The Forest God’s Favor by AT Lander

The Forest God’s Favor by AT Lander
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, LGBTQ
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Can the love of a man heal the heart of a god?

Fertility god Anthos, a shy and gentle three-hundred-year-old virgin, has grown up in the shadow of his brutal older brother Dryas and spent his life hiding from mortals, no matter how much his nature draws him to them.

Cleon, a humble farmer who always has room in his heart and his bed, knows that Lord Dryas is angry. The crops aren’t growing, and his family is going to starve if he doesn’t give the god a worthy sacrifice—his own body. But when he reaches the shrine, he finds a very different god, the sweet, untouched Anthos.

Eager to satisfy Anthos’ curiosity, Cleon shows him what sex is…and what a relationship between them could be, with their instant attraction blooming into love. But when Dryas returns with a vengeance and Cleon’s life hangs in the balance, Anthos is forced to make a choice.

Will he bow once more before his brother’s rage, or take a stand for the only man who has ever had faith in him?

If your local fertility god suddenly stops blessing you, what are you to do?

This is the dilemma that troubles Cleon as his family, and those in his village, face starvation due to their crops not growing. He decides to pay a visit to the cruel Lord Dryas but, instead, meets the sweet and caring Anthos.

Oh, man! This story!!! Considering it has a Reader Advisory, I found it to be so completely sweet. The violence in it is necessary and shows the growth of the main characters and how they solve the problem they have. The rest of it is pure, unadulterated erotica and if that shocks you, maybe you shouldn’t be reading a book about a fertility god!

Anthos and Cleon are fantastic together, and their ending brought a happy tear to my eyes. Jealousy is not part of their relationship, and I loved how it worked between them. They are supported by a great cast of characters that remain in the background until needed. The focus really is on Anthos and Cleon and that makes it so much more intimate.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and read it in one sitting. I am going to be reading more by this author, that’s for sure! Absolutely recommended by me.

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