Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like to Switch Places With

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My list for this week is an eclectic one. I tried to pick characters who would show me things that I’ve never seen before if I could live their lives for a day.

1. Polly from C.S. Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew. 

Many people have read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, but not everyone has read the later books in this series that have never been made into films. One of the coolest things about The Magician’s Nephew was the magical place Polly visited where you could visit countless worlds by stepping into and out of various pools of water. I sure would have wanted to visit more of those pools if I could step into her shoes for a day.

2. Tom Bombadil from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

Tom was the only character in this series I can recall who wasn’t affected by the evil power of the One Ring in any way. He wasn’t a king or warrior, and yet he his presence commanded respect from everyone who crossed his path. The narrator was never totally clear about who or what Tom actually was, but I’d sure like to find out.

3. Sookie from Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries series

If you haven’t read this series or watched True Blood yet, know that Sookie is a woman who lives in a small, southern town in a version of the United States where vampires exist and are well-known to the general public. This series mixed romance, horror, fantasy, and adventure together in some pretty exciting ways. I’d pick a day when Sookie was planning to cross paths with as few vampires as possible, but I would want to see the world through her eyes.

4. Sir Lancelot from the Legends of King Arthur

I’ve been a fan of the many various versions of the King Arthur and Camelot legends since I was a kid.

Lancelot has long been a favorite character of mine in these stories because of how brave he was.

5. Winnie-the-Pooh
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Winnie was one of my favorite characters when I was in preschool. I’d trade places with him for a day in a heartbeat.

6. James Bond

Being a spy sounds so exciting to me.

7. Scout Finch from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

I’d want to skip ahead to Scout’s adulthood and see what sort of person she became then. Maybe she would have become a lawyer like her dad?

8. The Cat in the Hat

This was another one of those stories I loved hearing growing up. There is something a little appealing to me about getting into a whole bunch of mischief for a single day.

9. Alice from Alice in Wonderland

It would be so cool to see Wonderland for myself, so I’d have to pick the time in Alice’s life when this was something she did.

10. Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz

Speaking of going to faraway magical lands, I’d also love to see Oz from Dorothy’s perspective.


  1. Great list, Winnie-the-Pooh is such a fun choice! I love Polly, too. I think The Magician’s Nephew was actually my favourite of the Narnia books when I was little and it’s so often overlooked.

  2. Tom Bombadil is brilliant! And he is living the happy life!

  3. What great choices, especially Polly. Like you, I’d have jumped in and out of pools all day! Where do you think they all lead?

    • That’s such a great question.

      I’d like to think that some of those worlds weren’t on Earth at all. Maybe they were on the other size of the universe in places humans will never be able to travel!

      How about you?

  4. Send me to Hundred-Acre Wood any darn day, and I would be completely happy 🙂

  5. OH MY GOSH WINNIE THE POOH!!!! Yes absolutely would love to go and hang out with Tigger and Pigglet and the whole gang. Est honey all they and say Oh bother! Great Choices! I’m so sad that the LOTR movies didn’t put Tom Bombadil in them

    • It would be so much fun to hang out with Winnie and all of his friends.

      And the LoTR movies totally should have at least had a Tom Bombadil cameo.

  6. I always thought those magical pools were cool. Polly didn’t have a horrible life either, if I remember correctly.

    And yes to Alice too.

  7. Awww Winnie The Pooh! Such a good choice.

  8. The Cat in the Hat is such a fun character to want to be! This is a really great list with some different characters I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

  9. Love your choices especially Winnie the Pooh and Bond!

  10. When I first looks at this weeks topic, Alice and Dorothy popped right into my head, but then I realized I really just wanted to go to Oz and Wonderland, and that their lives actually scared me.

    • That makes sense. Visiting Oz and Wonderland would be a great deal of fun, although Alice and Dorothy definitely went through plenty of troubles that I wouldn’t want to experience either.

  11. I agree, James Bond would be exciting!! I love that you added him to this list!

  12. Winnie the Pooh for sure! And Tom Bombadil- definitely. Such a fascinating character!

  13. Great list! I love that Polly is on it.;)

  14. Winnie the Pooh is the absolute best! He was on my list too! Great choices 🙂

  15. Switching with Pooh would be great. You’d get to hang out in the woods and eat all day. 🙂

  16. I would love love love to be Alice in Wonderland <3

  17. I’ve only read the first Sookie Stackhouse book, but based on it, I think it would be pretty cool to live a day or week in Sookie’s life! I really need to continue that series soon 🙂

    • I hope you will. The first book was the best, but Sookie had some really neat adventures after then.

  18. I wouldn’t mind being Winnie-the-Pooh and eating honey all day!

  19. I never thought about switching places with Winnie the Pooh. That is kind of cool

  20. Great post and great picks of list of characters I haven’t read any of these books yet but I do have some of these books on my tbr pile. Thank you so much for stopping by my TTT post last week.

  21. Any mention of the Hundred Acre Wood gang brings me back to my childhood. Dorothy would be a fun “day in the life” character, and sometime I need to finish the Narnia novels. I remember being enchanted by the first three. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the Finding Wonderland visit last week.

  22. Oooo Sookie. That would be interesting. I’d go for a day when things with Eric were on the heated up side. lol

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