The New Normal by Sean Michael

The New Normal by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Fresh out of the hospital, wounded soldier Bradley Martin is suddenly a father of three when the mother of his young daughter, and her own set of twins, passes away. He’s overwhelmed and grateful that Mannies Incorporated have found a male nanny for him to help, not only with the kids, but with some of his needs as well. Recovering and learning to walk again is hard enough without the three children that have landed full time in his life.

David “Duffy” Dufferin has been a manny since graduating from college, and he loves his job. He gets to be a part of so many families, and he loves helping raise all the children he works with. He’s thrilled to be starting a new assignment with a brand-new family.

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Duffy and Brad had been lovers many years ago but life had taken them in different directions – Brad to the Army and Duffy through college. Duffy loves his work as a manny – getting to help the kids one-on-one and helping to raise them and is surprised when chance leads him to going for a new Mannie’s Inc job and finding Brad, his six year old daughter Tori and infant twins to be his new clients. Seriously injured in an IED blast almost a year ago, Brad was still recovering and after the death of Tori and the twins’ mother struggling to find his feet and set up a new home for the three children was overwhelming to say the least. Can Brad, Duffy and the kids find a new normal?

I really enjoyed this contemporary story. While I’m a big fan of Sean Michael’s work this is the first Mannies Inc story that I’ve read and I really enjoyed it. Brad and Duffy were interesting and strong characters who I almost instantly connected and empathized with. Brad is trying his best in a stressful and unusual situation and Duffy is eager to help but has certainly been thrown into the deep end. Watching the two men try and find stable and common ground, along with their bubbling chemistry, was delicious and wonderful. I also adored Tori who was cute and a definite character without being too stereotypical as a young child. I loved how she seemed to fit roughly in with her age and she certainly had flaws and wonderful aspects to her character which made her feel really realistic and enjoyable to me.

I was also really pleased Brad’s parents were caring and supportive. This story focused the tension and conflict mainly around the complicated situation Brad and Duffy find themselves in along with the stress of having an instant-family which I felt was great and even though most of the plot was simply the new family trying to find their rhythm and day-to-day schedule I thought this was ample conflict and more would have been unnecessary.

Readers who enjoy a slow-burn to their romance should find this story really suits their needs. While there are a few smoking hot sex scenes between the two men I loved how the pace moved naturally and slowly, almost sweet in many places since a hot and sexy romance wasn’t on either Brad or Duffy’s agenda. The relationship was based on the new family, supporting and helping the children and each other and so this gave the whole story an air of sweetness and a true family dynamic which I absolutely loved.

I feel this story should appeal to a wide range of readers and left me feeling happy and good. A great read.

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