Top Ten Tuesday: 2021 Releases I Was Excited to Read But Didn’t Get To

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Here are ten books I was excited to read last year but never ended up reading. Maybe 2022 will be the year I finally give them all a try? If you’ve read them, tell me what you thought of them!

1. Yolk by Mary H.K. Choi


2. The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris


3. 1. The Bennet Women by Eden Appiah-Kubi 


4. A Lot Like Adios  by Alexis Daria


5. Ophie’s Ghosts  by Justina Ireland
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6. Seeing Ghosts: A Memoir by Kat Chow


7. Hello (From Here) by Chandler Baker


8. Jade Fire Gold by June C.L. Tan


9. Lonely Castle in the Mirror by Mizuki Tsujimura


10.This Poison Heart (This Poison Heart, #1) by Kalynn Bayron


  1. The Other Black Girl was great but does go a bit weird towards the end. Lonely Castle in the Mirror was so touching (and I guess also a bit weird, I think that’s a trend in my reading!).

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

  2. This Poison Heart and Ophie’s Ghosts are both books I would like to read from last year that I didn’t get to. I hope you are able to read all of these someday–and enjoy them!

  3. A Lot Like Adios made my list as well, but Jade Fire Gold and This Poison Heart are on my TBR. Hope you’ll love all of these when you get to them!

  4. Some of those covers are absolutely beautiful. Because I didn’t read much last year, I’ve been kind of out of the loop so I haven’t heard of most of these books. I’m putting many of them on my TBR. Thanks for the recs and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. OMG, Tsujimura’s sounds great!

  6. I have not read any of these. I hope you enjoy them when you get a chance to read them.

  7. I read OPHIE’S GHOST last year. It was okay. Definitely not as good as I wanted it to be, but still a decent read. I hope you enjoy it and all these others!

    Happy TTT!


  8. I like the look of the Bennet one! Not that I need to any more to my to read list!

    • Heh, that is one side effect of Top Ten Tuesday for sure! I hope you like it and that you trim down your TBR soon. 🙂

  9. I’ve had my eye on Yolk, too. What a compelling pile of books.

  10. the Storyenthusiast says

    You have some very interesting books on your list!

  11. I just finished This Poison Heart and I liked it, but didn’t love it as much as I expected to.
    My TTT:

  12. I have so many to get to… #7 looks awesome.

    • I’m glad you think so. Happy reading!

      I also wanted to let you know that I tried to leave a comment on your blog a little while ago but wasn’t sure if it went through okay. Blogspot has been glitchy for me lately.

  13. These all look really good – I’ve not heard of most of them. Hope you enjoy them when you have a chance to read them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  14. I’ve only read The Other Black Girl from your list, which I enjoyed for the most part but I didn’t really like the ending. Was an interesting read though. Hopefully you get to these soon!

  15. None of these are on my TBR, so I guess I am off to Goodreads to check out their blurbs. I hope you get to read them all soon.

    • Thank you. I did include links to their Goodreads pages in my post if you’d like to read the blurbs there. 🙂

  16. I’ve got Adios, The Bennett Woman and Yolk all on my list still to read as well 🙂 Somewhere amongst the hundreds of thousands.

  17. Yolk…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked this up and then put it back!! I loved one of her other books and I just need to force myself to finally read it. lol!

  18. You’ve got some great ones listed! I’m definitely a huge fan of This Poison Heart.

  19. Interesting list. Like you said of my list–I haven’t read these. But I just added the Bennet Women to my TBR so we’ll see….Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  20. I hope you get a chance to read all of these soon!

  21. Great list! Jade Fire Gold is such a fun read 🙂 Hello (From Here) just missed my list, and I totally forgot about The Bennet Women!!

    • Thank you. I’m glad you liked Jade Fire Gold so much. I hope you enjoy Hello From Here and The Bennet Women if you read them.

  22. Jade Fire Gold sounds really good! I hope to read that at some point.

  23. Ooh, great list! There are a few on here that I’m also really keen to try—especially The Other Black Girl and Yolk! I hope you enjoy these whenever you get to them 🙂

  24. I’ve read Cinderella is Dead, so I’d be interested to see how This Poison Heart is.

  25. There are always books we want to read. If only we had more time …

    I haven’t read any of them, so can’t advise you on where to start. Only, if you bought them, there is a reason and you will feel in the mood for them at some point. Enjoy.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT this week.

  26. I heard a lot about Yolk around the time it came out, but then I sorta forgot about it. I really need to remember to pick that one up. I hope you’re able to get around to all of these soon!

  27. What a lot of beautiful covers. I haven’t read any of these, but I’ve heard great things about This Poison Heart

  28. I have The Other Black Girl to Read this year too. It was my Book of the Month pick a couple of months ago but then I just ran out of time.

  29. This is an excellent list! 😀 Yolk is one I missed as well, but was really excited for. It sounds so good!

    • Thank you. Yeah, Yolk sounds good for sure. Quite a few Top Ten Tuesday bloggers talked about it earlier in the year, but I don’t recall seeing many reviews of it at all.

  30. I need to read Jade Fire Gold and This Poison Heart. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

  31. Alexis’ books always catch my eye because they have such that eye-catching (colorful!) design. 🙂 Hope you enjoy these when you’re able to read them. Happy 2022 reading, and thanks for visiting Finding Wonderland on this week. Appreciate this.

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