The Icon by Carla Golian

The Icon by Carla Golian
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

One day Victoria comes across a book “La Très Sainte Pyramide” (The Most Holy Pyramid). Her world turns upside down as disbelief and intrigue grasp her; the author is none other than the legendary ascended master, The Count of Saint Germain, and it is a new publication. Mysteriously she becomes compelled and obsessed with this book of the master’s alchemical great work and has to get to the bottom of it. She journeys through Paris to hopefully find the alchemist. In Paris, a love story begins.

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This exciting story starts out with Victoria having a mystical experience. The sensations she experiences are dramatic, and the descriptions make it easy for readers to understand. There is some telling and not showing though.

Later, Victoria discovers the fascinating, multi-talented Prophet while reading a book she picked up from a metaphysical bookstore. This leads her on a quest to find him. She is an interesting character, a believer, and her faith underlines the story. However, she sometimes asks questions of people that will make them raise a brow, such as asking the modern-day publisher if the author is alive and if he is the same Count, which lived in the 16th century.

The author does well with descriptive settings, allowing readers to become immersed in places. Adding views of present day Paris with sprinkles of history does much for the setting and mood. Victoria is a good detective, searching for and following clues. There are wonderful discoveries and twists and turns in this story, and subjects with depth. A touch of religion and spiritualism underlies the tale. It also takes a lovely romantic turn.

The book becomes increasingly more emotional and touching because Victoria is a romantic yet sensible woman who knows what she wants. To top things off, the ending was quite satisfying.


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