The Captive by Grace Burrows

The Captive by Grace Burrows
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (415 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

Christian Severn, Duke of Mercia, is captured out of uniform by the French, and is thus subject to torture. Christian does not break, not once, and is released when Toulouse falls. Back in England, Christian has great difficulty taking up the reins of his life until Gillian, Countess of Windmere, a relation of his late wife, pointedly reminds him that he has a daughter who still needs him very much—a daughter who no longer speaks. Gilly pushes, pulls, and drags Christian back to life, and slowly, she and he admit an attraction to each other.

Christian offers Gilly marriage, but Gilly is a widow, and has fared badly at the hands of her first husband. Gillian will not pledge her heart to a man bent on violence, for Christian cannot give up his determination to extract revenge from his torturer. What will it take for them to give up their stubborn convictions and choose each other over the bonds of the past?

Gillian knew that society expected her to be in mourning over her late husband, but instead of mourning, she found herself intrigued and pinning for the Duke, Christian Severn, so damn what society would say.

Christian’s captivity certainly changed him, in some ways the worst, in others for the better. I am not sure if this is what made Gillian want to know more about him, but it made me interested. It was clear that he came to appreciate things such as family, honor and freedom a bit more than he previously had. It also made a made suspicious of those around him, and in need of some physical healing. In some ways he reminded me of stubborn toddler in need of assistance, but determined to do things on their own. Luckily Gillian seems to be up to the challenge, and as a bonus she loves children including Christian’s daughter.

Gillian was a character that I had mixed feelings about. I liked her new founded independence, but with it seems to come a disregard for her own welfare. It seemed at times she was so worried about standing on her own two feet, that she failed to seek or accept help when needed. For example, there are a few times when her life is possibly in danger, and she seems to just brush it off, or not want to admit the severity. This frustrated me, because I just could not imagine someone being so careless with their life.

The romantic development with this story was right on point, and I really enjoyed how the author incorporated Christian’s daughter in the story. In more than a few cases Christian even used Gillian’s love for the girl to help win Gillian’s heart, which I found amusing. It seemed as if Christian new exactly what to do when it came to winning Gillian over, except when it came to him seeking revenge, but even then he tried to keep it from Gillian, and protect her at all costs, even if from himself.

While the story was a bit difficult to follow in the beginning, once I figured out the characters, I was able to enjoy the story. I even got to meet a few supporting characters that I really enjoyed and hope to see more of. This is a true redemption story, which kept me entertained for hours.

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