The Man Called Teacher by David Poulsen

The Man Called Teacher by David Poulsen
Publisher: BWL Publishing Inc.
Genre: Historical, Action/Adventure
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Snowdrop

One man. One town. One almost forgotten crime. When the stranger who has answered the ad for the teaching position at Kecking Horse School climbs down from the stage on a sleepy Montana afternoon, things are about to change.
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With Virgil Watt, cowboy, horse-breaker and the first black man in the history of the town by his side, the stranger quickly upsets the tranquility of the town’s leading citizens, administers a vicious beating to a couple of the town’s toughs and sets out to avenge a long neglected wrong. A reader of books, a lover of laughter, a lawman/lawbreaker with a .44 strapped to his leg–he is the man called Teacher.

This is really an easy and quick read. It was quick because I just couldn’t seem to put it down. I love westerns and this was a good entry into the genre. It’s a story told by what I first pictured as a rancher on the porch. A grizzled old rancher. As I got into the story, I realized the POV of the story (my narrator) was coming from a man who lived with his mama and worked in the general store, one of the few stores that exist in Kecking Horse. I’ll call my storekeeper the man from Kecking Horse because if the author ever actually had anyone call him by name, I can’t remember it.

There are a lot of good old stories like this and it’s true I enjoy them all. But this one’s a little different. The narrator of the story seems as if he’s right on the porch with you recalling something that happened in his life. The plot of the story is somewhat different as teachers usually weren’t tough guys back in the days of the old west. Teachers were usually women and not the ones carrying the guns. There is also some humor in this story. There would have to be in a town called Kecking Horse. A town named only because someone couldn’t spell. But the ability to keep the reader so drawn to the story must be in the writing. The same writing that made Teacher and the man from Kecking Horse seem real. Made the man from Kecking Horse’s narration help you see the characters and walk back through his life.

David Poulsen has several other books published. Check them out.

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