The Sub Next Door by Montgomery Raye

The Sub Next Door by Montgomery Raye
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Mary Ann Wilson, who lived a life which was proper and palatable; had dormant longings of salaciousness resurrected in the presence of a stranger. His name was Brink. And, this man lived up to his name in taking this tepid housewife willingly into that void of the unknown.

On this cul-de-sac of Chamberlain Court, borrowing a cup of sugar was just the beginning of getting to know your neighbors better.

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I found this to be an interesting short story. The writing style is different to most stories I am used to – quite sparse and succinct. While I often enjoy this style for gritty or noir mystery stories – the lack of description and short, punchy style of writing really lends a tense, terse sort of atmosphere perfect for harder types of mystery or detective stories – I’m not sure this writing style is really suited for romance stories, even erotic ones. With so little detail and a snappy, very bare sort of “voice” it was quite difficult for me to get a good feel for Mary Ann and her personality. While as the reader I certainly knew the basics – she was a mother really feeling her empty nest and searching for a new path in her life – I didn’t get a good understanding of her character until quite a long way into the short story.

Readers looking for a slightly grittier and short story written very leanly should find this writing style suits their tastes. I also feel those looking for a more romantic or softer style of story might not find what they need here. Mary Ann is mostly happily married and indeed remains with her husband – her deal with Brink is quite clear and only to train her in the lifestyle of a part-time submissive. This isn’t an affair of the heart, and in many ways their relationship isn’t considered cheating to either Mary Ann or Brink. While they are physically and sexually intimate Mary Ann and Brink have a clear contract outlining their sessions and what is and isn’t acceptable and what they each wish to achieve with the other.

There are also a few scenes between Brink and his main submissive, Mimi. I feel only readers who enjoy harder edged – more erotic rather than romantic – stories will enjoy the scenes of Mimi pushing her relationship boundaries with Brink and the resulting punishment. I found the harder edge of these scenes coupled with the lean writing style really made this story more a piece of short erotica and not really romantic or sensual. It was hard for me to feel the emotional ties and feelings connecting the main characters to each other and so I feel this story won’t be to everyone’s tastes.

Those looking for something edgier or different from the usual short story should certainly give this a try. While I don’t feel it will be suitable for all readers it was a good, fresh and different read.

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