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“CHOOSING LOVER OVER PRIDE” and its prequel “NEW BEGINNING IN VANCOUVER” are CONTEMPORARY ROMANCEs about Maxime, a grounded and resilient woman, who’s changed her life moving across Canada in Vancouver. Owner of the Salon Blossom – Flowers & Teas there, she faces new joys and challenges.

Maxime identifies as an LGBTQ+ ally and some key characters, like her dear Sophia, a daughter in her heart, and her assistant at the Salon Blossom are proud members of the LGBTQ+ community.

This tale full of twists and roller coaster rides for the reader, prompts many emotions, daring them to remain open-minded while rethinking relationships and their structures, to promote inclusion and acceptance. Cis-gender woman, Maxime herself redefines boundaries in her love relationship in this new stage of her life.

Enjoy an excerpt

“What’s on your mind, Bloom? I’ve been so focused on Gabriel that I’ve forgotten to catch up with you for too long now.”

“I’ve missed you Max . . .” She’s withholding something.

“Bloom, is everything all right between you and your dad?”

“Yeah, no. I’m good with Dad. We still have so much to catch up on.”

“Good. So, tell me.”

She chuckles. “You sound like Uncle Gab—before his accident.”

“I know sweetie.” I sigh and shoo the butterflies away from my mind, refocusing on my dear Bloom with a nod.

“Max. I’m not sure . . . I don’t know how . . .”

“Breathe, sweetness. It’s me, I can hear anything, you know it. I see something is bothering you. Is it about your work here or your studies?”

“Oh, no! I still love it here Max. And all is well with my classes. It’s about Anja.”

Her face brightens as she speaks about her best friend, then grows somber for a microsecond.

Anja is the friend Bloom has grieved and grown with. From the loss of her mother to being raised by her great-grandparents, and her father’s incarceration. When Sophia turned twenty-one earlier this year, Anja helped her father and me with the celebration we’d organized at the Explorer to welcome our newly legitimate client at the lounge. (…)

“Did you girls quarrel?”

“No, not at all. On the contrary.” Uneasy, Bloom twists her hands and wiggles her legs, biting her lip.

How could those two be any closer than they already are? “Oh!”

Hopeful yet nervous Bloom becomes still, fists clenched on her knees, raised brows, biting her cheek.

“Bloom, sweetie, are you two . . . in love?” She gulps and nods. “That’s amazing, Angel! You two are real soulmates.” Just like Gabriel and me, the butterfly offers.

Relieved, Bloom rushes around my desk to hug me.

“Oh, Aunt Max! I knew you’d understand. But I’m so scared. I don’t know how to come out to the family. To Dad.”

“Hmm. Angel, does anyone else know? Did you talk to James or your cousins about it?”

“I haven’t. I think Josh suspects something, but with everything that’s happened this year, with Uncle Gab and Zoe’s birth, they’ve had other things on their minds.”

“I see. What about Anja? Did she come out to her family yet? I mean, did Anja . . . Bloom, what pronouns should I use for the two of you?”

“Thanks for asking Max! She or they. And yes, she did. Her dad and brother are cool with it. Her mom less so, but I think it’s just the surprise. She’ll come around. Anja was expecting the opposite.” She giggles. “Her dad to reject her and the support of her mother. We never know how parents will react.”

“That’s what’s making you nervous?” She nods, creasing her nose.“Bloom, I’m sure Jason won’t have any problem with whom you love. You mean everything to him.”

She smirks and then frowns. “Do you want me to test the water with him?”

She frantically nods. “Yes, please! Max . . .”

About the Author:After spending half her life in Montréal, Marielle de Vassoigne moved to Vancouver during the pandemic in January of 2021.

Just like her main character Maxime, she was born in France and grew up in Martinique, a French Caribbean Island, before moving in Canada.

An organic writer, she’s publishing her first novel, which is an outcome from her many experiences. The story has been influenced by her core belief—that a rich life is filled with kindness, curiosity, and exploration—as well as values of diversity and inclusion.

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