Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Summer 2023 to-Read List

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Happy summer to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere!

Here are ten books I’m looking forward to reading this summer.

Once the weather grows hot and muggy, I hope to spend a lot of my free time reading. If it’s too humid and warm outside to take a simple walk, why not go places in your imagination instead? I think that’s a wonderful way to pass the time until evening comes and it might cool down enough to be more active outdoors.

About half of these titles have already been released. I included publication dates for the ones that are coming but that aren’t quite available yet in stores or your local library.

Yes, there are 11 books on this list instead of 10. I couldn’t bear to trim any of them out, so this will help to make up for the weeks when it’s a struggle to come up with enough answers.

All the Sinners Bleed by S.A. Cosby

Why I’m Interested: Small town politics can be incredibly complex, especially for residents who aren’t Caucasian or otherwise stand out from the crowd. I look forward to seeing how those issues are addressed in this murder mystery.

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women by Lisa See

Why I’m Interested: It’s based on the true story of a fifteenth-century female physician in China. How cool is that?

You Were Always Mine by Christina Pride and Jo Piazza
Why I’m Interested: I hope this doesn’t sound strange, but I’ve actually had a conversation with a relative about what we’d do if we found an abandoned baby in a public place. It was an interesting thought experiment as far as who should be called and how society should respond to such things, so I hope it will be a good premise for a book as well.

The Only One Left  by Riley Sager

Why I’m Interested: Many people in nursing homes are kind, gentle souls…but some of them can have much darker pasts. I’m intrigued by how healthcare professionals deal with people who are frail now but who once did unspeakable things. It must be difficult sometimes.

Old Enough by Haley Jakobson

Why I’m Interested: I’m drawn to books about people healing from trauma and creating wonderful lives for themselves.

Silver Nitrate by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Release Date: July 18

Why I’m Interested: Ms. Moreno-Garcia is a great storyteller, and I’m always eager to see what she comes up with next.

Robots Through the Ages edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Release Date: July 25
Why I’m Interested: Robots are awesome.

Family Lore by Elizabeth AcevedoRelease Date: August 1
Why I’m Interested: It’s been a while since I read any magical realism. Summer seems like a good time to dive back into it, maybe because it was the end of summer the first time I tried this genre?

Tom Lake by Ann Patchett

Release Date: August 1

Why I’m Interested: Occasionally, I broaden my horizons and read literary fiction. This looks like it could be a good reason to step outside of my usual mystery, young adult, and science fiction/fantasy habits.

Forged by Blood Ehigbor Okosun
Release Date: August 8

Why I’m Interested: Mythology is so much fun to read.


  1. I didn’t realize that Silvia Moreno-Garcia has another book out soonish until seeing it appear on some tbr’s haha. But I think it is a little out of my comfort zone compared to the other things of hers I have read.

    • No worries there. I’ve had a similar experience with other authors. Hope her next book is closer to your tastes. 🙂

  2. The Lisa See and the Riley Sager books immediately caught my attention. I will have to take a closer look. It’s dreadfully cold here in the Southern Hemisphere, but both of those are perfect for any season.

    Hope you get to read all of these.

    Elza Reads

  3. I see a few authors I really like on this list! The book I’m most excited for out of these is the Lisa See book. Everything she writes is so good!

  4. I have been counting down the days until Silver Nitrate becomes available.

  5. Lisa See books are always wonderful! Enjoy!

  6. The Only One Left sounds super chilling. Hope you’ll enjoy all of these!

  7. I hadn’t heard of a lot of these books but they look interesting. Hope you enjoy them when you get to them 🙂

  8. I’m looking forward to the new Riley Sager book. Sounds like it’s getting good reviews. Happy summer reading!

  9. These look like some great summer reads! I’m especially interested in the Robots one.

  10. Old Enough sounds interesting. I hope it is.

  11. I hope you enjoy all of these! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Happy Reading!!

  12. Forged by Blood cover is stunning, love mythology too and i don’t remember other about Nigerian myths

  13. I’ve enjoyed Riley Sager so I’m interested in that one too. Hope it’s good. Happy reading and thanks for visiting my TTT!

  14. I have the Lisa See to read too! Looking forward to it.

  15. I love that you give your reason for wanting to read your selections. Makes me want to read them, too!

  16. What a great list! I’ve seen Lady Tan’s Circle of Women before. Sounds interesting. So does Tom Lake. I’ll be reading Hidden Away at Promise Lodge soon.

  17. The Sager and Tan books are ones I want to read, too. I hope we both enjoy them.

    Happy TTT!


  18. I’ve liked all the Lisa See books I’ve read. I hope her newest one doesn’t disappoint. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  19. Lady Tan’s Circle of Women does sound really interesting!

  20. Silver Nitrate sounds really interesting. I have loved Silvia Moreno Garcia’s other books, so I think this one would suit me as well.

    Happy reading!

  21. What an awesome list – I had to add The Only One Left to my TBR. I love Silvia Moreno-Garcia, but this one looks a little too much into horror for my taste – I’ll just have to check out your review once you read it to see how scary it is.

  22. Family Lore is one I’m super excited to read. I hope you like them all!

  23. It looks like you have some fantastic books on your summer TBR! I feel a few of these will be on lists next week too. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  24. What a nice mix of books for the summer! I’ve enjoyed Acevedo’s YA books and I’m curious about this one. I hope you enjoy them all!

  25. I’ve heard a lot of things about Riley’s books but haven’t read any. Maybe someday I should take a closer look though given how famous they are! 🙂 Hope you enjoy ALL of these and thanks for visiting my website last week.

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