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What Kind of Writer Am I?

I suppose there are labels for everyone and anything but rarely do we fit entirely in one box. What kind of writer am I? Well, first of all, I am a career writer. I enjoy writing and am very passionate about it but I do not solely write for only enjoyment or to pour out my feelings in journals (my hands can’t stand writing with a pen too long lol) nor do I write as a hobby. Although, I do know many writers that enjoy this type of writing and that’s okay too.

For myself, I am committed to writing as a life-long career in historical fiction and historical romance. I will continue to publish novels so my readers can expect a new book at least once per year, maybe more.

Some other aspects of my writing that define me are not as simple. I am an underwriter. I write the first draft very quickly, sometimes faster than I can type. I often finish the book 10,000 words under what it should be. After the first draft, I do a full story edit and include more substance and additional scenes. Usually, this brings me up to my goal of 75,000 words or 300 pages.

My writing can also be categorized sometimes as character-driven, but this is only a master illusion. I have outlines and I keep my characters from venturing off into the woods many times, lol.

I do write steamy sex scenes too, but lately, I have reduced the occurrence of these scenes with each novel so the reader can focus more on the events. I find this also helps balance out the readers who do not enjoy sexual matter. It is much easier to skip this way without losing too much of the story.

All in all, I have progressed into my own individual style of writing and it has improved with every book. I hope you enjoy 1956 Love & Revolution and thanks for following along on my blog tour! Love ya all!

What would you do for your country?

In 1955, a group of uncommon people meet by chance. During the final year of Rákosi’s iron fist rule, Imre Nagy’s reforms are repealed, plunging Hungary back into economic ruin.
A university student, a cleaner, a Hungarian soldier and several others find themselves drawn toward each other as their love for their country is tested. In the fall of 1956, political strife deepens as the students begin demanding reform.
How far will they go to save Hungary?

Well-researched, politically charged and fast-paced, 1956 Love & Revolution will lure you into the lives of everyday Hungarians who risked everything for their country.

Enjoy an Excerpt

It was August 1955, and Elona was tired. She grabbed her bucket and wrung out the mop one last time. She had been cleaning at the theatre all night, and it was now early dawn. Something about the purple-lightening skies always enchanted her. Budapest was a quiet city at 4:30 am, almost peaceful. But Hungary was nothing close to peaceful lately. So many things were happening in her country that it made her stomach churn. Politics wasn’t something she was keen on, but lately, it seemed every Hungarian held hope that their country would reinstate a more economically-sound government.

They lived through so many years of repression, paying exorbitant taxes for Hungary’s industrialization and war reparations to Russia, among so many other fees, that every single Hungarian paid almost two-thirds of their income out to the government. This left so little for food, cigarettes or anything else. It was a tough life of constantly working with little chance of enjoyment.

Elona was only twenty-one years old, but she felt like she was eighty.

She stepped outside onto the dark street and turned back to lock the theatre doors. Her pail and mop were already beside the door when she noticed she had left the dirty water in the bucket. She sighed and cursed softly. Elona was not going to open up the heavy double doors again and return all the way to the other side of the washrooms to dump her bucket.

She pushed the keys deep inside her pants pocket and picked up the pail gently, sneaking to the alleyway. Elona tiredly tipped her bucket in the alleyway, dumping it upside down to empty it completely so she could return home with a much less heavy pail. She didn’t drive, and her bicycle broke, so she didn’t even have that luxury anymore. A headache started at her temples, and she massaged her face gently. Maybe, one day things will get better.

She looked up as male voices echoed down the street. She wondered who would be in the streets at this hour. There wasn’t much crime because of the state police, so she usually had nothing to fear.

Then a chill ran down her spine.

About the Author:J. A. Boulet is the passionate author of five historical fiction novels. Her newest novel, 1956 Love & Revolution, is a chilling standalone book about the 1956 Hungarian uprising. A highly anticipated release scheduled for June 5, 2023, this is a book that the author holds close to her heart.

J. A. Boulet was raised in the aftermath of the Hungarian Revolution. Her father was a Hungarian soldier who fought bravely during the 1956 uprising. He escaped and was granted asylum in Canada. Ms. Boulet’s mother also fled from the revolution shortly after. The couple met, fell in love and built a family in Saskatchewan.

J. A. Boulet was born decades later. Raised in a refugee family with strong morals has provided J. A. with the foundation to which she has stood behind all her life. Ms. Boulet began writing poetry at a very young age and progressed to short stories and novels easily. She quickly became a history geek and became fascinated with ancestry and the rough path of immigration. J. A. published her first book in 2020 and has since published one to two books annually. She writes with an unsettling realism, grabbing your emotions and refusing to let go. 1956: Love and Revolution is a book you won’t be able to put down.

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