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What would I tell a new author?

There are a few pieces of advice that I’d give new authors, especially once who aim to self-publish their book.

One, whatever deadline they’ve set as their launch date? Aim to get everything done AT LEAST a whole week before that launch date. Don’t leave things up to the last 48 hours like. “I’ll upload the book on the last day.” It’s a lot better to finalize your draft as early as possible so that you have chances to address issues that come out after you’ve written the book. For example, if there’s any issue with the cover size or the print, you’ll have ample time to correct it. I strongly recommend knocking your writing out as quickly as you can so that you can focus on the things that come after that. The editing, advance readers and beta readers, cover finalization, publishing, etc.

Second, finalize your title and cover as early as possible. If you’re making the cover yourself, that’s awesome. But if you’re going to be working with someone who will make the cover? Best thing you can do is to define your vision and hand that over ASAP. Because it takes time to make a good cover and you’ll most likely go through a couple of different versions before you lock in something you’re happy with. Plus, if you’re going to be publishing on Amazon, there’s chances that there might be some sizing issues. So, you want to leave time in your schedule for those corrections.

Third, do outline things. I don’t mean that you sit down and create a whole roadmap or a bulleted list of “here’s all the things I need to include in my story.” I mean “outline” in the broadest sense of the word, which is to say, define what you want the book to be about. You need to set some boundaries and check points for the story. That way, even if the writing starts going out of bounds, you’ve got a way to evaluate your progress and determine what parts have to be cut.

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About the Authors:Fatemah Mirza is a Certified Resume Master and a highly sought-after speaker and coach who helps ambitious job seekers find higher-paying, more fulfilling jobs. She’s been helping job seekers since 2010 when she founded CareerTuners, which is a small team of skilled professionals from various industries who specialize in providing professional resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and many more career-related services to help ambitious people land their dream jobs and achieve career goals.She has created free resources that have seen more than 160,000 downloads, helped hundreds of clients increase their pay, and built a network of more than 3000 recruiters.

Sumayyah Rafiq Haider is an experienced author and career mentor with a passion for helping individuals excel professionally. With an MBA in Human Resource Management and SHRM-CP certification, Sumayyah has assisted numerous clients in their job search, providing guidance on resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, cover letters, interview skills, and career direction.

Website | Instagram | Fatemah Mirza Amazon Author Page | Sumayyah Rafiq Haider Amazon Author Page

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