The Case of the Long-Lost Lover by Jacqueline Diamond

The Case of the Long-Lost Lover by Jacqueline Diamond
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full length (230 pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Snowdrop

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When Dr. Eric Darcy is suspected of killing his former girlfriend, the young widowed physician teams with his PI sister-in-law to clear his name. The investigation gains even more urgency when he learns that his long-lost lover may have given birth to his child. Can Eric find out what happened to the missing woman before danger closes in on a daughter who might be his?

Sometimes when so many things are happening, you are positive not another thing could happen and then…it does. Dr. Darcy has lost his wife to cancer, has half of his family living in his house, has an excellent busy practice and then someone shows up and accuses him of killing an acquaintance who was just a fling from long ago, someone who might have been pregnant. Surely not.

Amongst all of this going on, Jacqueline Diamond created a pretty large group of characters. One that she somehow kept defined by giving each of them their own distinct personalities. With this cast of characters, I never once turned back the page to do the “now who is this” thing.

Not only did she create quite a story but within this mystery she created a little humor, a little whimsy and yet kept the story tight and tense when it should be. This story is described as possibly a romantic mystery, but I disagree. I am not a romance fan and there might have been a little sweet romance here, but the emphasis was on the mystery and the suspense. That’s why I enjoyed it so much. A lot of story in a very short number of pages. Just a great read.

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