Wild Heat by Alisa Woods

Wild Heat by Alisa Woods
Wilding Pack Wolves 3
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense/Mystery/Thriller
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

The police department is no place for shifters… something Kaden knows all too well. Kaden Grant’s protective instinct serves him well in the Seattle Police Department… as long as no one knows about his past. But when the mayor’s favorite artist is targeted by the local hate-fanatic, he orders protective custody. Kaden’s desperate to land the assignment because any other cop would get the girl killed. If only her wild streak didn’t threaten to bring out his long-buried secret…

Terra Wilding’s family is being torn apart, and now the Wolf Hunter is targeting her—all because her photographs bring out the light in the dark corners of Seattle. The only way to keep her baby sister Cassie and the other wolves safe is to leave her mountain refuge and hole up in a small house that feels more like a cage. If only the human cop who’s guarding her wasn’t so hot…

When Terra slips away to meet up with a secretive art collector, Kaden’s protective side goes into overdrive. He’s an alpha’s alpha, and he lights a wild heat that threatens to burn them both down. Kaden wants to protect and serve, but can he tame the wildest Wilding before the Wolf Hunter catches them both?

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This story is about Noah’s cousin, Terra. Noah is from Wild Love, the book that got me hooked on the series. This is 100% a standalone read. Noah shows up to help out Kaden, the hero, when help was needed the most. The assistance wasn’t your typical wolf-shifter style. It’s much more exciting than that.

Now, I know in reality, there are major regulations for what is and is not acceptable behavior for cops protecting witnesses in their care. But the fantasy of the bodyguard falling in love with the woman he protects and she him, is alluring to say the least. I mean, he has to be strong, an alpha, commanding and protective, right? Well, Kaden is all that and more. It’s the ‘more’ that makes this trope work for me. The author kept dropping hints through the hero’s self-reflection but the reality caught me by surprise. I enjoyed that.

I’m not a fan of some of the language. That’s my personal beef but it didn’t detract from the story, or my overall enjoyment. It did make me cringe here and there and I thought that the story/dialogue could have survived just fine without it. All the rest of the elements of the book were strong and very well written.

The suspense and thriller part comes from the evil villain, the Wolf Hunter. I was introduced to his sick ways in the previous book but in Wild Heat, I learned a lot more through Terra. I was just as shocked at the revelation as the character. The thing is … just when everyone thought they had a handle on the situation, nothing is as they believed. That translates into another book where the next couple in the Wilding Pack Wolves series is going to have to deal with the fallout. After reading Kaden and Terra’s story, I can only guess at the pressure the whole family and pack are under. This makes for excellent reading.

The chemistry between Terra and Kaden worked for me. They certainly burned up the sheets. There’s a lot more energetic passion that exploded between the two than the previous book, so the heat level is more on the hot side in Wild Heat. Definitely ice cube worthy.

Once again, I find myself enjoying Ms. Woods’ writing style. I heartily recommend reading this novel to paranormal romance fans. It has action, suspense, a solid plot, love, excitement, family and a fun romance with an HEA. I’m glad I read it.

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