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This week’s topic is about audiobook narrators.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve really started to love audiobooks.  And with that comes a certain predisposition to narrators.  For me, the narrator has to have a clear, concise voice and enough animation to make the story interesting.  For me, it doesn’t mean they have to have voices for every character.  However, they do need to engage your ear and draw you in.   Here are some of my favorite narrators as well as a few I’d love to see tackle audiobooks in the future.  Oh, and beware – there will be a bit of a theme here.

Dick Hill.  I first encountered him when listening to the Harry Bosch novels by Michael Connelly.  Since he narrates the earlier books in the series, he is, for me, the ‘voice’ of Bosch.

Len Cariou.  My only experience with him as well is through Harry Bosch.  He’s the narrator of the mid-series novels, the ones I’m currently working my way through.

Titus Welliver.  Now, I’m jumping the gun here a bit because I haven’t actually gotten to the books that he narrates yet.  However, since he’s played Harry Bosch in seven seasons of Bosch, plus Bosch Legacy, I think he’s going to do a knockout job of it.

Lorelei King.  She narrates the later Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich.  The woman has such a way with the voices for the characters that whatever voice I’d had in my head before has been replaced by her.  And there’s something about listening to a ridiculous book that makes it ten times funnier in my opinion.

Stephen Fry.  He narrated my favorite book ever – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – and it caused me to fall in love all over again.  There’s something amazing and wonderful about having such a posh, cultured voice narrating the bizarreness that is Douglas Adams.  11/10 would recommend.

Marin Ireland.  I discovered her quite by accident.  Someone had recommended I read a book called Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson.  I could only get it in audio from the library so I figured why not.  Another ridiculous, but heartwarming book, with a deadpan narrator that doesn’t quite fit the craziness of the plot.  But it works.  It works so darn well.  One of my favorite audiobooks ever.

Neil Gaiman.  He’s narrated several of his own novels, which is a lot of fun.  He has a pleasant voice that really draws you into the story.

Some people I think would do a great job narrating:

Cary Elwes.  I say this because I got the audio version of his memoir, As You Wish and he does a fabulous job.  Plus, he just has an amazing voice overall.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.  Okay, confession time: I’m obsessed.  I love him as an actor and he’s handsome to boot.  But even better is his accent, which I find to be swoon-worthy.  Since he is now playing the role of Mickey Haller – I think he’d be the perfect person to narrate The Lincoln Lawyer novels that are a part of Michael Connelly’s Bosch Universe.

Lastly, one of my favorite Peloton instructors has a book coming out later this year.  And the audiobook just won’t quite be right if Cody Rigsby himself doesn’t narrate it.


  1. I heard an audiobook of Gaiman’s (Good Omens), but I think the narrator was one of the British doctors. Cool to find that Cary Elwes was a narrator! I liked him in Twister, Men in Tights, and (of course) The Princess Bride.

    • Lasreviews says

      Yes! Good Omens has a full cast, David Tennant being one of the narrators. It was fantastic.

      I love Cary Elwes and he has such a great voice. The best part of As You Wish though was the audio clips from people like Billy Crystal and Rob Reiner. Such a great audiobook.

  2. Great choices! These are great narrators.

  3. I’ve seen Lorelei King and Stephen Fry on a couple lists already. And cary Elwes I imagine would be awesome!

    • Lasreviews says

      I rather love Stephen Fry anyway, so he’s a given, but he is a great narrator.

      Lorelei King does great voices for the characters, which is what I like about her most.

      Cary Elwes was fabulous. He has a great sense of humor which really came through. 😀

  4. Stephen Fry does have such a great voice for narration!

  5. I think I have listened to Lorelei King and enjoyed her, so many talented narrators.

    • Lasreviews says

      I love her narration of the Plum books. And you’re right – I find new and better ones every time I borrow a new audiobook it seems.

  6. I don’t think i’ve read any books with these narrators, so I’m obviously going to have to get started on that. I struggled with the mid-series change in narrators on the Stephanie Plum books, but I might just have to give it another shot. And I am definitely going to have to check out the Cary Elwes book because I love his voice! Great list.

    • Lasreviews says

      I’ve been going through that with the Bosch series. I think there’s been four or five narrators so far. Hahaha. Lorelei King is great though, I hope you like her, too.

      Please do! It’s a very fun book.

  7. Stephen Fry and Neil Gaiman are great narrators!

  8. I think Cary Elwes wouldn’t grest too

  9. Oh yes! I’d love to hear Cary read As You Wish! That one is in my TBR pile still! Not my usual kind of read but when he toured nearby I HAD to go! Lol!

    Thanks for visiting my TTT!

    • Lasreviews says

      He is wonderful and I do hope you get to the book soon! It’s one of my favorite movies and his memoir only made it better.

  10. I adore Titus Welliver as Bosch in the series and think he’d be great at narrating a book.

    • Lasreviews says

      Same here! Just started Bosch Legacy over the weekend and he’s so good for the role. My next Bosch book will be the first he narrates, so I’m excited. Especially since I’m now used to him being the face and voice of Bosch.

  11. Oh, I love Elwes’ voice! I’ll have to check out AS YOU WISH on audio.

    Happy TTT!


  12. Marin Ireland is a great choice! I’ve listened to her narration of a few of Fredrick Backman’s books, and they were wonderful. I’ve loved Neil Gaiman narrating his own books, and also Cary Elwes! Great choices!

  13. I listened to Neil Gaiman narrate Coraline and I enjoyed his narration immensely. Not all authors can turn their hand to narrating, but he has a very pleasant and animated reading voice and it definitely engaged me with the story, I’d like to listen to more of his self-narrated work!
    My TTT:

  14. Stephen Fry has a great voice for audiobooks! I’m glad you enjoyed these.

  15. Someday I’d like to try to read more books as audio. Even though I’ve enjoyed what I’ve listened to, I’ve never become that interested in listening. Glad you have so many you enjoy! That makes listening even more fun (when the narrator is good). Thanks so much for visiting my website this week.

    • Lasreviews says

      I didn’t really get hooked until I started listening during my commute. Even though it isn’t very long (about 15 minutes depending on traffic), I became obsessed. LOL And hey, audiobooks definitely aren’t everyone’s thing. 😀

  16. I really liked As You Wish on audio too. When I saw that Cary Elwes narrated it himself, I knew I had to listen to it. Marin Ireland almost made my list too. I think she was on it at one point then I changed my mind at the last minute. She was fabulous in Nothing to See Here. I haven’t read Hitchhiker in years but now I’m curious about Stephen Fry’s narration. I may have to give that a listen. I do like his voice. Great list!

  17. Stephen Fry and Neil Gaiman are great! I love their voices and could listen to them narrate so much 🙂

  18. A great list. I like Stephen Fry.

    Have a great week!

  19. As You Wish is on my TBR! Love The Princess Bride. Happy reading!

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