Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my Spring 2024 TBR

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I hope all of these books will be great reads!










1. Just for the Summer by Abby Jimenez

Release Date: April 2

Why I’m Interested: I have not seen many books talk about Reddit. This could be really good.










2. The Titanic Survivors’ Book Club by Timothy Schaffert

Release Date: April 2

Why I’m Interested: The Titanic was such an interesting and tragic chapter of history. I’ve often wondered how the survivors coped with their memories from that time.











3. The Black Girl Survives in This One by Desiree S. Evans (Editor)

Release Date: April 2

Why I’m Interested: The title. Isn’t it fabulous and refreshing?









4.Late Bloomer by Mazey Eddings

Release Date: April 16

Why I’m Interested: Spring is a great time to read romance novels.










5. Indian Burial Ground by Nick Medina

Release Date: April 16

Why I’m Interested: The horror and mystery genres work well together, and this sounds like it could be quite the adventure.










6.Home Is Where the Bodies Are  by Jeneva Rose

Release Date: April 30

Why I’m Interested: I like watching old home videos of myself and my loved ones. The thought of discovering an old while watching something like this is a cool twist on the mystery genre!










7. Lavash at First Sight by Taleen Voskuni


(The file for this cover was too large to upload for this book, but the link below will show it.)

8. Snowblooded by Emma Sterner-Radley

Release Date: May 9

Why I’m Interested: Some stories excel when they mix a lot of different genres and ideas together. I hope this is one of them as the assassin’s guild alone sounds like it would have plenty of plot twists to keep the characters busy.









9. My Darling Dreadful Thing by Johanna van Veen










10. You Like It Darker by Stephen King

Release Date: May 21

Why I’m Interested: I try to check out everything Stephen King writes. Getting scared is fun!


  1. That Titanic one sounds interesting! I’ve never encountered fiction about it, at least not since I was a kid and found a story in which the ship was sunk not by the iceberg, but by a German bomb.

    • There’s not a lot of fiction about it out there from what I’ve seen, but that book sounds interesting.

      I saw your comment here after commenting on your post, funnily enough.

  2. Just for the Summer and Late Bloomer are both excellent reads. I hope you love them.

  3. I have to agree with you about The Black Girl Survives in This One. Great cover, great title. I don’t have to read anything about it to be intrigued and hopeful.

  4. Abby’s has been a popular pick this week! That cover art and look seems to “scream” a happy spring and summer read, so I hope excited readers enjoy that one. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting my website today!

    • It sure has been. I was surprised by that in a pleasant way and hope it becomes a smashing success for her. And you’re welcome.

  5. Spring is a great time for romance and the cover of Late Bloomer is so pretty to go with it!

  6. I hope you enjoy these when you get a chance to read them.

  7. Just For The Summer made my list too. The cover for Late Bloomer is so pretty! Hope you’ll love all of these!

  8. I like anything Book Club, but the Titanic Survivors’ Book Club? How can I resist?! I hope you enjoy all of these when you read them!

  9. All of these are new to me! I love finding lists like this on TTT. I’ve added the Titanic to my TBR.

  10. Great list! Late Bloomer and the Abby Jimenez book are both I want to read! I hope you enjoy all of these.

  11. Fab list I’m looking forward to Just for the Summer as well!

  12. I would definitely be interested in the Titanic Survivors’ Book Club. Hope you enjoy all of these reads!

  13. The Titanic Survivor’s Book Club intrigues me as well! 😀 Great list!

  14. That’s a really wide variety of picks. I hope you enjoy them all!

    Thanks for visiting my TTT earlier. Happy reading!

  15. The first 3 books will be published on my bday 😀 So excited for Just for the Summer, it is one of my auto-buy authors

  16. I’m always fascinated by books about the Titanic. I have to check this one out. Enjoy your books and have a great week!

  17. Oh, I didn’t know about The Titanic Survivors’ Book Club. That looks super interesting. Hope you enjoy all of these!

  18. A good looking list. I particularly like the look of the Titanic one.

    Have a great week!

  19. Indian Burial Ground is one I’m super excited about. I hope you love all these!

  20. My Darling Dreadful Thing sounds really good!

  21. Ooh, I like the cover of Late Bloomer. Very tempting! Hope you enjoy all these.

  22. I haven’t heard of any of these, but The Titanic Survivors’ Book Club looks interesting! I hope you enjoy them!

  23. Enjoy them!

  24. Just for the Summer has been on a lot of lists this week, I’ve added it to my extremely long list of books to check out!

  25. I’m excited for Late Bloomer, too! I hope you enjoy all of these when you get to them. 🙂

  26. Great list – you’ve got some really great books on here! I hope you have an enjoyable time reading them all.

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