My Ideal Writing Space by Barb Jones – Guest Blog and Giveaway

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My Ideal Writing Space

I believe for an author, the ideal writing space should be a space where they can truly be free and creative. I have heard many authors say how much they need peace and quiet, while others may need a room free of distractions. As for me, I can’t write in those settings. I will write anywhere a thought comes to mind – the grocery store, the gym, at home, on a date, you name it.

But what is my ideal writing space? As I write this, I am actually chuckling about all the places where I am most comfortable writing. My ideal space is where I can blast my music loud (without scaring my cat) and with chocolate! With hard rock, I can pump out a lot of chapters in one sitting without needing a break. If I need to take a break, I simply walk over to my indoor gym and lift weights before going back to writing. Some have called me an undisciplined writer because of my ideal environment but the music and being able to lift weights in between several chapters at a time, allows my creativity to flourish.

I’ve wondered about my ideal writing space at times. By talking to friends and of course to my mom (I’m very close to her) about this, I learned that my brain just doesn’t shut off. When I heard that, I realized how true it was. My ideal space for studying for school was always where the loud noises were in the house or where I could do pushups, or anything physical. When I became a homeowner years ago, I always had to make sure I had a place for working out and letting my neighbors know that there will always be loud music because I am just that kind of writer. And it’s where my creativity soars into places imaginable and where I can create characters my readers can relate to.

Birthright. Protector. Heaven. Hell.

A lone demon hunter, his true birthright unknown, roams the streets of Los Angeles while killing demons to prevent atrocities against the world. As the son of Asmodeus, Sully is a hunter feared by both demons and angels. His world was not the same once he walked into a bar and offered to help Mick, a gothic bartender.

Mick worried about her missing friend until the day she met Sully. The minute he walked into her bar and offered his help, her world changed. Secrets of her destiny unlocked, and he was at her side everywhere she turned. Friend. Protector.

Can they live with the secrets that are revealed to them? Will they survive the chase for the truth between Heaven and Hell?

Enjoy an Excerpt

“Demon hunter.”

“Prick,” was all John had to say before the demon made the first strike.

As the demon punched John in the side of his face, he shook off the initial shock. Tasting a drop of blood from the corner of his mouth, John cocked his head to the left and then to the right while flexing his neck muscles. Before the demon could land a second blow, John pulled out his blade. The blade was black, cut uniquely, and the hilt bore symbols that were not known to many outside the inner circle of Hell. As he angled the blade to hit the light a bit more, the demon’s eyes grew narrow.

John realized the demon was more afraid of the blade than him. He used that fear against the demon. He waved the blade, taunting his enemy. Tossing the blade from hand-to-hand excited John before the kill while he watched the demon’s fear grow.

“You smell of Asteroth. What does he want with me? Do you like my toy? Want to play with it, prick?”

“Too many questions, hunter. Asteroth wants your head; then again, don’t we all?” The demon snickered while shifting in his stance. “This body, do you like it, hunter? I thought it would be capable of killing you. This body is strong, hunter. Strong enough to kill you.” The demon shifted in the body he possessed and then went to move closer to John.

About the AuthorBarb Jones is an author of paranormal romance and horror for adults, including her best selling series Blood Prophecy and her newest series, Heaven and Hell. She was born and raised in Hawaii, where her love for the supernatural began. When not writing, she is not only an IT professional but a mother of two highly gifted young adults, who are her inspiration. She can be found haunting bookstores, enjoying ghost tours, traveling, chatting with her readers, and baking. You can chat with Barb on Instagram at @thebloodprophecy or check out her website at

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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A Day with Barb – Behind the scenes…by Barb Jones – Guest Blog and Giveaway

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A Day with Barb – Behind the scenes…

What’s a typical day with me like? Well, how about getting up at 4 AM, regardless of the day of the week it is. The first thing on the agenda is 20 oz of ice cold water, followed by an intense 1.5 hour long work out. In addition to being an IT Senior Level Consultant and an author of Blood Prophecy series, I am also a Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Master Life Coach. Each comes with a unique set of certifications that I maintain. My workouts vary as I never exercise the same muscle group. Then, it’s off to work till about 5. I work remote, so I don’t have to drive anywhere. What about eating? Simple. I live and eat healthy and allow myself balance with sweets! Really – I can’t be expected to give up chocolate, can I?

Once the work day is done, and I am ready to relax – I enter my cave. This is where I will religiously do the following: work on my family tree for about an hour, prepare for upcoming fitness training sessions with clients, followed by working on all things related to Blood Prophecy. This not only includes fan email, looking at what happened via social media but writing. This is where I really sit down and relax. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Well, let’s dive into it more. If you noticed, I tend to write like I am really just talking to you about my day. That’s what is relaxing to me. Come enter my world!

What do I do when I write? This is probably what everyone wants to hear, right? Well, let’s start with my office area. The music that I listen to is Nickelback. I can’t really write listening to anything else. I love to use my voice recognition software about half of the time. I use that only when I know exactly what the scene is going to do, or if I need my hands to mimic out a fight scene, for example, and I want to capture it. Otherwise, I will either type or put pen to paper. On some nights, I can write a lot while on others, just a scene or two. The reason it varies is because I write what I feel at that time. I have sticky notes all over the place with ideas, thoughts and more. I’ve even been known to have a story idea while on a date of all things!

When I am done for the day, I usually get another small workout in using my home equipment and then it’s dream time. A lot of my ideas for the books come from dreams, so going to sleep is work for me as I hope to create the next amazing scene or even an idea for the next book!

When the darkness was compelling and the heart knew no bounds, was there really a right choice? With Michael’s life hanging in the balance, Amber had a choice: save her star-fated love or keep on the crusade to unite the magical community. For Amber, her fate was sealed even before her birth and it was her destiny to fight the great battle ahead of her. But, when it came to her heart — her friends, her great love — Amber’s torn. Not only was she the Queen, but she was a human in every sense of the word. She was vulnerable. And so the very people — Chloe and Michael — that gave her strength, quickly became her weakness. It wasn’t her fault she loved too much, was it?

Nevertheless, the Tall Dark Man had set a plan in motion that could threaten the very existence of the Blood Prophecy. Would he gather his dark forces and succeed in destroying Amber once and for all? Or, would she assemble her powerful friends and save the world?

Enjoy an Excerpt

Malakai, Seattle, Present Day

With the betterment of both Michael and Rae, Malakai was glad that they were well and fine; nevertheless, he needed some time to decompress. All the magical commotions that had occurred were too overwhelming for him. He needed some sort of release.

He enjoyed the brisk jog in the park, as he cut through the sharp wind of the cold night. But this did nothing to lift his spirits. He was happy that Amber’s smile finally met her eyes. That was all he’d ever wanted for her: happiness, that’s it. There was nothing more he could ask for—she was his priority. Yet, in the back of his mind, as in his heart, he couldn’t help but believe the ancient legend that he’d heard so long ago was the certifiable truth, as it was written in Eschmun’s scroll.

…her fate is tied to the true alpha of the wolves. A blood drinker will stand formidable, but it is the nature of the child to call upon the true alpha and bring him to the queen’s inner heart.

Could this be the truth? he often wondered as he traveled the world collecting artifacts and evidence supporting this notion. Yes, he’d crafted a reliquary, quite accidentally, and people assumed it was to keep the magic insulated, away from the humans. But that wasn’t the case, at least not for him. He so wanted to believe, just from the sheer fact that it was said in the scroll. But Malakai was a man of logic, driven by cold hard data. Although wanting to romanticize that his destiny was tied with Amber’s, he needed confirmation. He wanted validation for the strong emotions he was feeling.

About the Author:I was born in Hawaii, a place rich with culture and storytellers. As a little girl, scary tales about vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, and witches were my favorite kind — much to my mother’s dismay.

The scarier, the better.

My love for the supernatural never went away, even after moving to Seattle, far from Hawaii’s majestic beaches with unusual colors. Nothing compares to the landscapes of Maui, Lanai, or Oahu. But somehow, Seattle stole my heart anyway. It became the place where my love for stories took on a new form, in a book of my own: The Adventures of Little Arthur and Merlin the Magnificent. This book is for kids who love stories, just like I did.

Then I had an idea while sleeping.

One night, my mind began to work overtime. In a dream, I saw a unique storyline involving all the races and an epic battle of good versus evil. It was a modern day plot with a three thousand year old prophecy, The Blood Prophecy. I finished the first book in 2014, The Queen’s Destiny. Two years later, I released The Queen’s Enemy. The last book in the series, The Queen’s Ascension, released on August 17, 2020.

Today, I live in Florida with its beaches and sunshine. But I’m still a Seattle girl at heart. And so all my stories take place in the Northwest.

I always keep to my roots when I write.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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