Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Nonfiction Book Releases for the First Half of 2020

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I had so many ideas for this week’s prompt that I decided to narrow it down to nonfiction titles only. 2020 is shaping up to be an awesome year for finding new stuff to read.

1. The Magical Language of Others: A Memoir by E.J. Koh

Publication Date: January 7

Why I’m Excited for It: This author was abandoned by her parents at age 15. I’m incredibly curious to find out how she survived on her own at such a tender age.

2. Cold Fusion Presents: New Thinking: From Einstein to Artificial Intelligence, the Science and Technology that Transformed Our World by Dagogo Altraide

Publication Date: January 15

Why I’m Excited for It: Cold fusion honestly isn’t something I understand very well. I’m hoping this book will change that.

3. Denali: A Man, a Dog, and the Friendship of a Lifetime by Ben Moon

Publication Date: January 14

Why I’m Excited for It: Stories about rescue dogs being given wonderful lives never fail to grab my attention. The fact that Mr. Moon was diagnosed with such a serious type of cancer shortly after adopting his dog only makes me more eager to see if they’ll both get the happy ending I’m hoping for.

4. Friendship: The Evolution, Biology, and Extraordinary Power of Life’s Fundamental Bond by Lydia Denworth

Publication Date: January 28

Why I’m Excited for It: I love reading about friendships, especially when they’re explored through a historic or scientific point of view. They’re not given as much attention as romantic relationships, but they’re just as important in my opinion.

5. Almost American Girl by Robin Ha

Publication Date: January 28

Why I’m Excited for It: I’m an immigrant, so I’m always interested in reading other people’s stories of moving from one country to another.
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6. A Map Is Only One Story: Twenty Writers on Immigration, Family, and the Meaning of Home   edited by Nicole Chung and Mensah Demary

Publication Date: February 11

Why I’m Excited for It: My reason for anticipating this book is exactly the same as the one I have for wanting to check out Almost American Girl.

7. Opium: An Intimate History of the Flower that Changed the World by John H. Halpern

Publication Date: March 3

Why I’m Excited for It: I know nothing about this topic, so it will be interesting to change that.

8. Wayfinding: The Science and Mystery of How Humans Navigate the World
by M.R. O’Connor

Publication Date: April 30

Why I’m Excited for It: I already know the basics of how humans began finding their way through the oceans, mountains, and other parts of the Earth. Will I learn something new from this book? I sure hope so!

9. A Road Back from Schizophrenia: A Memoir by Arnhild Lauveng

Publication Date: May 5

Why I’m Excited for It: I haven’t run into a lot of books about schizophrenia that were written from by someone who had that illness. This sounds like it will be a great read.

10. When a Cowgirl Goes to Sea: A Memoir of Loss, Courage and Circumnavigation by Kaci Cronkhite

Publication Date: June 23

Why I’m Excited for It: What could be cooler than circumnavigating the Earth? I sure can’t think of many adventures to top that one.


  1. Great list! Friendship sounds really interesting, I’ll have to check that one out.

  2. I haven’t heard of these, but hope you enjoy them when you read them!

  3. Haven’t heard about any of these – but love memoirs. Will definitely check out several.

  4. Almost Interesting Girl is something I’d like to read. And I really love how diverse and unpredictable the list is. Happy reading! 🙂

  5. Great list. I don’t read anywhere near as much non fiction as I probably should. I’m on the hunt at the moment for a book on a subject I know nothing about for the Popsugar challenge so this definitely gives me some ideas

  6. This is a great list. Friendship, Almost American Girl, and Wayfinding all sound fascinating to me.

  7. Every year I tell myself I should read more non-fiction and I never end up actually accomplishing that goal, but a book about friendship sounds like just the book I’d love!

  8. The Magical Language of Others and Wayfinding sound really, really compelling. I’ll definitely be checking them out, thanks for letting us know about them!

  9. What a great list! These are all new to me, but I’m very intrigued by Wayfinding. I love stories about explorers. 🙂

  10. I am going to have to look up Almost American Girl. Sounds like something I’d enjoy.

  11. I don’t think I have ever, willingly outside of school, read a nonfiction book. I kind of want to start reading more non-fiction.

    • There is so much great nonfiction out there. My fingers are crossed that you’ll find the perfect nonfiction book(s) for your tastes.

  12. These all sound pretty good! Lots of varied subject matter to lose oneself in. The Magical Language of Others I think looks especially good.

    • I appreciate that, Greg. Thanks. I’m going to go see now if I can leave a comment on your site! (Last week I had trouble with it).

  13. Great list! The Magical Language of Others and Almost American Girl sound very interesting.

  14. Denali sounds like an interesting story. You had me at rescue dog! Enjoy your books! 🙂

  15. I haven’t heard about any of these, so thanks for the recs! Will check them out 🙂

  16. I really should try and read more non fiction

  17. Almost American Girl immediately made my TBR, it looks so good thank you for the recommendation! I hope all of these books and more are five star reads for you friend! <3

  18. Wayfinding looks really interesting, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  19. Hope you enjoy all of these upcoming 2020 releases! Looks like you have a good variety of genres/topics. Happy reading – and thanks so much for the visit to Finding Wonderland last week. 🙂

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