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Over 9,000 years ago, an ancient spiritual energy leaks through a link in time entering Thenitiwan, destroying the barrier between the past and future. The spirit enters a host or Hawopas to block the portals spiritual gravity through carnal energy of a living body to survive.

Over the centuries, a powerful civilization called Sagerowa emerges knowing that history favors the rise and death of great nations throughout time. Sagerowa eventually gained control of the gateway and entered future eras and destroyed them to weaken them and sought to freeze their era in time forever.

Many years later in the midst of the tension of the nation’s most recent war, Joie tries to return home with the assistance of Xuca who escorted her to safety. Xuca however is unable to look after her and be loyal to his goals and let her go as a priority. She soon finds comfort and resolve in a stranger named Keogx from the pain of missing the soldier she felt had her back and unknowingly more parts of her heart.

Enjoy an Excerpt from Book One:

Joie walks off the bus and stands on the sidewalk and watches as the bus takes off. It was a nice ride but she knew it was time to stop somewhere—even if in a remote, unfamiliar area. Then she turns away from the road and stared at the open terrain. She didn’t know where she was headed but knew she did not want to return. “I have no friends to leave behind,” she also thought to herself. Now that she was all alone, the tears came down her face that were quickly wiped away into the wind. She looks up at the bright blue sky. She wanted to be free and leave everything behind her. “Who have I become?” she asked. She guess it does not matter. At least she knew how she felt.

She drops her backpack as she walked to release the weight on her back and the bondage of the school. She walked slowly almost aimlessly but with peace of mind and a sense of tranquility. She did not know where she was going but felt silence in her troubled mind for the first time in a while. “When was the last time…,” she thought and smiled slightly feeling relieved from her trouble back in her hometown. Though it would be long before another summer with the season turning into fall, she knew it would come.

She looked down at her hand and takes off her watch and drops it while walking. Joie thought she didn’t need a watch to tell time and it did not matter anymore.

Her troubles from time to time were appearing in her mind between each thought of the beautiful surroundings. After several minutes, her negative thoughts were forced out by the positive feeling in her mind. She was cold and frozen but knew ice can melt. It was her hope. The sun glared harder in her face and eyes as the morning light turned more into the afternoon. She would rather spend her morning staring at the sun, than face her troubles that are now far away.

Joie stood still and closed her eyes feeling the breeze and reached her hands outward to the bright leaves ascending in the wind. She exhales and opens her eyes and saw a shabby store shop that stood behind trees in the woods.

About the Author: I am Ada Stone and have been writing since high school and interested in societal problems and of course, fiction. The ability to make up a world and share it means a great deal as the real world is what it is.

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