The Other Side of Wrong by Christi Barth

The Other Side of Wrong by Christi Barth
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (120 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Jake McQuinn’s lived and loved the rock-star lifestyle. But a family scandal ripped him away from his band and back home. Back to boredom, a buttoned-up sham of a job, and a desperate need to whitewash his image. His family’s pharmaceutical company could crumble without him. His band’s epic comeback won’t happen without him. How’s he supposed to choose which one to save?

Cassidy–just one name as befits one of the biggest pop stars on the planet–has discovered the downside to fame. Finding a decent guy to date who understands her demanding career and crazy schedule? Impossible. Until she remembers the rocker who almost rocked her world a few years ago…
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Jake thought he walked away from her for all the right reasons. Cassidy, however, intends to get him back. And she’s going to use his band’s shot at redemption and rock legend status as leverage. If she convinces him to date her again and drop the good guy routine? Even better. Doing the right thing for everyone else feels so wrong for Jake. And making a bad decision about hooking up with Cassidy could be the best thing yet…

This is a spicy story that starts right with the female lead, a famous singer, and another very attractive famous singer. Jake and Cassidy are two young and beautiful people who lead exciting lives. Readers are immersed in this rock-and-roll world with vividly-written details. Jake and Cassidy have great chemistry and an almost history, which increases the tension. Now they finally get to make some real history, and it is sizzling. This story is geared toward those who like their romances steamy and bold. Things happen quickly between these two, and it’s descriptive.

Cassidy offers Jake a business deal, which makes great sense. However, her other proposal complicates things. He shows a lot of integrity from the start and is presented with a painful choice.

Jake has serious responsibilities pulling him in different directions. While facing this dilemma, he becomes even more likeable, a selfless guy. We get to discover that Cassidy has a surprising past, and this adds a little bit of depth to her character. Her own family complications make a reader cringe and feel for Cassidy as she has to deal with them.

Jake’s looming decision becomes more painful to think about as the story rolls on. What will become of him? Will he have to sacrifice everything for other people?

For a hot story between two nearly-perfect people who learn to love each other, this tale is a little gem, set within the confines of a glamorous world.

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