Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like to See More Of (Or At All)

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I’m writing this from the perspective of someone who reads a lot of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and young adult novels. These settings may be more common in genres I don’t read as often!


1. Nursing Homes, Psychiatric Hospitals, Prisons, Group Homes, and Other Institutional Settings. 

Not everyone lives in a nuclear family home. I’d sure like to read more about the lives of people who live with strangers or in places they might not have chosen to move.

2. Antarctica. 

I’d never want to live in Antarctica myself, but it would be interesting to read about other people or other living beings doing it.

3. Deep Underwater. 

Preferably, this wouldn’t involve mermaids. I’d be open to reading about any other intelligent life form that could survive down there, though! 

4. School from the Teacher’s Perspective. 

Teaching is not an easy job, especially when working with students whose home lives can make it difficult for them to pay attention in class for any number of reasons. There are plenty of books set in schools, but I can’t think of too many of them that have the teacher as the protagonist.

5. Renaissance Fairs. 

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6. Corn Fields. 

Other than the classic Stephen King horror novel “Children of the Corn,” I can’t think of any other stories about corn fields. That’s too bad. They’re very interesting places to walk around in even if nothing out of the ordinary is happening in them at all.

7. Anywhere That Has Blizzards. 

I spent part of my childhood in a small town that had this sort of weather every winter and plenty of snowfall even when it wasn’t technically a blizzard. It’s always interesting to compare my experience with them to how they’re described in novels.

8. Anywhere That Has Dangerous Heat Waves.

I now live in a place that becomes dangerously hot in the summer. As in, people die every year here due to heat stroke, dehydration, or other health problems related to the hot weather. Most stories that include scenes set in summer don’t mention this as one possible outcome for their characters. I’d like to see that change both so that more people are aware of the dangers and so that the summers they talk about more closely match the ones I know.

9. Farmer’s Markets.

The people working at the farmer’s markets in my area are so friendly! I’d love to read books about characters who do this sort of work. Is cheerfulness part of the job description? What is it really like to sell your own produce, cheese, cured meat, and baked goods?

10. Abandoned Homes. 

A family friend once gave us a tour of his grandmother’s abandoned home. It was dusty and had some expired canned food sitting in a cupboard, but it hadn’t been left alone long enough to be dangerous to visit. I was about seven or eight when this happened and found the whole thing fascinating.

Ever since then, I’ve been a little obsessed with what happens to houses when people no longer live in them. It would be nice to have more examples of this sort of setting, especially in non-paranormal novels.


  1. These sound pretty good in a lot of different genres and age groups!!

  2. Wonderful ideas. My settings are all countries.

  3. Great list! Yes, give me books in abandoned homes and farmer’s markets, that sounds fantastic. I believe Well Met, which I think is coming out in September, is set at a Ren Fair. 🙂

  4. Psychiatric hospitals would be a really good setting for a book. Creepy and interesting.
    My ttt

  5. I agree about Antartica. And I also would love to read books set deep underwater!

  6. Having more books set in Asylms would be great. A Madness so Distent is a great book set in one. I loved it so much and want a sequel so badly.

  7. Great list – I particularly like the deep sea suggestion.
    Lynn 😀

  8. Great list! I think abandoned homes would be a really interesting setting!

  9. The institutionalised settings would all be interesting – everyone loves a boarding school story, it’d be like a darker version! I don’t know why mermaid fantasy isn’t a big deal. That’s definitely a niche that needs exploring.

  10. I’d love something cute set at a farmers market!

  11. OOoh nice picks!! Your one about deep underwater has my mind whirling! No mermaids? I know I read one book…still need to read the second one too for that matter, that had a kind of setup like that. They lived like in a glass dome type of thing…deep underwater. It was like this little bubble of world life where you can breathe and everything, but it was all under the ocean. And they weren’t mermaids! 😉

    It was Captivate by Vanessa Garden! And I just learned there were 4 books and NONE are available!! This is why I cry over loving self-published books!!!

    Thanks for visiting my TTT!

  12. Christine @ Lifewithallthebooks says

    I find places with extreme heat or cold really fascinating too! And institutions tend to be great settings for drama! Love your list! ?

  13. I love underwater settings and Antarctica as well. Give me a remote research station in either location, preferably with something sinister haha! Renaissance festivals as well- I’d love to see more of those!

  14. I mostly read contemporary romance and have read quite a few stories where the characters will go to or work at a farmer’s market, but none where it’s the main focus. That would be great, though.

  15. I’ve never seen snow, which is why I think I have quite a few places with snow on my list. So Antarctica is a big yes from me and also anywhere that has blizzards. I’d love to experience that, but probably just once.

    • Wow, I’m so impressed that you’ve never seen snow! You must live in a very warm part of the world.

  16. These are such great ideas! Some of these would make great short story settings.

    Allegedly is narrated by a girl living in a group home. I’m reading it right now.

  17. What an awesome list and I think prisons and institutions would be interesting to visit too, I almost put that on my list , the same with Abandoned Houses.
    Thanks for stopping by The Phantom Paragrapher

  18. So much yes to Antarctica! I love those arctic settings and I feel like Antarctica itself doesn’t get a lot of focus. Underwater is also one I’d love to see, as well as abandoned homes!

  19. I love your idea about the dangerous heatwaves – it’s definitely a side of summer that should be shown more often! And I can also never get enough of deep underwater stories, mermaids especially!

  20. I love your list. As a teacher of students with very difficult home lives, who are all diagnosed with emotional disturbances, ADHD, ODD, PTSD, and a myriad of other acronyms, on top of learning disabilities, maybe I need to get writing again!

  21. Yes to all of these! I’m surprised by so many people’s choices this weeks because some of them I’ve never thought about how little we see these settings or topics explored. Also, as for your picks, I’d totally be into more novels about teachers/from a teachers POV.

  22. I’d like to see more of cornfields in books too especially since I live practically surrounded by fields (soy beans this year though). 🙂

  23. This is such a creative list! I thought Renaissance fairs especially was an awesome addition!

  24. School from a teacher’s perspective would be really interesting!

  25. Fun list! Renaissance Fairs as a setting could indeed be fun. I watched the first episode of American Princess a while back, and didn’t fall in love with it, but its setting is colorful and unique, which makes the show in part really memorable. 🙂

    Thanks for the Finding Wonderland visit last week!!

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