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When Remi Stone is promoted to director at Icor Tech by the INSANELY HOT, chiseled, PERFECT 10 CEO, the last thing she expected was for chaos to ensue. Boy—she should have been more prepared.

Who would have ever thought that being 23.7 hours early for a meeting would ever lead to a series of life-changing events that would see me influencing the course of a billion-dollar corporation—but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the day AFTER my time-anxiety induced early bird mishap.

You see, I went into Icor Tech’s boardroom to present at the quarterly ‘Innovation Meeting,’ completely unprepared for all the enemies I was about to make. The board itself—and all the directors!

But that’s exactly what happened when the handsome, aloof, BILLIONAIRE CEO, Gabriel Icor himself, promoted me to director at 23 with NO FLIPPING WARNING!

Now, I have a bunch of seasoned board members thinking I’m an ‘upstart’ mouse. A bunch of employees angry their careers plateaued well before mine. And two insanely hot, crazy-successful, competitive, and ever charming businessmen courting me.

Oh, and get this—I’ve never so much as been on a date before.

What’s a girl to do? Well, I’ll tell you one thing that’s never advisable…

Accidentally blurting out you’re not wearing panties.

Enjoy an Excerpt

“How the hell is this thing even real?” Sayo says, staring at the massive cat named Kibbles with disgust.

“Just don’t move too quickly!” I hold up a hand to advise caution. “You wouldn’t believe how fast she is.”

“What the hell did that girl feed it?”

“Actually, I called the vet, and it’s not Remi’s fault. She inherited the cat from her grandmother last year. She’s actually down five pounds. Maybe that’s why she has such a temperament.”

Sayo takes a step toward the beast, but a guttural hiss stopped her in her tracks.

“Are you sure you want to take care of this thing?” she asks.

“She’ll eventually go to a vet, but for now, it’s my…last connection to…”

All at once, we are silent. Sayo, Kibbles, and I stand staring at each other, not sure how to proceed.

Remi has no idea that I’m standing here thinking about her right now. That she hasn’t left my head. That I can’t sleep, and I’m now clinging to her obese cat like a security blanket.

Last night, in the desperate throws of sleeplessness, I decided I would try to cuddle the terrifying creature named Kibbles. I lured her to my apartment with Pounce treats, then nearly threw my back out lifting her, bringing her to my room, and hoisting her onto my bed. I work out pretty regularly, so the weight itself wasn’t an issue. It was how she jerked her solid mass of flesh that did me in.

It was a fight I couldn’t win, but I tried nonetheless. Now, my arms are covered in scratches, and a traumatized cat now stalks my apartment.

About the Author:

Lark Anderson was raised near Syracuse, New York. She joined the USAF at 19 as a Flight Manager and eventually discharged in pursuit of a college degree, eventually achieving her MBA.

Since her years in the Air Force, she has worked as a Claims Manager, a Business Analyst, an Editor, and a Web Page Designer, filling several roles, such as Fraud Investigator, Auditor, Graphic Designer, and Marketer.

Lark’s passion for writing manifested in elementary school, but she waited until she was in her 20’s to pursue her passion. Now, she writes and assists other authors in fulfilling their dreams full time.

Lark’s interests are broad. She likes her fantasy dark and her romance steamy! She plays Magic: the Gathering and LOVES going to cons and interacting with fellow geeks.

Currently, she is writing contemporary romance and is in contract negotiation to develop a sitcom she has been working on.

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  1. Thanks for hosting!

  2. favorite book?

    • Hi! Even though I read a lot of romance, my favorite book is called Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. There is a strong romantic subplot, but it’s rather dystopian in nature. I love it so much, despite the fact that it haunts me.

  3. Hello, Lark here! Thank you for hosting me on your fabulous site! I’ll be popping in throughout the day to answer any questions.

  4. bernie wallace says

    Which character do you most relate to in your book?

    • Definitely the main character Remi. I have a background in business, fraud investigation, and data analytics so I wanted to create a business-minded protagonist.

  5. Sounds like a good read.

  6. Bea LaRocca says

    Happy Friday! Do you have any specific reading or writing plans for the weekend?

    • Hello, Bea! I plan on finishing up an episode of the sitcom I’m working on. A pilot is set to be filmed soon and it’s in the middle of casting.

  7. Katrina Dehart says

    Oooh sounds good!

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  9. bernie wallace says

    Did you go to college for writing?

  10. bernie wallace says

    This book sounds very interesting. I hope that it is a success.

  11. Katrina Dehart says

    Sounds good!

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