Unintended Target by Katie Reus

Unintended Target by Katie Reus
Publisher: KR Press, LLC
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

Check out the MacArthur Family series if you’re in the mood for quick, light romantic suspense reads!

He’s not her type.
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Elementary school teacher Patience had her whole summer planned out, and it included margaritas and a lot of time at the beach. But when she agrees to a temporary nanny position as a favor to a friend, the last thing she expected was to butt heads with—or be attracted to—Brodie MacArthur, her employer’s sexy head of security.

But that doesn’t stop her from wanting him.

Brodie made a mistake with Patience and forever ruined her first impression of him. Just as their heated clashes reach a peak, Patience falls ill…and it’s something far more sinister than a simple summer bug. He screwed up once. He won’t do it again. And when he learns that the danger is closer than they imagined, he’ll have to fight to protect her—and win her heart.

Unintended Target is a heartwarming and suspenseful novella. I easily connected with the two main characters, Brodie and Patience and enjoyed their story. Brodie is the head of security for a tech company and Patience is a kindergarten teacher, working as a nanny during her summer break for the owner of the tech company.

Brody and Patience have amazing chemistry and from the moment they meet, there is a strong attraction between them. Although Brody is a protective alpha male, he isn’t afraid to show Patience how much he cares. Patience is kind and friendly and she enjoys spending time with Brody. Brody takes his job seriously and as he tries to unravel a mystery, he also knows he must keep Patience safe. This is the second book in The MacArthur family series but each book is a standalone. This is short and sweet and well worth reading.

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