriller. Currently I am writing the second book of the trilogy titled All That It Takes. All That It Takes is pretty much a continuation of where the first novel ends. And I’m having fun getting inside their heads of my main characters, Regan and Hunter. In fact I’ll give you a little excerpt of the second novel’s beginning.

Hunter’s lips had had met hers. And now…

Regan stood on wobbly legs at the DFW Airport long after his plane had departed. The musty scent in the air disclosed the age of the structure of the buildings around her. But it did not slow down the hustle and bustle of people who seemed to surround her and their various stage of odors. Some women were overly clad with flowery perfumed scented sprays and men’s aroma of choking unfamiliar. She distracted herself by moving away from the window and carefully reached behind her backside for her cell phone intending to call Sherry.

She had been surrounded with mugginess not only from her mind but the sense of her feelings. Feeling him far, far away from the enchantment and wonderment they had barely started between them.

Not daring to close her eyes, she groaned and brushed her hair back, wishing impossible dreams that he still was here and not a long four months away before he would return.

Dark head of hair, bronze skin, tattooed hand with a scorpion. Hunter.

It all rushed back to her in a surge of fast forward memories. The feeling of Hunter’s experienced hands wrapped around her hips. His kisses on her neck, her jaw, and her mouth as their lips became intimately acquainted on more than one occasion.

Of course, Regan knew exactly what that led to. Their bodies became intertwined as one and was almost like magic. But that night and the next also was almost tragic for them both. She shuddered at the memory and eyed a kiosk that served coffee. Just what I need.

Regan Argent inadvertently uncovered a dark conspiracy that has her on the run, forcing her to return to her childhood home, a small town just outside of Dallas, to seek refuge. Unexpectedly, she bumps into Hunter Grainger, a man she never saw coming. He’s an Air Force pararescueman, on leave, with only one person who knows of his return home. Their unexpected meeting ignites a chain of events where they will be forced to help each other or be executed.

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Two words to remember her by are tenacious and complicated.

The journey to writing Whatever It Takes came to her not only in a form of a dream but also when her husband at the time left her and her children. They had been together since she was eighteen.

But her journey to writing seriously began 2009/2010 when she became disabled from a major attack from multiple sclerosis. Doctors thought at that time she would Die but here she is, and the worst of it was she is currently in an electric wheelchair for mobility. For now. She views it as God’s way for her to have more time in writing.

She doesn’t allow her illness to define her.

MJ loves stories that explore characters and origins. It thrills her to get inside their minds and find out what makes them tick. That’s why she loves writing third person limited because it’s intimate. What if on the surface a person comes up to them you think one character views him as granite steel emotions but he truly speaks in his mind is actually passionate and driven but you can’t see that on the outside you’ll find it out till Chapter Five but his actions show it? She loves the weave stories with their theme another fuel for her many books to come forth. Angst, passion, romance, (she’s a romantic at heart but don’t tell anyone that) and suspense/thriller.

MJ graduated with her Masters from the University of Phoenix in Accounting. She’s worked with government contractor as a Financial Accountant as well as an advisor for taxes. She ran a small business of doing taxes for family and friends for a while in the early 2000’s then stopped because of the MS exasperation that landed her in the hospital. But when she retained her health, she put that business aside and she began seriously writing. That self-run business reignited her passion in her writing and to help others as well when the opportunity comes to help other fellow writers.

MJ enjoys spending time with her family and friends when she can, loves reading, watching a movie once in a great while with her daughter, spending some time outside (when it’s cool and not in the heat of Arizona) life is full of complications but every morning getting up in writing with her vitamin smoothies and coffee is a perfect start of the day.


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