The Lady on the Road: An Urban Legend Short Story by Nick Herntier

The Lady on the Road: An Urban Legend Short Story by Nick Herntier
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror
Length: Short story (24 pages)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Do you want to get a good reading in, but only have 15-20 minutes? Want a full scary story but don’t want to read for days and days? This short thriller is for you!

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After being teased about a scary urban legend of “The Lady on the road” by her older brother, a teenage girl drives to her friend’s house on a Friday night to hang out. After leaving her friend’s house, she decides she’s going to prove to her brother that “The Lady on the Road ” urban legend is just that…

The protagonist of this story is an eighteen-year-old who has heard her older brother’s story about a very creepy lady on the road for years. The story features a ghost driver’s encounter before disappearing.

Of course the star of this tale doesn’t quite take the legend seriously. She decides to go out one evening in search of entertainment. Not finding enough of it, she dares herself to go down the road of nightmares.

That seems like a stupid thing to do, but in the real world, people would most likely laugh off the lore as a stupid story, so this character will probably be all right and later have a good laugh about her adventures. She could boast of being brave. She seems like a normal young lady, and readers will find themselves curious. Will something bad happen? Will there be a surprising ending?

The mood of the story starts out as suspenseful then gets dark. The secondary characters support the storyline just right, and the setting is well done. This is a quick, entertaining read.


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