Written in the Cards by Lauren Linwood

Written in the Cards by Lauren Linwood
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (258 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Maggie Rutherford jilts her too-perfect society groom at the altar and flees New York for the American West. There she turns her travels into dime novels that she writes and illustrates under the pen name Lud Madison.

After the Civil War, veteran Ben Morgan marries his childhood sweetheart and takes her to homestead on the Great Plains. Losing her and their unborn child in an Indian attack, Ben detaches from emotion and becomes a roaming gambler. When he kills a cheating opponent in self-defense, the man’s gunslinger brother swears revenge upon Ben.

Ben hides on a cattle drive and brings in a herd to Abilene, where a waiting Maggie wants to find a rough and tumble cowboy to interview for her next story idea. Sparks fly as the dangerous drover and popular novelist wind up living in the same household, running a general store east of Abilene. But with Black Tex Lonnegan hot on his trail, will Ben run from his growing attraction to Maggie and the gunfighter’s promise of death–or will he make a stand for his life–and love?

Maggie Rutherford defies wealthy New York society and escapes marriage to a greedy, controlling man by the skin of her teeth. She runs to freedom and adventure and makes her own way writing western dime novels under a pen name.

Ben Morgan found his hometown of Boston no longer a place for him after the Civil War. He, too, had escaped to the west. When his wife and unborn child are killed in an Indian attack, he leaves the farm they had settled on and becomes a gambler, cowboy, and temporary store keeper. But, more important, he’s the man who loves Maggie for her true self.

The two bad guys Black Tex and Richard DeForest are as different as daylight and dark socially. Yet, each of them is willing to use Maggie to get what they want without any true regard for her. If the reader needs someone to dump negative feelings on, these two are ideal candidates.

On a gentler note, Ben’s little niece, Jennie, touches a special spot in one’s heart even if she did leave marbles on the porch that Maggie slips on and sprains her wrist. Jennie adds that little extra something that brings out the tender caring side of the characters.

The sides stories one of Ben’s widowed sister-in-law and Frank Stansel, the sheriff of Easton, plus the other of Maggie’s brother Marcus enrich an all ready delightfully good western romance. I’d enjoy a romance with Marcus as the hero. I liked him.

The Ben and Maggie love story that wiggles and weaves its way determinedly among the happenings keeps one turning pages. Written in the Cards is Attention-Keeping reading!


  1. This sounds like a required read for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Long & Short Reviews, for the terrific review. I’ve been toying with the idea of giving Marcus his own story. You may have spurred me on to do just that!

  3. Terri Carle says:

    Looks very good. I love western Romance books. I will check on this one!

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