The Vanishing of Dr Winter by L.B. Hathaway

The Vanishing of Dr Winter by L.B. Hathaway
A Posie Parker Mystery #4
Publisher: Whitehaven Man Press
Genre: Historical, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full length (192 pages)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Can the past really come back to haunt you?
Cambridge, Christmas 1922

Posie Parker has cleared a space in her hectic schedule to try to unravel a tragedy in her own family. But Posie’s past is hiding around every turn in the old University town, and she finds herself taking on a new case which is positively teeming with ghosts, shadows and secrets, where nothing is quite what it seems.
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In a quest to find out what happened to Dr William Winter, a brilliant Cambridge doctor who disappeared five years previously, Posie is forced to confront her own painful memories of the Great War.

But just how safe is it really to go digging up the past?

And will Posie get to spend Christmas this year with anything other than Mr Minks, the office cat and a lonely heart for company?

This historical mystery is a well-written story with delightful characters. Posie Parker is a nurse during World War I. While on duty in Europe, she meets an interesting group of co-workers, including Dr Winter who is engaged to a nice girl. Suddenly, the doctor breaks off his engagement and rushes into marriage with a stunning nurse, Felicity, working with him.

There is an explosion, killing almost the entire medical team, but Posie is safe. She finds herself in the 1920s working now as a private detective. Felicity surprises her and hires her. Supposedly, Dr Winter was killed in the explosion, but Felicity swears she saw him recently. Also, she’s being blackmailed. She wants Posie to look into the supposed death of the doctor and to find out who is demanding money from her.

This sets the clever Posie on the trail. She doesn’t particularly like Felicity, and she wasn’t crazy about the doctor, but she’s a professional and gets to work.

Her adventures in England have Posie asking many questions as confusion builds, but her encounters are enlightening. At times, her life is in grave danger, and readers will wonder how she will get out of certain situations. Characters are easy to like or dislike in this tale, and details of place and time add much to the story. This is a good story with surprises that will keep a reader guessing.

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