Park Avenue Princess by Laura M. Baird

Park Avenue Princess by Laura M. Baird
Publisher: Cocky Hero Club, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

All I ever wanted to do was please my parents. But when I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I stopped trying and did as I pleased for the first time in my life.

Was I a spoiled princess? Far from it. But I did take a vacation. And met a stranger I think I fell in love with. Worse, it terrified me and I ran. Like a coward.

Imagine my shock when I learn he’s right here in New York City.

Guy Hamilton is the man I could never stop thinking about, and when our paths cross again, I learn it’s been the same for him.

While we work to uncover a corruption scandal involving both our parents, startling revelations come to light, and our world is turned upside-down.
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Will our love be enough to remain unscathed and come out on top together?

The synopsis for Park Avenue Princess intrigued me. I love plot concepts where the heroine reaches her breaking point in life and escapes reality to find herself in some far-off distant location only to meet her soul mate, but leaves him to return to reality. The hero is then desperate to find her since of course she didn’t use her real name or exchange any information to locate her. They both were each other’s love at first sight. *gasp*. Of course, the story is even better when the reader can relate to why the heroine has snapped. Who doesn’t want to run away to some vacation resort and be footloose and fancy-free? Years go by and they never forgot the time they had. Be still my heart. *Sigh* I will read that plotline every single time and love it. Especially when, wham! they run into each other in the real world. My eyes grew big as I soaked up the words on the pages. Needless to say, my eyes couldn’t read as fast as my fingers could flip the pages.

Beginning to end I was connected to Lynne, the heroine. She always did what was expected of her and never received positive reinforcement. I thrive on accolades in my personal and professional life. I personally don’t get enough recognition for all I do. Ha, ha.

The hero’s name is Guy. Eh, not my favorite book boyfriend name but he definitely fit my book boyfriend criteria. I don’t recall Guy ever getting upset or impatient or having any conflict. Guy was all most too perfect, if that’s possible. When my husband tells me “To get my head out of my books”, that they aren’t reality, I think he’s referring to this one.

Guy and Lynne make for an entertaining read with some hot chemistry. It was interesting how their families were intertwined considering Guy and Lynne never met before their romantic whirlwind encounter at a vacation get away.

Which leads me to character development. There was enough depth to each character to make the story evolve with some interesting plot twists. An analogy would be – you know when you go to a restaurant and you order a steak? Imagine the steak on your plate being thin. It was still tasty and you ate every bite but you wanted more because it wasn’t the quality piece of meat you were expecting. That is how I’m feeling right now. Perhaps I could have used a little bit more drama/conflict to induce the “Oh no!”, clutch my chest, break my heart for a minute before the rush of relief. That is just my personal preference.

I appreciated the story as a whole. The ending was a satisfying deep breath. All the plot threads were neatly wrapped up. The writing style kept me engaged without any hiccups. I’ve never read a book by Laura M. Baird before and I would consider reading another book of hers in the future. I wish my husband would read this book and pick up a few of Guy’s unconditional loving traits. *smile*

Everyone’s Happy-Ever-After was unique. I imagine Guy and Lynne are going to live a long content life. This was a fun read.