Top Ten Tuesday: Weird or Funny Things I’ve Googled Thanks to a Book

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Since I recommended this topic to Jana, I thought I should be the one to write Long and Short Reviews’s response to it as well.

Here are ten funny or interesting things I’ve googled thanks to a book. Horror and mysteries are among the genres I read which is why some of these queries are about death and corpses.

1. How long does it take bones to decompose in a grave? Can you still tell something was once a grave if there are no bones left in it?

2. What do zombies think about when they’re not chasing people?

3. Why is the Chosen One so often a teenager instead of someone older and more experienced?

4. How did people figure out which mushrooms were safe to eat when a lot of wild mushrooms will kill you?

5. Why do so many romance novelists dislike big cities?

6. Why doesn’t character X have common sense?

(No, I didn’t actually expect an answer for this one. I was simply annoyed by a character who kept making terrible decisions for no reason).

7.  How long can you live on a spaceship before getting radiation poisoning?

8. Why do so many aliens want to destroy humanity?

9. Books written from a cow’s perspective.

(Because I’d never heard of such a thing and wondered if it existed).

10. Can you write a book without any tropes at all?


  1. I would definitely read a book from a cow (or any farm animal) perspective! Great list!

  2. Deanne @ Vegan Book Blogger says

    Now those are definitely cool googling topics. You picked a great topic this week!

  3. I read #2 and the first thing that popped into my head was do zombies think at all?

  4. the 9. 😂😂 i need to know

  5. All great questions that I want to know the answers to 😂

    Have a great week!

  6. Oh, now I want to know the answers to all of these questions! Great prompt this week, btw, I loved playing and I’m excited for the next round! Not too soon I hope so I’ve got enough time to make a list of new googles, but this was fun!

  7. Hahaha I read a joke about the mushrooms somewhere. Something along the lines of “this one is safe, this one gives you hallucinations, this one killed John”. I guess they learned by trial and error lol I’m sure zombies don’t think when they’re not chasing humans because they have no brains (see what I did there?). Great list ❤️

  8. You have the BEST questions!

    I found a story from a bull’s point of view: Être the Cow by Sean Kenniff

    AND, I know a book from a recently-turned-zombie’s perspective: The Passenger by James Cook & Joshua Guess

  9. Great questions! #2 made me laugh and #3 sounds like a great premise for a story!

  10. Oh these are all excellent questions! And “Why doesn’t character X have common sense?” definitely crosses my mind often, haha 🙂

  11. We do love (some) tropes, but YES to that last one! Sometimes I wonder if there is a more unique romance story out there without the usual shenanigans. 😉 Thanks so much for the fun topic and for visiting my website this week!

  12. Did you find any books from a cow’s perspective? I know of one from a sheep’s perspective… 🤔 Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann!

  13. Great list! I love the ideas that go through your mind, and have to ask – are there books written from the perspective of a cow?

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