The Scottish Lord by Joan Wolf

The Scottish Lord by Joan Wolf
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Historical, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower


Frances Stewart was the most stunning beauty of the London Season, with every noble gallant at her beck and call, and the most eligible lord in the realm, Sir Robert Sedburgh, begging for her hand.

Lord Ian Macdonald was the most headstrong and arrogant young blade ever to sneer at society’s strictures and to scorn caution’s advice in his reckless pursuit of his own desires.

As fate would have it (no one else would dare recommend such an unsettling alliance), these two paragons of pride came together. And as all of Regency society held its breath, first a few discomfiting sparks flew, and then the explosion came…

After reading two other books by Joan Wolf, I can hardly believe she wrote this one because it’s so different from the others. That’s a sign of a skilled writer. I may have my favorite dish at my favorite restaurant but sometimes I like to shake it up and get a different dish. Most likely I’ll get my favorite dish the next time. The point is that I’ll still go back to my favorite restaurant. It’s good to be different.

The technique in this story was my “different dish” and Joan Wolf is my favorite restaurant. The technique was written in multiple points of views. There were three different perspectives – the hero, Ian, the heroine, Frances, and Ian’s cousin, Douglass. I would not consider it “head hopping” but it was unique to me to have a first, second and third person speaking. It was further intriguing to me that the story started out with Ian’s cousin, Douglass, speaking in first person.

The execution of the plot was impeccable. The plot itself was complex with many moving parts. The synopsis doesn’t even give a hint to the depth of the storyline. There were several plot twists that I didn’t see coming. I was fixed to my seat from beginning to end, turning the pages as fast as I could. I couldn’t wait to see how it was all going to turn out.

The heroine, Frances, was unrealistically beautiful. Her exquisite looks were mentioned a few too many times for my taste. With her beauty came unsurmountable stubbornness. However, in Ian’s presence she became weak in a toxic way.

Ian, the hero, definitely did not make my book boyfriend list. He initially was obnoxiously selfish, jealous and cocky. Fortunately for his sake, he was somewhat humbled near the end of the story. I believe it was because Ian was childhood friends with Frances that made their romance relatable and acceptable. They had an unbreakable connection despite all the turbulence in their relationship.

Considering the rollercoaster ride Ian and Frances’s romance put me on, I felt the ending was abrupt. I wanted a more solid closure. I would have enjoyed an epilogue. I actually expected to discover The Scottish Lord to be a book one in a series. I wanted to know more about Maggie, Ian’s sister and her relationship with a man who was a family rival. Did Maggie’s mother approve of Maggie’s relationship with this particular man?

There were many positive elements in this book to recommend it. I felt it was worth my time and consider this an entertaining book. I believe The Scottish Lord would be a great book to debate at a book club. I can see how there would be mixed reviews worth discussing. I actually read that Ian and Frances are going to make an appearance in another one of Joan Wolf’s books called The Rebellious Ward. I already requested it. 🙂

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