* The First Love by Jennifer Bernard

* The First Love by Jennifer Bernard
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

Who could ever forget that summer in Lake Bittersweet…

It’s been seventeen years since Carly stepped foot in the sleepy lakeside community where she experienced her first love…and her first heartbreak. Since then, she’s struggled with her confidence, which is why she’s shocked that her father, rock legend Steven Gault, chose her as the executor of his will. Besides dealing with his shut-down music club and mountain of bills, did he have a reason to lure her back to Lake Bittersweet…like facing the boy who shattered her heart?

Carly Gault. The girl who got away. The girl he gave away. The moment he sees her, Fire Chief Thomas Cooper is hurled back in time to the summer that changed his life. He made the choice to put his family first, but Thomas has never forgotten the passionate, loving girl with the smoky-green gaze. She’s more beautiful than ever—but since that summer, his family has expanded in a way Carly may never, ever understand.

As long-ago secrets come to light, passion reignites between Carly and Thomas. But will one last shocker make it all go up in smoke like the last summer bonfire?

Sometimes, love is better the second time around. Jennifer Bernard writes a sweet and poignant story about first love and friendships set in a small town in Minnesota.

I enjoyed the two main characters, Thomas and Carly and all the secondary characters as well. This is a well paced, wonderfully written small town story.

Carly returns to Lake Bittersweet after her father dies and she reconnects with some friends and Thomas, the boy she fell in love with when she was sixteen. Some people are judgmental and give her a hard time, but overall, Carly starts to love the slower pace and the relationships she develops in Lake Bittersweet.

I enjoyed reading Thomas and Carly’s story. They were easy to like and connect with and I enjoyed all of their interactions. They both have some obstacles to overcome and they help each other find the happiness they deserve. Thomas and Carly have a passionate and sensual relationship and their chemistry is off the charts. I also enjoyed Carly’s friends, they are there for her when she needs them. I thoroughly enjoyed this endearing story.

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