The Forever Heart by Diana Bolianaz

The Forever Heart by Diana Bolianaz
Publisher: Tellwell Publishing
Genre: Literary Fiction, Romance
Rated: 3 stars
Review by Rose

Liza is a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl who comes from a strict Mennonite background. She lives at home with her mother, brother and domineering father. When Liza meets Melvin, a handsome young Black journalist, they fall madly in love. She has to keep the relationship a secret from her family because she knows her father would never approve. When Liza becomes pregnant, her world is turned upside down.

This book reads more like a third-person memoir of Liza’s life than a romance…almost a “as told to” story. The main character shows a lot of growth during the course of the book. The supporting cast are good friends for her, and the story itself is a fascinating look at a young adult from a strict family who is breaking out on her own. There’s the dawning of young love, and also the heartbreak that can also come along with that.

However, the style of the writing is very “tell not show.” There are some editing issues that took me out of the flow of the story. This could very easily be because I was an editor in a previous life, so I’m a bit more sensitive to things than a lot of readers.

When Liza meets Melvin, she falls and falls hard. I liked the way, though, that even though they both fell in love quickly, they took the time to let the relationship develop. Melvin introduced her to his family and other people that helped Liza develop into a strong woman. The book did have some special moments, such as the lessons she learns from the people she meets. For a slow, sweet look at Liza and Melvin’s lives, give The Forever Heart a try.

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