Top Ten Tuesday: Characters That Remind Me of Myself

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Each of these characters shares something in common with me that I think of as an important part of my personality, life, or interests. I’d like to think that all of us would get along well if we were to somehow all end up in the same room together.

It’s kind of funny to me that I kept returning to certain books and a particular author over and over again for this prompt!

1. Beth March from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women

We’re shy, quiet people, especially when first meeting someone. As much as I liked her older sister Jo, I think Beth and I would have enjoyed each other’s company the most out of all four of the March sisters.

2. Anne Shirley from L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gable series.

Anne and I were highly imaginative, and we both had times growing up when our vivid imaginations annoyed or confused some of the people around us. While I wasn’t talkative or extroverted like her, I totally understood how she felt when people around her reacted poorly to the beautiful thoughts in her head.

3. Valancy from L.M. Montgomery’s The Blue Castle.

Like Valancy, I also started dating later than most of my peers. It was lonely to see other people falling in love over and over again when I’d never experienced it once. I identified so strongly with her yearnings in the beginning of this novel.

4. Matthew Cuthbert from L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.

As much as I loved Anne, I strongly identified with Matthew’s kind soul, bashful personality and social anxiety. (Or at least I think he probably had social anxiety based on the descriptions of him in this series).  I find big groups of people overwhelming at times, too, especially if I don’t know them well.

5. Starr Carter from Angie Thomas’s The Hate U Give

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6. Neville Longbottom from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Honestly, I think Neville had the best character arc of anyone in this series. He was awkward and unassuming in the beginning, but he turned out to be a true hero by the end. I adored seeing this transformation take place. It reminded me so much of how I’ve changed in similar ways over the years as well.

7. Scout Finch from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

I was inquisitive and full of questions just like her when I was a kid.

8. Unhei from Yangsook Choi’s The Name Jar.

Most people can pronounce my first name okay, but my last name confuses everyone. This picture book captured what it’s like to have a name that folks struggle to pronounce and understand. I identified so strongly with this character’s love of her name as well as her frustration with people mispronouncing it all the time.

9. Veda from Padma Venkatraman’s A Time to Dance.

I used to be a dancer a long time ago. This character’s love of dancing reminded me so much of how I behaved as a teenager.

10.Corduroy from Don Freeman’s Corduroy.

When I was a small child, I used to dream about what I’d do in a store if all of the grownups went away for a while. Occasssoinally, I’d even hide in racks of clothing while my mom was shopping and imagine that I could walk down any aisle in the store I wished. I don’t know why I wanted to explore on my own so much, but I totally identify with this little stuffed bear’s urge to do the same thing.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost someone in such a horrid way, and I’m glad The Hate U Give was there for you to see yourself in. Neville is such a good choice – I love him so much – and The Blue Castle sounds like a book I need to read, because I haven’t even met Valancyand she already sounds like someone I can relate to.

    • Thank you very much!

      I think you’d adore The Blue Castle. Definitely do give it a try sometime.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of Hermione’s today but I think you’re the first to choose Neville. He’s such a great, underlooked character. Great choices! ?
    My TTT.

    • Thanks. Hermione is great, but I tried to pick someone who doesn’t get as much attention as I think they deserve!

  3. Oh, Neville! I just love him! He is one of my favorites because I want to be like him. I’ve always admired thoughtful people that are quiet and contemplative but deep down total badasses.

  4. I can definitely relate to aspects of Neville’s character, I’m also quite awkward and find it difficult putting myself out there.
    My TTT:

  5. Scout is such a good choice! I always loved her. Neville is an interesting one, too. I tend to overlook him, but you’re right that he had a pretty spectacular arc.

    Oh, I love that Corduroy is on here, too! I used to hide on my mother and grandmother, too … but I outgrew that when I realized how much it would freak them out (not intentionally, but I just wanted a moment of alone time and the clothes racks looked like a secret clubhouse to me lol).

    Here’s my TTT post.

    • Astilbe says

      That story is adorable. Thank you for sharing it. Yes, clothing racks looked like secret clubhouses to me, too.

  6. Little Women! Such an excellent choice, especially Beth. She is usually overlooked, which is such a shame, because she was an excellent character and sister. Awesome list!

  7. Matthew is the sweetest. I love him so much. Great choices!

  8. This is such a beautiful list. I love that you have Corduroy on it. I always used to daydream about being in a toystore at night.

  9. That must have been a difficult time to have a friend (or acquaintance) murdered like that. I love how you have Corduroy on your list.

  10. Ah yes! Beth is such a sweet character.

  11. I almost added Valancy to my list! She is definitely a character I relate to. And Beth! I related to her so much when I was younger. I’m so sorry that you’ve lost a friend to violence. But, I’m glad you’re able to have a book like The Hate You Give to read and to relate to. Books can give so much comfort and can help you feel less alone in a situation or a trauma. <3

    • Astilbe says

      That is so cool! Valancy is a wonderful character.

      And thank you. Yes, books definitely can provide comfort in those sorts of situations.

  12. Amy Rush Da Silva says

    Neville’s character development was amazing so i’m glad to see him on a list 🙂

    Amy @ x

  13. Neville has a fantastic character arc – I was so close to adding him to my list this week as well.

    Lauren @ Always Me

  14. you are right, Nevile evolves so much through the books!

  15. I love how I can see a pattern in all your favorite characters that tells a lot about your own personality. And Neville is my favorite too! He’s got one of the most fulfilling and satisfying arcs in the series. 🙂

  16. I’ve never read the Green Gables books but some of those characters do sound very relatable!

  17. This is such a diverse list — and thank you for sharing something so personal like your loss. I can definitely see how and why these characters resonated with you.

  18. Trish @ Between My Lines says

    All the yes to Beth, Anne and Neville. Three characters that I love and can definitely see bits of myself in. Even if I’d rather be a Jo and a Hermione!

  19. I adore that you not only included Anne, but Matthew as well. He was my favourite character – I just felt for him, and loved that gentle love he exuded towards Anne. And Neville! Love.

  20. I haven’t read Little Women but I did see some bits and pieces of the show and I would mostly get along with Beth too.

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