One Helluva Gig by Kevin R. Doyle – Spotlight and Giveaway

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Rob Jeffers has it all: fame, money, and the life of a rock and roll star. Frank Peters is a regular guy, a newspaper reporter who just happens to have a passing acquaintance with the Great Jeffers. As Jeffers’s career shoots up, Peters’s fortunes follows in his wake.

And when Jeffers passes away at the height of his fame, Peters’s life begins a steady unravelling. Until a chance encounter on a minor story gives him a new outlook on the celebrity lifestyle, and new hope for his own future.

Enjoy an Excerpt

Off to my right, a slight, average-sized guy came running along. He was wearing the pants and vest of a denim leisure suit, a garish, flowered polyester/Hawaiian shirt with the first five buttons opened up and sandals. Skidding to a stop in front of me, he looked about as confused as I felt at the moment.

“’Scuse me,” he said, “is this the place for the concert?”

I looked around at all the people flocking in our direction, listened to the squealing of the collection of cuties on the other side of the door.

“Yeah,” I said, “but good luck getting in. The place is packed.”

“Really? Cool!” He took off his mirrored sunglasses, and for the first time, I saw the eyes that, in years to come, would stare out from a billion or so album covers.

“Hey,” he said, “you a student here?”

“Yeah, but…”

“You think you can show me how to get in? Like there’s a service entrance or something, isn’t there? I’m with the band, and I’m running late.”

I clenched up. One of the oldest con lines in the world is “I’m with the band.” But something in the man’s look told me to take a chance.

“I think I can get you in, but I need something in return.”

“Yeah?” Now the “guy with the band” seemed uneasy. “What’s that?”

“Well, you see,” I said, “I’m with the student paper…”

About the Author:

A high-school teacher, former college instructor and fiction writer, Kevin R. Doyle is the author of numerous short horror stories. He’s also written three crime thrillers, The Group, When You Have to Go There, and And the Devil Walks Away and one horror novel, The Litter. Recently, he’s begun working on the Sam Quinton private eye series. The first Quinton book, Squatter’s Rights, was nominated for the 2021 Shamus award as Best First PI Novel. The second book, Heel Turn, was released in March of 2021, while the third in the series, Double Frame, came out in March of 2022. The fourth Sam Quinton book, Clean Win, will be released in March of 2023.

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My Ideal Writing Space by Barb Jones – Guest Blog and Giveaway

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My Ideal Writing Space

I believe for an author, the ideal writing space should be a space where they can truly be free and creative. I have heard many authors say how much they need peace and quiet, while others may need a room free of distractions. As for me, I can’t write in those settings. I will write anywhere a thought comes to mind – the grocery store, the gym, at home, on a date, you name it.

But what is my ideal writing space? As I write this, I am actually chuckling about all the places where I am most comfortable writing. My ideal space is where I can blast my music loud (without scaring my cat) and with chocolate! With hard rock, I can pump out a lot of chapters in one sitting without needing a break. If I need to take a break, I simply walk over to my indoor gym and lift weights before going back to writing. Some have called me an undisciplined writer because of my ideal environment but the music and being able to lift weights in between several chapters at a time, allows my creativity to flourish.

I’ve wondered about my ideal writing space at times. By talking to friends and of course to my mom (I’m very close to her) about this, I learned that my brain just doesn’t shut off. When I heard that, I realized how true it was. My ideal space for studying for school was always where the loud noises were in the house or where I could do pushups, or anything physical. When I became a homeowner years ago, I always had to make sure I had a place for working out and letting my neighbors know that there will always be loud music because I am just that kind of writer. And it’s where my creativity soars into places imaginable and where I can create characters my readers can relate to.

Birthright. Protector. Heaven. Hell.

A lone demon hunter, his true birthright unknown, roams the streets of Los Angeles while killing demons to prevent atrocities against the world. As the son of Asmodeus, Sully is a hunter feared by both demons and angels. His world was not the same once he walked into a bar and offered to help Mick, a gothic bartender.

Mick worried about her missing friend until the day she met Sully. The minute he walked into her bar and offered his help, her world changed. Secrets of her destiny unlocked, and he was at her side everywhere she turned. Friend. Protector.

Can they live with the secrets that are revealed to them? Will they survive the chase for the truth between Heaven and Hell?

Enjoy an Excerpt

“Demon hunter.”

“Prick,” was all John had to say before the demon made the first strike.

As the demon punched John in the side of his face, he shook off the initial shock. Tasting a drop of blood from the corner of his mouth, John cocked his head to the left and then to the right while flexing his neck muscles. Before the demon could land a second blow, John pulled out his blade. The blade was black, cut uniquely, and the hilt bore symbols that were not known to many outside the inner circle of Hell. As he angled the blade to hit the light a bit more, the demon’s eyes grew narrow.

John realized the demon was more afraid of the blade than him. He used that fear against the demon. He waved the blade, taunting his enemy. Tossing the blade from hand-to-hand excited John before the kill while he watched the demon’s fear grow.

“You smell of Asteroth. What does he want with me? Do you like my toy? Want to play with it, prick?”

“Too many questions, hunter. Asteroth wants your head; then again, don’t we all?” The demon snickered while shifting in his stance. “This body, do you like it, hunter? I thought it would be capable of killing you. This body is strong, hunter. Strong enough to kill you.” The demon shifted in the body he possessed and then went to move closer to John.

About the AuthorBarb Jones is an author of paranormal romance and horror for adults, including her best selling series Blood Prophecy and her newest series, Heaven and Hell. She was born and raised in Hawaii, where her love for the supernatural began. When not writing, she is not only an IT professional but a mother of two highly gifted young adults, who are her inspiration. She can be found haunting bookstores, enjoying ghost tours, traveling, chatting with her readers, and baking. You can chat with Barb on Instagram at @thebloodprophecy or check out her website at

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Broken by J.B. Knowles – Spotlight and Giveaway

Long and Short Reviews welcomes J.B. Knowles who is celebrating the recent release of Broken, the first book in the Oathtaker series. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to wn a $50.00 First for Romance Gift Card! Competition hosted by Totally Entwined Group.

After countless battles as an Oathtaker, Katya is about to face her hardest fight—one for her mind and soul.

Katya Greenleaf has given herself over to the thrill of combat countless times during her years as an Oathtaker. Alongside her mentor Shira, she has sought out evil—pirates, slavers, dark mages and demon hordes. Occasionally, she finds comfort in the company of other females she encounters in her travels, and despite her mother’s best efforts, she has no desire to settle for a traditional elven life and family.

After decades of taking joy from the fight, no matter the odds, Katya leads a group of Oathtakers into a disastrous battle, one which costs the lives of everyone around her, including Shira. Katya survives, but with neither body nor spirit intact, haunted by her life of violence and death in the name of her Oath.

Now, the red-haired warrior will find her greatest challenge in a battle against a different sort of demon—ones that live in her mind and haunt her sleep.

As she heals, Katya is reminded that there is more to life than blood and iron by a compelling human named Lili, who not only catches Katya’s interest, but forces her to re-think her life and her mission.

With Lili at her side, her beloved falcon Fayne on her shoulder and healers encouraging her, Katya sets out to re-discover the warrior she once was and finally confront the truths of what happened the day the world collapsed around her.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and the death of a minor character.

Enjoy an Excerpt

The swamp went against everything Katya had ever learned about choosing a battlefield.

She stood in freezing knee-high water surrounded by small islands of reed-covered sand. Thick mist hung in the air, limiting her vision and rendering her favoured weapon, a crossbow, useless.

The fog was freezing and damp, and despite the enchantments on the leather armour she wore, a chill was creeping into her bones. In that, Katya wasn’t alone. The other members of her party were also complaining about the wet and frosty surroundings.

The swirling mist made sounds duller and flatter, but with her better-than-human hearing, Katya could hear the clicks and whistles that made up the language of the lizard men that were closing in on them. They were savage and bloodthirsty creatures, given to torture and enslaving defeated enemies, fighting to the last with massive clubs of wood and jagged stone axes.

Today it was Katya’s job to lead the fight against this party of lizard men, sending a message from local merchants and crafters’ guilds that it was time the lizards put a halt to their destruction of trade missions and killing of travelling merchants passing through the area, and that their immediate departure from the swamp would be appreciated.

The responsibility weighed on Katya, despite her eagerness to mix it up, and because of this, she was not happy with what was going to be a horrible place for a stand-up fight.

Still, neither weather nor terrain mattered to Katya. Oathtakers didn’t just head into battle when the skies were sunny and pleasant. Dead enemies were dead no matter where their bodies ended up.

The mist beside her parted and Shira appeared, his beard caked with frost. Katya knew her own long hair looked the same, even though she wore it tied back. Function over form was the warrior’s way.

The old ranger gestured with his chin towards the swamp.

“Ugly spot.”

“I’ve seen worse. That garbage pit on the coast? Blah.”

Shira laughed. “I’ll never forget that smell. Nor the rats.”

Katya suppressed the shudder that rolled up her back. Gods, the rats, she remembered. Vile and voracious monsters that had wiped out all the wild animals in a huge area around the garbage dump. When they had moved on to livestock, the farmers in the area were desperate for help. The Oathtakers had answered the call.

The rats had been the same size as large dogs, with yellow eyes and even yellower teeth—one of them had bitten straight through a party member’s leather gauntlet. When all was said and done, everyone in the fray had ended up with scratches and bites from the filthy beasts that needed to be well-cleaned before infection set in.

Their foul bloodstains never had come off Katya’s armour completely, no matter how often she scrubbed them.

“I think the lizards will give them a run for their money today.”

Shira’s face took on the more serious look that Katya was accustomed to—his war-face. “They may, aye. What did our friend in the sky say?”

Katya looked up, straining to see. “I haven’t talked to her yet. Do you want me to call her in?”

“May as well. She’ll have seen all she can by now. No sense in letting her freeze.”

Katya nodded. She pursed her lips and whistled, making an odd yet pleasant musical sound, then waited.

In a few seconds, a dark shadow, one of Katya’s most valuable weapons and allies, plummeted out of the misty sky.

About the Author J.B. Knowles has been a lifelong lover of works of fantasy, first creating Katya and the Greenleaf family in high school as roleplaying characters.

After a long career in the fields of justice and mental health, J.B. finally had a chance to build a full world on paper for Katya and to breathe new life into adventures started over thirty years ago.

J.B. is married and has two sons and three dogs who all share an stately old farmhouse in a quiet corner of Canada.

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Another Bites the Dust by Katie Rae – Spotlight

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Katie Rae who is celebrating today’s release of Another One Bites the Dust.

It should be the happiest time in Audrey’s life, but from the moment she and Gabe land in Candy Cane Key, nothing seems to go as planned. Readers who love a side of laughter with their romance will enjoy Another One Bites the Dust by Katie Rae, a steamy, small town, everything goes wrong romantic comedy.

About the Author: Katie Rae was born in Florida where she currently lives with her husband of 19 years. She is a book obsessed beach bum that loves baseball and baking shows. She loves writing and reading to escape the craziness of daily life. Follow along as more titles are set to release. And relax–reading is what keeps us sane.

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Ideal Writing Space by L.V. Clark – Guest Blog and Giveaway

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Ideal Writing Space

I know this sounds ridiculous, but my ideal writing space is a gym. I love it when weights are slamming, I’m sweating, and music is banging. For some reason, that is where I feel most inspired. I think it’s because I’ve always enjoyed refining my craft as a personal trainer and strength coach. There is real creative energy for me in the gym.

My mind is clearest when I’m lifting heavy weights that push out all the other thoughts in my head. It’s like magic: the second my hands touch a barbell, dumbbell, kettle bell, or pulley attachment, the noise turns off and the creative juices flow.

I’ll get ideas in between sets or the music I’m listening to will spark a scene in my brain. I have to keep a notepad or my phone with me at all times in case I get the spark. I like to work out early before the gym gets busy and that helps the most. But if I’m really lucky and the gym is empty, I not only get a ton of ideas, but I can act them out in the mirrors for better effect. One time, a regular gym goer that I knew only because we worked out at the same time, walked in on me planning out an argument for the book and we had a real good laugh. I had to explain that I was writing a book and two characters were fighting. He laughed and told me my secret was safe with him.

Alviton was a strong, prospering country, full of light. The people worked side by side with the Fae, creatures blessed with magic. But that was before the war. Massive genocide and fear of the Fae touched everyone as brother turned against brother. Years later, and still reeling from the war, the new generation has clawed and connived to remove the stains left by their predecessors.

Sheltered from this reality, Nydia lives her life relatively happy and ignorant, surrounded by smoke and mirrors. But eventually glass shatters and smoke settles. As she struggles to unveil the truth about herself and the people around her, danger lies on the horizon, threatening to extinguish the small flicker of light in this dark and twisted country.

Enjoy an Excerpt

“Magic is as real as you and me. It flows, like life, throughout everything, though humans don’t necessarily have access to it, though I hope to figure out a way,” he mused.

“Well, have you ever heard of a human using them to share visions like this?” I asked.

“Heh,” he lugged over two large blue and red books, “I haven’t even read of the Fae doing something like that. So, you’ve actually given me something else to be looking into.”

I wrung out my hands, feeling anxiously defeated. “So, tell me more about yourself Brian. You’re obviously different from most people in our kingdom,” he asked, not really looking up from his desk. “Well, I’m a merchant. I’m married to a designer named Lillian. I grew up in Valicitor,” I started.

“Ah, Valicitor? That’s interesting.”

He looked at the map again. “You wouldn’t happen to be related to the new governor of that city, Kale Valen?”

A mix between pride and shame that I couldn’t quite pin shadowed over me. “Yes, he’s my brother.”

“No kidding? Heh,” he crossed his arms and propped against the table.

“Please tell me how a man like Governor Valen and you get along?”

I looked at the ground, conflicted. “It’s okay. It must be hard, but rest assured my family and I are doing everything in our power to stop the branding, isolating, selling, and abusing our citizens because they lack a piece of paper stating their lineage. Such an outdated practice that has only been proliferated by greed and selfishness.”

A ray of light shone through the shadows of my mind. “You are?”

About the Author: Clark has had this story in their head for over a decade, and they finally got it on paper. Clark used their other hobbies—weight lifting and crocheting—to help develop ideas and work through any blocks. They grew up in the south of the United States with their large family. Clark is happily married with two sweet dogs and an apathetic ball python.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Expect more to the story!

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Violent Ascension by Giorgia Blake – Cover Reveal

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Giorgia Blake who is visiting for the cover reveal of her upcoming book Violent Ascension which releases on March 21. Fans who love mafia romances will sink their teeth into this sexy, enemies-to-lovers, arranged marriage romance. Keep scrolling for more details about this sexy cover.

I’m a Rising Star. A boss. A Real One.

Yet I’m here. Taken and bound inside the home of Alessandro Parisi.

A dangerous man who holds my life and my secrets close to the chest.

He has all the answers but refuses to answer any of my questions.

All he’s told me is that I’m his and the key to his ascension.

He saved me from his sadistic cousin; but it seems I just traded one monster for another.

The first one stalked and taunted me until I was convinced death was around every corner.

This one orders me to cooperate, bend to his touch, and obey.

Too bad obedience isn’t in my nature and sacrifice is my birthright.

We probably won’t make it out of this blood war alive…The likelihood of my heart surviving Alessandro is even less.

Violent Ascension is the first book in the Made Men of Chicago Collection, and can be read as a standalone.It is a forced marriage mafia romance with themes of organized crime, violence, and BDSM. If this is your type of romance, the happily ever after will knock your socks off!

Please read responsibly!

About the Author I’m a contemporary romance author dedicated to the dangerously delicious world of Mafia Romance. Every story will dare you to believe in the power of love, even when there doesn’t seem to be one sane reason to do so!

My stories feature sexy alphas and smart heroines finding love in the most breath stealing of circumstances. If someone can’t die at any moment–it’s not a Giorgia Blake Romance!

Every plot is full of heat, suspense, and steamy passion that would make the Karma Sutra blush.

So come join me on this wild ride…you won’t regret it!

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Archenemy by Christina Bauer – Spotlight and Giveaway

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Ancient Egyptians. Powerful gods. Lost loves. And one badass warrior with wings.
Welcome to the beautiful land of ancient Egypt… only it may not stay so lovely for long. The chaos god, Set, plans to destroy the human world. Fortunately, the angel Xavier has the perfect plan to imprison Set and fast. Even better, Xavier can enact his scheme alone… which is just the way he likes it. No partners. No complications. No problems.

Suddenly, a gorgeous woman materializes. Calling herself Camilla, she declares she’s from the future. All of which is strange enough, but things soon go from bad to weird when Camilla announces that she and Xavier must work together—it’s the only way to defeat Set.

Wow, does Xavier ever hate that idea.

The warrior angel decides on a strategic retreat. In other words, Xavier works to avoid Camilla at all costs. Turns out, that isn’t so easy. This mystery woman has set Xavier’s blood on fire in a way he’s never felt before. No matter how hard he tries, Xavier simply can’t desert her.

But is Camilla another element of Set’s destructive chaos magic… or is she Xavier’s only chance to save both himself and humanity?

Angelbound Xavier Trilogy
1. Archenemy
2. Archnemesis
3. Archangel

Enjoy an Excerpt

England, 2770 BCE

The first rays of dawn warm the forest. Wind shifts through the trees, creating a chorus of rustling noises. The scent of all things green and fresh fills the air. Inside my hut, mice skitter past the straw pile that serves as my bed. Months ago, those little creatures might have snapped me out of a deep sleep.

But I’m already awake. I haven’t rested in ages.

Because when I sleep, I see her.

The woman in red.

What a grim figure I make right now. My hut is a small round space with a conical roof that’s formed from dried grasses. There’s the makeshift bed I never actually use. The remaining space is filled with spell ingredients. Herbs hang in bunches from the ceiling. Other magical supplies—everything from fresh seeds to old dragon scales—lie in wooden bowls on the floor.

Then, there’s me.

If any humans could see me now, I’d be mistaken for a mortal ascetic instead of an angel. My dark skin is caked with salt. My hair is long, matted, and matched by an uneven beard. It’s true that my eyes can glow blue with angel power, but that light is easily hidden under my mop of hair. And my once-white wings are speckled with dirt.

I sit up on my bed and press my palms against my eyes. Focus, Xavier. The woman in red isn’t the problem here. It’s the one who sent her into my dreams.

Set, the God of Chaos.

Red is Set’s color. And my dreams always start with a crimson mist of chaos. When the haze fades, I see a woman in a red dress and hair to match. Throughout my existence, I’ve been a warrior angel who protects others. No battle buddies. No romance. Just the occasional spell to enhance my skills. After so much time, how can a dream woman set the very core of me on fire?

This must be the work of Set. And if the God of Chaos is after me, there will be more to his plan. After all, Set murdered his own brother, Osiris. All of humanity could be at stake. I simply must uncover Set’s plans. Fortunately, I’ve finally found someone who can tell me what Set is up to. Too bad the guy in question is dead.

In other words, it’s time to summon the ghost of Mortimer the Druid. Again.

About the Author:Christina Bauer thinks that fantasy books are like bacon: they just make life better. All of which is why she writes romance novels that feature demons, dragons, wizards, witches, elves, elementals, and a bunch of random stuff that she brainstorms while riding the Boston T. Oh, and she includes lots of humor and kick-ass chicks, too.

Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.

Be the first to know about new releases from Christina by signing up for her newsletter.

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Family Gatherings at Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard – Spotlight and Giveaway

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Charlotte Hubbard will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

In the year since he lost his wife in a tragic accident, Lester Lehman has found healing and purpose—helping construct Dale Kraybill’s new bulk store, enjoying the Kuhn sisters’ hearty meals, and settling in a tiny, built-for-one lakeside house. Falling in love again is surely not on Lester’s mind. Yet despite his firm “no,” two available ladies have set their kapps on the handsome widower—in a boisterous rivalry that weaves mayhem among Gloria’s wedding festivities.

A welcome escape comes from a fresh-faced newcomer. Marlene Fisher disarms Lester with her witty quips on his romantic predicament, while her sparkling eyes inspire surprising thoughts of a shared future. But the heartbreak that brought Marlene to Promise Lodge runs deep, and the pretty maidel believes she’s not meant to marry. In a season of vows to love and honor, scripture holds the key to building their happiness together: love is kind, and above all patient.

Read an Excerpt

Out-of-town families would start arriving today to attend his niece Gloria’s wedding on Wednesday as well as Laura Hershberger’s wedding on Thursday, when they married the Helmuth brothers, Cyrus and Jonathan—but for now, Lester could revel in the hush of a solitary sunny afternoon. Living alone in his tidy house all winter had taught him a sense of self-reliance that had cleared his soul—had given him an unencumbered sense of freedom he’d never expected. His bobbing dock rocked him like a cradle. He felt far, far removed from the grief and despair that had followed the loss of his wife, his son, and his brother last spring, and as Lester eased into a state of semi-sleep, he knew the true meaning of inner peace.

At long last, all was well with his life. With the help of his family and friends here at Promise Lodge, he was moving forward . . . floating on the fluffy clouds of a nap . . .

“Yoo-hoo! Lester, honey! Thanks to Delores, I’ve found you!”

Lester jerked awake. Whose voice was that? nd why had she implied that his dear, deceased wife had led her here?

When he opened one eye, he saw a pudgy little woman starting across the expanse of grass that surrounded Rainbow Lake. Her brown cape dress fluttered around her thick legs as she hurried toward him. Clutching her kapp with one hand to keep it from flying off her head, Lester’s uninvited guest appeared so excited—and in such a state of overexertion—that he feared she might be bringing on a heart attack. He remained absolutely still, hoping she’d believe he was asleep.

“My stars, here you are at long last!” she blurted out, huffing between phrases. “I’ve ridden all the way from Sugarcreek—for Gloria’s wedding—because with my Harvey gone—Delores has been telling me—for quite some time now—that she wants me to take care of you, Lester! So here I am! Because I know better than to—to ignore heavenly guidance.”

Lester sighed. Agnes Plank, his wife’s best friend, had never known the meaning of silence. She barely drew a breath at the end of one sentence before she shot headlong into her next burst of words. There would be no ignoring her now that she’d almost reached his dock, so Lester reluctantly raised the back of his chaise. All hope for a nap was gone. He felt a headache prickling around his temples.

About the Author:

In 1983, Charlotte Hubbard sold her first story to True Story. She wrote around 70 of those confession stories, and she’s sold more than 50 books to traditional or online publishers. A longtime resident of Missouri, she’s currently writing Amish romances set in imaginary Missouri towns for Kensington. She now lives in Omaha, NE with her husband and their Border collie, Vera.

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The Lost Journals of Bun Wiper by S.M. Morgan – Spotlight and Giveaway

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. S.M. Morgan will be awarding a Kindle Paperwhite, a signed Hardback cover of the book and a featured character spot in our next Bud Wiper story to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

“Help!! My head is being lowered into the swirling vortex of a toilet!”

My name is Teddy, and I’m in the 6th grade. It’s my first day at a different school, and so far, the only person I know is Zane, the school bully. I was just your everyday kid trying to stay off everyone’s radar, but when I met my new best friend, Bud Wiper, everything changed.

Bud is a 6th grade millionaire from 60 years ago.

Yep, that’s right, Bud Wiper is a treasure hunter from the 1940’s who left behind his journal full of life and adventure, and even though we’ve never met, I think he might be the only thing that gets me through the 6th grade alive.

The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper is a fantastic story of bravery and friendship, perfect for kids, middle school students, and adults.

Enjoy an Excerpt

Leo jumped out of his car and stood in front of Ramsey. “ This not good, mister. Not good. Tell him, perdoon stary, do it now, or they will surely kill us.”

Give them the book Ramsey,” I said, motioning toward the guard.

on his face and then repeated what Leo had told him to say, “Perdoon Stary.” It sounded— strange hearing it from Ramsey with his American accent.

The guards busted out laughing hysterically. Ramsey turned to Leo. “ What did you make me say? ”

“Old fart,” came a voice in a thick Russian accent.

I turned to see a man that looked like he was in charge step forward. He wore a large rounded bill military cap with a red band and golden emblem around the center. “ Nothing in Russia is private. Now give me the book.”

About the Author:

S.M. Morgan is the author of The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper — A Middle Grade Adventure. He lives in East Texas with his wife, daughter, and son, and when not writing potty humor for kids, he is trying to get alone to read more mystery adventure stories.

When the real world calls him to be social, he can be found canoeing with his family or trying to convince his wife to watch action movies.

Amazon Author Page | Goodreads |


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When Love Lasts by O.L. Obonna – Cover Reveal

Long and Short Reviews welcomes O.L. Obonna who is celebrating the cover reveal of her book When Love Lasts.

Theirs was a marriage made in heaven, a marriage meant to last forever or so they thought.

A once-perfect marriage was thrown into a fragile state as a result of tiny whispers, and an unfortunate encounter causes the marriage to collapse. The once happy couple separate and a heartbroken Leilani returns home to London. And then out of the blue, Folarin’s family needs Leilani’s help and she must return to her ex-husband’s side. A series of unfortunate events have brought them together again and Folarin and Leilani must come to terms with the realisation, that somebody, somewhere was wrong. As they spend more time together, falling in love seems inevitable; even though one of them is promised to another, they must find a way to learn to trust and forgive each other in other to move on.

Will Folarin be able to trust Leilani?

Will Leilani be able to forget the pain of their first marriage?

Will they both believe in second chances?

Enjoy an Excerpt

Hello?” Leilani answered her phone after it had rung a couple of times.

“Hello, Leilani.”

Leilani froze. She would know that voice anywhere; it was
the voice of someone she would never forget. Folarin Balogun, her unforgiving ex-husband. It had been two years since she had last heard from him, two years since that fateful night when their marriage had ended abruptly. She almost dropped the phone in shock.

“How did you get my number?” she asked, slumping into her chair in the back office of her café.

Silence. Then Folarin Balogun responded quietly, “I got your number from Tega.”

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and waited for a couple of seconds. “What do you want, Folarin?” she asked in a very unfriendly tone. “You must have a reason for calling me.” Leilani knew that she sounded rude, but she didn’t care. She was in no mood to be polite to Folarin Balogun.

He had hurt her so much. Back then, she thought she would die from the pain he had caused her. It had taken her a long time to heal, and now she was ready to move on. Hearing his voice again brought back painful memories, memories she would rather leave in the past, where they belonged.

About the Author O.L OBONNA was born in Lagos, Nigeria. For as long as she can remember, she has always wanted to tell stories about love and romance by creating and immersing readers in the romantic adventures of fascinating characters. Her stories are a peek into her version of the excitement, allure, and mystery of the age-old sentimental narrative of love, which she so beautifully and intricately weaves together into a genuinely fascinating read. When she’s not surrounding herself with words or reading a romance novel, you can find her in the kitchen trying out new recipes or painting with her children.

She lives in London and is happily married with three children.

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