You’re Still the One by Erika Kelly

*You’re Still the One by Erika Kelly
Publisher: EK Publishing, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

Hot, inked, motorcycle-riding hero
✔️ Sexy wedding planner with a whole lot of explaining to do
✔️Steamy, small town romance
✔️Second chance romance
✔️And lots and lots of make-up sex

When Stella Cavanaugh gets the chance to come home after a seven-year, self-imposed exile, she takes it. She was born to be a wedding planner, and she hopes creating her sister’s wedding might just earn her the redemption she’s been hoping for.

The only thing holding her back is the fear of running into Griffin James, the love of her life. Because she not only hurt her family, she destroyed their relationship. Burned it right to the ground. And she just doesn’t know if she can bear to find out he’s moved on. She sure hasn’t.

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But that’s just not possible when Stella bursts into their lives. Her sparkly spirit, her big, splashy ideas, and her impulsiveness always lead to disaster. He knew that…but he couldn’t resist her.

And now she’s on the run again, because…

The very things they love about each other are also what tear them apart.

You’re Still the One is a small town story filled with second chances and fake engagements and all wrapped up into one intoxicating story. Erika Kelly is one of my favorite authors and I especially love reading her Calamity Falls stories. You’re still the One is the ninth book in this series and I loved every minute of it. Each book is a standalone but all the characters are interconnected.

This story is about Griffin and Stella. Two people who have been in love with each other since they were kids, but haven’t seen each other in seven years, because of insecurities and misunderstandings. Griffin and Stella are the complete opposite of each other. Griffin is quiet, brooding and protective, while Stella is an impulsive, free spirit. Stella’s fun and outgoing spirit make her perfect for Griffin. Everything about Griffin and Stella just clicks, they are made for each other and their chemistry is off the charts.

When Stella returns to Calamity Falls after running away seven years ago, all of the feelings Griffin and Stella had for each other return. Stella is like a tornado and she shakes up Griffin’s tidy little world. It is fun watching these two reconnect.

Once I started reading their story, I couldn’t put it down. I was invested in Griffin and Stella and I needed to find out how everything would work out between them. They both have lessons to learn and some growing up to do, before they can be together and I loved being along for the ride.

I loved everything about this story. I fell in love with Griffin and Stella and immediately connected with them. I felt as though I was right there with them in Calamity Falls. Along with Griffin and Stella, there are also many engaging secondary characters in this story and they add even more entertainment. This enchanting second chance, small town romance is both heartbreaking and heartwarming and is a wonderful addition to the series. Perfection!

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